Getting Child Care Costs in Writing

Divorce can be a messy affair. There are so many people that want to part ways with their mates and never see their faces again. If there are no children this may be an easy fix. Divorce papers are signed and each party can go on their way. It can be a lot of trouble to break free of a partner if there are some children that are involved. This is never a clean break. It is even much more likely that you will see one another on a pretty regular basis if the child has some after school activities that they participate in.


One of the big challenges that divorced couples face is

bill splitting for the cost of expenses for their children. This happens on so many occasions because there is no written documentation to support who pays what. In most cases the mother gets full custody. Sometimes there is a joint custody situation, but the expenses are still not completely discussed. Judges will usually order the father to pay child support. In situations where the wife is not working there may also be alimony. The extracurricular activities, however, are not really addressed. This can cause problems because a dad that pays child support may assume that he is doing all that the court requires. He may not offer a helping hand financially because he is not obligated to do so.


In most situations the male moves on with a new wife and sometimes starts a whole new family. This results in a shift in priorities. He focuses less on children from a previous marriage and puts his time towards the focus on the new relationship. This will cause even more strife with the ex-wife if he is paying for activities for step children or biological kids with his new wife. This is why it is better to get everything in writing as the divorce papers are getting signed. This may be the only way to find peace with the issues that may come forth when children decide to play sports or become cheerleaders.


Getting things in writing will cut down on financial confusion. It also stops parents that are trying to take credit for something that they did not really help do.

The impact of Clay Siegall and Seattle Genetics

The impact that Seattle Genetics is bestowing especially to the cancer community is significantly noticeable. The company which specializes in making drugs is not only testing how its first drug can be put to use but is also looking to hire a huge number of employees.

All of this show that the company is determined and plays a big role in trying to revolutionize cancer treatment. The drug, Adcetris, is being tested for its ability to treat Hodgkin lymphoma. According to Siegall, if the results come out positive, then it would put the company ahead of all of its competitors. He goes on to explain that this is not the only drug they are developing as there are other 12 medicinal drugs that they are yet to test. 33A is one of them. The drug will hopefully be able to treat a special type of leukemia. Most of the other drugs have been mainly formulated to treat other forms of cancer including breast and bladder cancer. Siegall puts it clear that they will release a considerable amount of information as the year closes. As they do this, the company which currently boasts over 800 employees is looking to recruit about 120 more, 100 of which will be based in the United States and 20 of which will be attached to their Switzerland offices.

An alumnus of the University of Maryland, Clay Siegall is one of the co-founder of Seattle genetics which was formed in 1998. Before this, he had been working for a pharmaceutical research institute for 6 years and this is where his passion and experience in pharmaceutical drug making may have grown. It is immediately after that he left to form Seattle Genetics in which he is currently the president and seats at the helm among the board of directors. He graduated from Maryland with a degree in zoology and later furthered his education in George Washington University after which he was credited with a Ph. D in Genetics. His portfolio is diverse and actually interesting to look at. An Entrepreneur of the Year award is just but one of the many awards he has received.

Parenting and Vaccinations in New Jersey

As the fall season roles in so does the time for flu vaccinations. This is an especially fun subject for parents as we may not enjoy flu shots ourselves but watching our little ones get them is even worse. This year we cannot turn to the FluMist as it has been taken off the table as an option, as it turns out this less painful option is also less effective.


In New Jersey the law requires that children in child care services receive the influenza vaccination if they are between the ages of 6 months and 59 months old, but highly recommends it for every child over the age of 6 months. If you want to read an article specific to this point this one published by the New York Times makes some good points.


So what is the recommended way for parents to help their children through the vaccination experience?

The number one answer is distraction.


10 Distraction Tactics


  • Have your child blow bubbles
  • Read a story
  • Sing a song together
  • Have your child count backwards from 10
  • Talk about shapes and colors on the wall or in books
  • Bring an Ipad or Tablet with games or movies for the child
  • Bring a sucker for the child to have while they are getting a shot instead of waiting until after
  • For babies, feed them a bottle or breastfeed while the nurse administers the shot
  • Have a toy such as a pinwheel that a child can play with using only one hand
  • Ask them to talk about their favorite things such as animals


These distraction techniques have supportably been shown to be much more effective than trying to reassure a child it will be ok or won’t hurt. Instead try being honest with the child that they are getting a shot and there may be a pinch for a second then it will go away, then proceed to distract. The doctor and nurses should be helpful and honest also, and with a combination of using less painful and quicker techniques the experience should be no problem at all. For those who are anxious about it can request topical numbing agents to help.

8 Ways to Make Renting in Panama Easier

Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa is an expert at all things Panama and is able to show off the skills that he has when it comes to Panama in the way that he helps others with renting in Panama.

Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa has worked in the entrepreneurial field for years and, in that time, he has learned the right way to make sure that everyone gets what they need from Panama. This has allowed him the chance to show people what it is like to live in Panama.

The first thing that everyone who moves to Panama should be aware of is the cost of utilities in the country. They are unlike anywhere else in the world and can vary greatly with one week being vastly different from just a week prior.

There are also issues with the construction in Panama for Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa. It is not regulated in the way that many other things are regulated in the country and this has contributed to many unsafe homes.

When you are renting, it is a good idea to get a feel for the way that things work in Panama on There are many laws that you may not know about and it is very important that you follow all of them to avoid any issues.

Renting can be tricky because there are so many homes for sale in Panama that may not be available for people to rent when they are looking for different things.

If you are having trouble finding a home for rent, consider trying a property manager according to Figueroa. This will help you have a better chance at finding someone who can help you out with your rental search no matter where you are looking in Panama.

Unlike in the United States, a home that is below the market value may be a warning sign in Panama. Make sure that you know what you are looking at and that the home is high quality before you make the decision to purchase it says Figueroa.

Even though the homes may seem too small for your preferences, be sure to check and see what they are really like. Small homes can be deceiving and can actually give you a lot of space that you need for in your home.

For the best chance at a great home, make sure that you are looking in the best neighborhood possible. There are some things that you need to consider when looking in these neighborhoods.

Stress and Health in Children

It is hard to deny that in this competitive world our children are asked to do more, give more and be more. The quest for perfectionism (especially in girls) may be doing more harm to our children’s health than we care to notice.

Children’s stress can come in the form of too much to do, events happening in their lives with family or peers, or current media events they may hear about on the nightly news. We also have to be cognizant that some things adults view as not a big deal can make a large impact in the life of a child (for example, what a friend thinks of him or her on social media.)

The physical side of childhood stressors is becoming more known. The Scientist reports that childhood stress can affect the size of telomeres later in life, which could cause premature cellular aging. The Washington Post reports on a doctor who is taking a social emotional approach in her medical practice.

It is more important than ever to open dialogue with our children and determine what stressors are causing them harm before they become physical ailments. We need to connect with young people and teach wellness techniques that fit into their fast-paced world. We have to communicate that relaxation is necessary and not something to be viewed as slacking. We have to model wellness and stop wearing business as a badge of honor so our children can see that self-care is important.

Parents, educators and pediatricians need to recognize and share symptoms that may indicate more than what they seem at face value. We must notice changes in behavior or peer groups, frequent sickness without symptoms or changes in interactions with others. More importantly, we must act as a team to raise a happy, well adjusted child.

The right amount of stress is crucial to our children’s well being and ultimately, their health. Mild stress is normal and often helpful (being nervous before a big test) but real or perceived expectations that lead to an unrealistic quest for perfection can potentially become health problems later in life.

A Financial Service Provider Acquires New Jersey-Based College Savings Bank

Texas-based Nexbank SSB has recently announced that it has acquired Princeton, New Jersey-based College Savings Bank, which specializes in 529 college-savings programs (original article found here). According to John Holt, Nexbank’s CEO, although no terms of the deal were released, the New Jersey bank will maintain its name, branding, and operate in its current location. Nexbank said that the New Jersey bank has concentrated on college savings program since its establishment in 1987. Over the years, it has served as the program manager for Arizona Family College Savings Programs and Indiana College 529 savings plan.

Nexbank SSB is a subsidiary of Nexbank Capital, which offers a spectrum of banking services to its customers across the globe through:

  • Investment banking
  • Mortgage banking
  • Commercial banking.

About Nexbank

Nexbank provides custom-tailored banking and financial services to high-net-worth investors, corporations, and institutional clients across the US. As a market leader, Nexbank strives to deliver highly-valued services to its customers at every opportunity. Nexbank’s customers can access personalized and sophisticated financial solutions through the company’s dedicated and experienced professionals with proven track records of accountability. Nexbank has been in the banking sector with a charter dating back to 1992. The bank is committed to providing high-performance solutions to meet diverse, complex customer financial needs.

Nexbank’s 2015 financial report

For the fourth quarter and full year of 2015, Nexbank reported a strong consolidated financial result, which is a fourth consecutive year it has reached its projected levels of assets, profitability, and loans and deposits. Nexbank’s net income increased from 23 % in 2014 to 35 % in 2015. Furthermore, its total assets reported a 48 % growth reaching $2.72 billion compared to the previous year. Additionally, Nexbank’s lending increased by 42% in 2015 while total deposits recorded a 32 % growth. According to John Holt, acquisition of College Savings Bank diversifies Nexbank’s balance sheet through the additional deposit.


OSI Group: Providing Quality Products to Quality Clients for Over 60 Years

The OSI Group is a global leader that provides quality products and custom solutions for the food industry. They are dedicated to the client’s success and count it as the basis of their company. They are a result-oriented company that is loaded with talented and motivated people. OSI Group is trusted to deliver the necessary products and on time.

For over 60 years, OSI Group have been a privately held corporation that has more than 60 locations in 16 countries. The global headquarters is located in Aurora, Illinois, just outside of Chicago. They are led by CEO, Sheldon Lavin and CFO, Sherry Demeulenaere.

OSI Group specializes in hiring people who are passionate about the food industry. The company encourages them to continually improve and be innovative members of the company on These employees have persistence unrivaled by any other company. Each member has a drive, creativity and resources to turn a client’s dream into reality.

OSI Group believe in a close customer-supplier relationship, which allows them to combine marketing skills and innovative thinking to produce excellent solutions and create long-term value to the client. Becoming a partner of OSI is not just a business deal; it’s an exchange that enables both companies to a common goal.

OSI Group also has a mission to responsibly manage their business within the outlines of social, economic and environmental sustainability impacts. They have their own sustainability plan to focus on those three focus areas. They believe that adhering to this mission makes them a stronger company and a better partner.

Their worldwide partners hold stock in their communities, which results in an understanding of the consumer’s needs and the ability to meet those needs with wonderful solutions. Despite their large size, they continue to be privately help and will continue to operate like a small business.

OSI Group’s quality meat products include bacon, breakfast sausage, hot dogs/specialty sausages, cooked beef and pork, chicken and beef. They offer the best quality pizza and dough based products that are used for pizzas, crusts, calzones and various breads. They also offer wonderful sandwich options like paninis and flatbreads. In addition, they offer kettle and smoked products from soups to stews, sauces and salsas. There is truly a quality product for everyone.

Recently, OSI Group has wanted to expand their presence in China. They have operated in the country for more than 20 years and operate 8 factories there. They are currently in the process of building 2 new facilities, which will make them the largest poultry producer in the country.

Their desire to continue building their presence in China is due to China being the largest growing consumer market in the world. They have the power of population. Not only is the population growing, but it is also growing more prosperous as well. OSI Group values their customers in China who are experiencing extreme growth and want ensure that they can continue to keep up with their needs.

Handy Makes Maid Service Affordable and Convenient for Everyone

Professional home cleaners are indispensable for modern renters and homeowners that can afford them. However, most people feel they can’t afford to have their own maid. Still others feel like they don’t have time to go through the hiring process to find that perfect maid with the perfect schedule.

However, there’s a new business that solves all of these problems for customers. Handy is an app-based professional cleaning service that works a lot like Uber or Lyft. However, Handy sends out vetted and qualified workers to your home to take care of those handy jobs you’re leery of hiring people off of Craigslist for. You know you need a housekeeper, a furniture mover, a plumber or other home cleaning service.

However, you don’t:

  • Feel like pouring through pages of disorganized, slow-loading reviews,
  • Feel like calling several places to shop around for price only to wait for a quote,
  • Feel like putting your phone number and email address into a website form to, again, wait for a quote, and
  • You don’t have time to look through resumes, interview prospects, negotiate pay and hours and do everything else involved in choosing a service provider.

Handy offers all of their services at an affordable, hourly flat rate. Website says “you know what you’re getting as soon as you order”. You just order the help you need at the touch of a button and they show up when scheduled.

In addition, it’s a great business model for workers as well. They only work when they want to and accept the jobs that they want. They get the freedom of managing their own schedules, so you never have to feel like you’re placing harsh demands on someone.

Hiring a housekeeper gives you more time to do the things that matter most. It’s one of the best things you can do and having a clean home is well worth the money you spend.


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  2. 2.


Keith Mann: Getting Here Has Been an Experience

UPDATE: October 18, 2016

Keith Mann supports the commitment of Uncommon Schools towards innovation and academic excellence. He has been working closely with students as they pursue their studies. Earlier this year, Mann announced 2016 scholarship for professional achievement. The Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship for Professional Achievement is an award aimed at recognizing young and innovative leaders in the business sector. The scholarship opportunity is to be implemented by the Uncommon Schools and is to be given to one graduating senior.

Identify demand and proceed to supply the required services
For more than 15 years, Keith Mann has been an active member of the executive search industry. As such, he is an experienced professional when it comes to hiring and staffing strategies as well as hedge fund compensation. Recruiting for firms that provide global financial services was among his responsibilities as the previous managing director of Dynamics Executive Search. After realizing the search community was providing inadequate services to the rapidly growing hedge fund industry, Keith Mann established the Alternative Investment Practice in 2002, albeit as part of Dynamics Executive Search.

Despite several difficulties, Keith Mann successfully expanded Alternative Investment Practice into the private equity industry in the year 2006. In 2009, he went a step further and launched Dynamics Search Partners (DSP), one of the very first premier executive search firms. The aim was to provide alternative investment companies with an exclusive dedication, a service he ensured DSP excelled at.

At present, Keith Mann serves as the CEO of Dynamics Executive Search (DSP), with the company’s day-to-day management as a primary responsibility. Developing new platforms and assistance when it comes to hiring internal strategy, investment, and marketing experts for existing teams are a few of the services he offers his clientele. Dynamics Executive Search presently works with various companies involved in the alternative investment industry the world over, especially in Europe, Asia, and the United States. As such, DSP fills more than 200 customer mandates every year.

What inspired Dynamic Search Partners?
Our previous firm, Dynamics Associates, was the primary contributing factor to Dynamics Search Partners, especially since keeping the name consistent was among our intentions. However, the original concept for DSP came from the experience garnered from years of exclusively providing services related to alternative investments. I grew up in New York, and being around a lot of executives in the same industries groomed me for this particular position. In addition to the beauty of working for oneself, there existed a demand for the services we offer and we were quite happy to supply.

What are your day-to-day activities and how do you ensure productivity?
A typical day involves a nonstop combination of quite a number of call, emails, and meetings. Ensuring productivity comes down to working relentlessly and staying focused, which is not as easy as it may sound. However, exercising before going to work enables me to make the most of my time at the office.

How do you transform your thoughts and ideas into reality?
As I said before, it all comes down to effectively supplying the necessary services after identifying demand. Most of my thoughts and concepts stem from needs, be it altering the layout of how we conduct our evaluations for viable candidates or engaging more employees to expand our scope. Everything here starts with a need. I, however, wait to act on the ideas with the highest probability of improving our current system, particularly because there is always so much going on.

Among the many trends, which one excites you the most?
In all honestly, I would say diversity. In my industry, we are always aiming to produce the best possible candidates for every other position. I confidently say that the decision makers responsible for hiring the candidates we produce look for diversity, especially in recent years.

Among your various habits, which one would you say enhances your productivity as an entrepreneur?
I would say my morning exercise, which apart from helping me to start the day right also enables me to stay focused. Performing the same job every single day for a long time is quite a challenge, and although it might sound silly, it is quite amazing how my morning exercise helps me to perform effectively and efficiently throughout the day.

What was the worst position you ever held and what are the benefits of that experience?
Although I hated it, I used to work on a foreign exchange desk as a trading assistant for a major bank. However, holding that position taught me how desperately I needed to be the boss of me.

Would you change anything given a chance to start over?
I would not change a single thing, not one. A combination of every experience thus far is what makes me as good as I am at what I do. In addition, I have the privilege of working with some exceptional individuals from whom I actually learn a lot on a daily basis.

Do you keep repeating anything and would you recommend it to every other entrepreneur?
As a matter of fact, I have never assumed my first decision is correct, which means I always ask for assistance. In just the same manner as the services we provide, I prefer collecting as much information as possible.

What business approach do you consider effective when it comes to ensuring growth? Please explain how.
I consider the incorporation of technology in everything as the most effective business approach, particularly when it comes to ensuring growth. As such, we established an online portal for both our customers and candidates and I can say with absolute confidence that its time-saving attributes make us more efficient as a team. Keeping an open mind regarding technology and its potential to make my life a lot easier remains the most beneficial business strategy I have ever adopted. This industry has come a long way, especially since there was a time hiring a developer for the creation of your visionary portal was impossible.

What do you consider your failure as an entrepreneur? Please explain how you overcame it.
I would not want to sound smug but coming up with a suitable answer to this question is hard for me. We probably made an unsuitable hiring decision a while back, which might be considered a failure. However, we corrected that particular issue swiftly. Although we recognized this employee as an outstanding individual from the word go, it turned out that this person was not a particularly great fit for us, so we made the break. I really appreciate our current team and think it is the best anyone can ask for.

How and on what did you spend the best $100 in recent times?
I recently spent $100 to take my children to a pizza making class, which they loved.

What website service and software do you use and what are their best features?
I really appreciate all of Google’s products. In addition to LinkedIn being huge in our industry, Google docs and spreadsheets are excellent for collaboration seeing as each enables several people to work simultaneously. Everything else I would recommend is considered a trade secret.

Please name one book you would recommend to our community and why
Daniel Kahneman’s book “Thinking, fast and slow” makes for a great read, especially for those who have jobs and want to succeed. It is a fascinating book and I love it.

Who influences your thoughts and would be interesting to others?
Michael Bloomberg, who apart from always leading by example has accomplished a lot in his life.

For more information on Keith Mann click below:

Your Best Bet for NFL Betting Is

It’s the height of football season and your buddies all talk about their big wins on this game or that. They’re laying bets on their favorite teams and making a little extra. You don’t have to ask for a coaching session and admit you don’t bet (yet), too. Just read these tips and check for odds information. You can place bets there, too.

You best bet to start betting legally is online. That’s because bookmaking, or taking bets on a large-scale, remains illegal in all but four states: Delaware, Montana, Nevada and Oregon. Many online betting operations and casinos operate from these four states. The U.S. regulates these bookmaking operations under the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006.

NFL Odds Betting Basics
In football betting, you’ll mainly use three types of bets: the money line, handicap or points spread, and total points. When starting out betting, you’ll make a straight bet, or a single bet on a single outcome. When you get the hang of betting, you might want to try a parlay bet which means you bet on the outcomes of a number of games, but to win the bet all of your teams in the parlay must win.

Money Line
The money line bet hinges on win or lose. It uses no points spread. Rather than points, the money you can win adjusts depending on the odds. The base increment is $1. The favored team has a minus sign (-) before its odds, the underdog has a plus sign (+) before its odds. For example, if the Jets played the Dolphins and the odds looked like this:

Jets +160
Dolphins -180

you would know that the bookmakers favored the Dolphins to win. If you placed a $10 bet on the Jets (the underdog), you’d win $16 if they won. The bookmaker would return to you $26. If you wanted to bet on the Jets (the favorite) your bet of $18 would win you $10 if they won. The bookmaker would return to you $28.

Handicap/Points Spread
You’ve probably heard commentators on ESPN talking about the points spread of a game. Bookmakers, usually based in Las Vegas, NV, calculate odds, team handicaps, and a points spread for every pro football game based on complicated formulas accounting for everything from team health to how the quarterback threw in practice to how the kicker’s last date went. Since these factors change, so does the points spread. When you place a bet, your bet uses the points spread at that time. (When you place them in person, your bet ticket shows the spread at that time.)

When reading the match up data for a game, the point spread appears to the right of the favored team and the minus sign indicates the favorite. Returning to the Jets vs. Dolphins example, the data would look like this:

Jets 40
Dolphins -6.

So, if you bet the Dolphins to win, they’d need to beat the spread – winning by at least seven points – for you to win. If you bet the Jets to win, you’d win the bet:

• if the Jets win.
• if the teams tie the game.
• if the Jets lose by six points or less.

The bookmaker declares the bet a push if the Dolphins win by six points exactly, and returns to you the amount of your original bet.

Total Points or Over/Under
In a total points bet, you wager on whether the total of points scored by both teams goes over or under the bookmaker’s prediction. The points spread has no effect. You’ll see the over/under (o/u) to the right of the underdog and above the spread. Using the Jets vs. Dolphins example, the data would look like this:

Jets 40
Dolphins -6.

The over/under for this game is 40.

You’re ready to peruse the week’s odds now and start betting. You’ll find the NFL football odds at including the spreads, totals, and money lines as calcualted by Covers and six other bookmaking organizations.

Learn more about intelligent betting here >