Dr. Shiva Gopal Vasishta Offers Hope to Those With Relapsing-Remitting MS

Evidence has been shown that the high dose of immunosuppressive therapy followed by a stem cell transplant can influence remission of the relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis. Multiple sclerosis is an autoimmune disease where the immune system attacks and invades the central nervous system.

Clinical trials over the course of 5 years give great hope that this type of treatment will result in the remission of relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis. Of the 69 percent that participated in the trial, progression of the relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis has halted. No new symptoms or lesions on the brain have been reported. The participants did not take any multiple sclerosis medications after they received the high dose immunosuppressive therapy. Studies show that MS medications have a lower chance of success.

This clinical trial referred to as HALT-MS, published its 5 year findings on February 1st in the journal of medicine of the American Academy of Neurology. The study concluded that a one time treatment of the immunosuppressive therapy is more effective than the medications for MS given for long periods of time.

Researchers that were conducting the study, HALF-MS, tested every aspect of HDIT/HCT on willing participants that ranged in ages 26-52 years old. Of these participants, all exhibited inflammation or severe relapses. The trial focuses on suppressing the disease and prevent further progression of the disease.

During the procedure, the physician will collect the volunteers stem cells, then give the patient a high dose of chemo. This lowers the immune system. Then lastly, give back the patient’s stem cells so that it can repair the immune system.

The five year results revealed that the participants were in remission still. Dr. Daniel Rotrosen, said that if these results could be confirmed in bigger trials, this could potentially become a therapeutic option for those with relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis.

Dr. Shiva Gopal Vasishta is a Neurologist that works in Voorhees, NJ. He graduated in 1979 from the Government Medical College. He has practiced for nearly 40 years. Vasishta did his residency at the Boston City Hospital. His specialty is in Psychiatry. Dr. Shiva Gopal Vasishta practice accepts most insurances. He is board certified and practices at Eastern Neurodiagnostic Associates.

Clowns Chasing Children In New Jersey Terrifies Parents

Across the country, we have seen a ridiculous trend of people dressing up like clowns to scare strangers. The stories are endless. Some are harmless, while others are terrifying. Joggers on a run are confronted with a creepy clown on their path. A man spots a clown standing in his yard. These stories are scary, but when you add children into the mix, things get even scarier. It seems as New Jersey parents now have one more thing to worry about. The local media reported at least four clown sightings and explained a possible threat to children.

At least two children from central New Jersey have reported being confronted by a person dressed as a clown. And, it gets worse. These clowns were carrying weapons. One of these children’s stories is truly horrifying. Tyler Carpenter explains that he was walking home through an alley when he spotted a person dressed as a clown. The clown begin walking towards him and that’s when he noticed the person was carrying a sword. The child alleges that the clown muttered a threat before chasing him. Fortunately, Carpenter was able to get home safely and call authorities.

In the same town of Phillipsburg, another child came forth with their own clown encounter. The child alleges that he and two other children were walking home from school when a group of clowns emerged from the woods and began to chase them,

So far, authorities have made no arrests in these cases and do not have any suspects, As clown sightings around the country have began to wind down, parents are hoping this means incidents like this will stop happening, Fortunately, in all of these situations, the children were able to get to safety and were not harmed in any way.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho: Top Lawyers in Brazil

There are many lawyers in the world. In Brazil alone, the number stands at 620 000. Most of the lawyers in Brazil practice in the cities, with a majority of them in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo. Lawyers have a reputation of being in a noble profession. Some are seen to be shapers of opinions and they command respect in their societies. In Brazil, this is not any different. If you asked a student who is still in high school about what they would like to be once they graduate from school, many would mention the legal profession.

One of the most respected lawyers in Brazil is Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho. Ricardo Tosto is a litigation attorney who has made a big name for himself all over the country and beyond. He is known for his practice as well as law firm. Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho’s law firm, Tosto e Barros Advogados, is known for representing some of the biggest personalities in the country.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho did not get success just like that. After studying for over five years and graduating from law school, he did his bar examinations and passed. He started his career from scratch and worked at a small law firm before he established his own brand.

If you are in Brazil and you are looking for a good law firm to handle a matter for you, your best bet is Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho. His firm has the experience and expertise needed to help you win a litigation case. He is known for treating his clients with care as he knows their value.

Whether you need legal representation in or out of court, you are better off with a lawyer who knows how the system works.

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Reasons To Choose UKV PLC Wines

UKV is an independent wine company in UK which specializes in the acquisition and supply of luxury wine and champagne.

UKV PLC will be able to guide you in the right direction when it comes to wine and champagne. Their abundance of knowledge will be able to help you determine which wine or champagne is best for any occasion that you may have.

It’s a team of trained consultants and with their expert advice, customers are guaranteed best quality service. UKV PLC Wines not only service the individual customer but also does trade sale and extend their service of assisting in wine and champagne investments They offer a brokerage service who wish to sell in investment grade wine in UK.

UKV PLC connects with their customer as they very well understand that everyone has a different idea when it comes to taste and feel of their wine of champagne and they exactly cater to their customer requirement. UKV PLC consultants will be able to contact you personally and tell you about the many wine options that you can choose that will be able to suit your needs. Starting from offering a personal face to face meeting at a business place or opting for a most convenient and comfortable appointment at your home, UKV provides all of that.

UKV PLC has come from different minds from different backgrounds and have a huge fan followers through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. UKV PLC is at your reach should you need service for your own self or to do business.

Babies Don’t Stay In The Nursery Any Longer

If you’ve ever had a baby or you know someone who has had a baby, then you know that there is a nursery in the hospital where the baby is often kept at night or where nurses provide care when the mother needs to rest. There are some hospitals that are electing to get rid of nurseries. It’s a baby friendly initiative that staff members are looking at so that parents can spend as much time as possible with the newborn.

Most mothers want to have their baby close by them while in the room. They can spend those precious first few hours and days with the baby, learning how to breastfeed, change the diaper and simply provide the care that the baby needs while bonding. Hospitals across the country are now making the suggestion that unless there is an emergency or medical care is needed, then the baby should stay in the room with the mother. This maneuver is to encourage mothers to bond with the baby and to learn to breastfeed, which is sometimes a healthier option than giving formula.

There are 355 hospitals in the country that have started this practice, and the initiative is taking off to a good start. There are plans to be over 500 in the United States by the end of next year. Keeping the baby with the mother is the ideal environment as it’s healthier for both the mother and the baby. The mother is able to get into a routine of caring for the baby like she would at home and possibly get the baby on a sleep schedule before leaving the hospital. There are many parents who think highly of this new idea, and there are some who feel that the mother needs privacy to rest, especially at night. Some women do go through several hours of labor with no sleep, and it’s understandable that they want to rest before going home. Mothers should have the option of keeping the baby in the room around the clock or not.

Limiting Your Child’s Cell Phone Use

Most teenagers display information on Facebook and many appear on multiple social media webpages. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram allow users to play games online, chat, and share photos and personal information. They can purchase almost anything they want online.


Limiting your child’s cell phone use is difficult when you, the parent, model smartphone, landline, social media, and Internet use seven to nine hours each day. Your computers, televisions, and e-readers become family values. Your toddler plays with and talks on the phone before he or she knows the alphabet.


The Massachusetts Institute of Technology recommends “screen-free times and places” to “reclaim conversation.” Your children need prosocial bonds, and the ability to express their ideas and communicate their feelings is an important part of communication skills. Common Sense Media stresses the importance putting digital devices aside. Family rules should apply to all members of the family. If dinner is a no phone time and the dinner table is a no phone zone, then mom and dad should not walk away from the table to take “important calls” in the midst of discussions of what’s new at school.


Reading with your children increases their skills, but it also helps you develop their interests. Your children are expected to recognize, understand, and use 1000s of words at an early age. They can toggle back and forth, switch screens, and cut and paste, but can they read and process the information in books and articles? The word hippo does not help them organize thoughts. You can use time gained from turning off the phones to develop your children’s interests in more depth or to discuss current events, family matters, or youth organizations.


The American Academy of Pediatrics suggests that families develop a “family media plan” for young children and teenagers. Children and teenagers need to acquire knowledge through “exposure to new ideas,” but they also need “social contact and support.” You should know who your child talks to online and which websites they visit to restrict inappropriate or potentially harmful contacts. The Academy of Pediatrics recommends developing family boundaries for sharing personal information online and willingness to share time spent online together.





The Benefits To Using Bumble To Find A Date

Bumble is a revolutionary new dating application that changes how communication is done by men and women through online dating. In order for two people to have a conversation, they must first swipe each other and establish a connection. This means that they must both show that they are interested in one another’s profiles first. Then, and only then, can a conversation be initiated between the man and the woman.

Another important differentiation is that Bumble only allows the woman of the two interested parties to start the conversation. If you are a guy and both you and the woman swiped each other than you cannot start the conversation. You must wait for the woman to message you in order to be able to respond and have a conversation with that woman. Men do have the option to extend one connection for a day, each day, to boost their chances of a woman in their connection “hive” message them that they are interested in.

The biggest benefit of Bumble is that it prevents women from being swamped by often times rude and inappropriate content as well as spam from men. This is a problem that in inherent to almost all online dating sites and applications. By only allowing women to start conversation and initiate the first point of contact, Bumble effectively solves this issue. The benefit to men from Bumble is that only women who are truly interested in them will ever send them a message. This means that men are much more likely to establish a real connection. So both parties are more likely to get into a meaningful relationship through Bumble.

See: http://www.austinwomanmagazine.com/articles/day-and-night

A Quick Snapshot Of Whitney Wolfe

The founder and chief executive officer of Bumble is Whitney Wolfe. Mrs. Wolfe also previously helped to co-found the dating application Tinder. At Tinder, Whitney Wolfe helped to build up Tinder into one of the most popular dating apps and helped make it viral.

Whitney Wolfe hails from Salt Lake City, Utah and presently resides in Austin, Texas. She has previously worked for Hatch Labs and served as vice president of marketing at Tinder before starting her own dating application called Bumble that was focused on putting women in greater control of the dating process. Mrs. Wolfe is currently considered to be one of the top women in technology and business that is under 30 years old according to Forbes Magazine and Business Insider.

Spying On Teens On The Computer

Most teenagers get on the computer or on a phone at some point during the day to go on social media sites or to look at other sites that are online. There are also more parents who are paying close attention to what their teens are doing when they are on the internet. This is something every parent of a teen should do until the child turns 18. The parent is responsible for what the teen does, and if the teen does something to get in trouble online, then the parent should be responsible for not making sure better choices were made. There is such a thing as blocking a website so that teens are not allowed to visit it until they are older or show that they are mature enough to handle the content that is presented. If teens are unable to follow the rules set forth by the parent, then the device should be taken away.

There are many parents who might feel guilty about spying on their children, but if it means making sure the children are safe, then it’s worth spying. Over 60% of parents have admitted to spying on their teens while they are online. They will go to social media sites to look at pictures and read posts or look through the history on the device to see what websites have been visited. Some parents have grounded their children from a cellphone or computer after finding inappropriate content. About 40% of parents know the password to their child’s phone or computer. This is an important safety aspect as parents need to know how to unlock the device to make sure there is nothing hidden.

If more parents take the time to check in on their children while they are online, then a lot of the activity that takes place might not happen. There might not be as many kidnappings or teen pregnancies. Parents might not see an increase in violence among teens or bullying that occurs with some teens if parents would pay attention to what teens do online.

Family Leaves after a New Born

According to a new report, the number of the new mothers that are opting for the maternity leave remain stagnant even though there has been economic growth. This has gone against the expert’s expectations since the ease on the family finances would enable more mothers to take time off from their jobs after they have given birth to a child. Though more than half of the maternity leave that is taken by the American mothers are not paid the figure has is slow to change. On the other hand, the number of leaves taken by men has increased at a high rate during this time, shows the report by the Center for Human Resource of the Ohio State University.



According to the report, there is no fluctuation of the number of the mothers taking leaves whether paid or unpaid. For instance, there has been an average of 273,000 women who took maternity leave between 1994 and 2015. This translate to constant maternity leaves per 10,000 birth remained constant. These figures defy logic because the country experienced 66% growth in the economy in the same period. According to Jay Zagorsky a contributor to the report he said that he expected the number of women taking maternity leaves to increase considering the growth of the economy.



Three states that include New Jersey, Rhode Island as well as California have also passed legislation on maternity leaves. For example, the New Jersey’s family policy that was passed in 2009, enables mothers to take leave for six weeks at reduced pay, that has an annual cap, for the care of the infant or the ailing member of the family. The number of people taking leaves is about 3000 each year, this is according to the report that was released last year.



The state of New Jersey was the second state after California to enact family leave after a new born. According to officials, this was one of the most vital steps toward investing in the future of the young children as well as their families. After passing of the reforms most parents and other stake holders believed that New Jersey needed to make some minimalist law reforms so that to make the law work efficiently for that parent who is in the low-income bracket.


Scott Rocklage Strategic Leader And Scientific Guru

Scott Rocklage is a PhD holder. After joining 5AM Ventures as a venture partner in 2003, he became its Managing Partner in 2004. He attained his B.S., Chemistry from University of California and his PhD., Chemistry from Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Scott Rocklage has vast knowledge in healthcare management, for over two decades, and has profound leadership skills. Among his accomplishments is being approved application of three drugs; Omniscan, Teslascan, and Cubicin, by the FDA. He has invented over thirty U.S. patents, and he has initiated six drug candidates into clinical trials.

Scott’s strategic leadership has been applied to many companies over the years; He has served as CEO at EPIRUS Biopharmaceuticals, he served as CEO and President of Amersham Health, Dr. Scott served as Executive Chairman and Co-President of Ilypsa, he was a Director at both Achaogen and Pulmatrix. He was as President and CEO of Nycomed Saluter, and was the Chairman and CEO of Cubist Pharmaceuticals, bearing various R&D positions at Saluter and Catalytica. He is recently serving as Chairman of Board at Relypsa and Semprus, and he is a board member at WaveRx, Pulmatrix, and Variation.

5AM Ventures

5 AM Ventures was founded in 2002, by two partners John Diekman, and Andrew Schwab, and currently, has ninety investments in 47 companies. It deals with Biotechnology, Health Care, Health, and Wellness Companies. 5AM is California based, and it provides seed and early stage investment to its clients.

5AM is dedicated to building new-era science companies and delivering impressive returns to its investors. It works toward diagnosing, preventing, and treating medical related issues. The company has a team of professionals, who are experts in scientific, medical, operational, legal, and finance systems. It is actively involved in helping its clients set up company’s strategy, recruiting management, business development, and fundraising.

5AM employs different strategies to realize its mission;

• Hands-on Approach to company building- takes over short-term roles when starting new enterprises, offering step-by-step guidance throughout the business’s life.
• Team, Network, Extensive Operational Experience-since individuals’ from5AM have spent their lives in the science industry, teamwork is naturally inculcated, and this makes the firm entrepreneur-friendly.
• Capital Efficiency and Shortened Time to Realization- 5AM team maximizes on possible returns generated within three to five years. It sources out non-equity capital and creates early exit opportunities
• Focus on Low Loss Rate- its main agenda is to maximize shareholder returns, redefining business strategy, and restructuring management teams to enhance company performance and overall yields.

Dr. Scott has been a great asset to 5AM Ventures. Having being approved of three U.S. NDA’s and establishing top notch development pipelines, Scott will add significant value to the company. He will contribute to its growth, adding his experience, and expertise. Dr. Scott has worked with many research leadership functions. He will work alongside John, Andy, and Carin Muller in creating and building exclusive biotechnology companies.