Day Two – Still Speechless

My friend and fellow Girl Scout Leader said it best last night….”holy cow, you are speechless!”, as I tried to manage the girls at last night’s meeting.  For the second day, I am rendered speechless thanks to a stiff neck that became a nasty head cold that has developed into laryngitis.  It is sheer agony for this Italian mother of two.  I take my vitamins daily. Exercise as much as time allows and always eat my veggies and fruits. Dam it!  I just don’t have time for this.

Not being to communicate verbally, I decided to take the day off (translation: working from my bed with laptop plugged in) so as to rest my voice.  With both children in school and thanks to caller ID, I can remain silent while nursing my throat with warm tea and honey.

And speaking of my two children, I am sensing this is beginning to take a toll on them.  At first, they mocked me and snickered.

“What did you say, Mommy?”

“Was that Mommy trying to tell us to wash up for dinner?”

“What is the raspy sound coming from the kitchen?”

But this morning, their tune was different.

“Mommies get sick?”

“Don’t you have to be in the office?”

“Will you ever be able to talk ever again?”

“You can still make me lunch, even if you can’t talk, right”

Before the children left the house this morning, my oldest brought me a glass of water with lemon and demanded my voice return by this afternoon and my youngest told me he would make the best art project at school that would make me feel better.  So I have quite a task ahead of me to get my voice back before this afternoon.  Aside from warm tea and honey and very warm water bottle (thanks to my very very dear friend), any suggestions?

RU Unemployed?

It is not the nature of my blog to promote any type of product or function unless it is something I swear by or use or support whole-heartedly.  However, I am going to make the exception today because I came across an opportunity that unfortunately I was unable to take part in, but hope you can.

Rutgers University is offering training on how to start your own business with its new Entrepreneurial Training Program.  This 60 hour, five-week course is valued at $8000, but is being offered for absolutely free.  The only catch is that you must currently be unemployed.
Topics that will be covered during the course will include:

  • What to Expect in Being an Entrepreneur
  • How to Register and Manage a New Business
  • How to Write a Business Plan
  • Basic Finance and Accounting
  • Skills, Sales & Marketing Techniques (including Online Marketing)
  • How to Manage Your Operations
  • Sources of Financing for Your Business

The caliber of the material and the vast scope of areas covered makes this program unlike any other.  I am thankful that I am happily employed, but jealous of what a remarkable opportunity I am missing.  If you are interested or would like to learn more, contact Debbie McDermott via telephone at 848-445-4720 or via email at  All applicants must complete an application by February 10th and classes begin in March.  The application is available from the Rutgers Center for Management Development.

Let me know if you decide to join.  Maybe I can borrow a note or two from you!

May the Force Be With You

I think I was about four of five when I first saw Empire Strikes Back.  We were vacationing at the Jersey Shore and all I can recall from the memory was not watching one single moment of the film because I was frightened.  Years passed before I could appreciate the three Star Wars films and later as an adult, enjoyed the three additional films.

Tonight, I sit in the midst of a Star Wars marathon with my children who are watching the films for the very first time.  Sidelined this weekend by a very vicious cold, I can’t imagine a better way to rest and recoup than with lightsabers, imperial galaxies and wookieepedia (a great source for questions Mommy and Daddy can’t answer).

Raising my Children in New Jersey


Sunset Beach, Cape May, NJ

According to the Child Well-Being Index, released by the Foundation for Child Development, our very own Garden State is ranked the #1 place to raise your child. 

Well, this is great news, but I kinda already knew that. 

For those of us who live in NJ, we know this state is more than just guidos living in a home in Seaside or overly manicured women making much ado about nothing in north Jersey.  The rest of us know that despite the high taxes and heavy congestion,  this is a great place to raise our children. 

I, for one, love that I can drive 45 minutes south and see my children building sand castles and playing in the surf.  If I drive 45 minutes north, I can take my children skiing or snow tubing.  Libraries, museums, educational events and top-notch entertainment are plentiful.  Sports, activities and lessons can be scheduled to match almost any talent.  Lighthouses, historal battlefields and parks are living, beathing lessons in disguise of fun.   And while school districts within our state can be competitive and sometimes exhausting, the mere selection of all the possible cities is worth the stress of choosing where to live.

In all fairness, I have only lived in New Jersey so I am admittedly biased.  However, it’s nice to live in a place recognized for more than just fist pumping.