Madison Street Capital: Specializing In Mergers And Acquisitions

In a recent announcement by Madison Street Capital, the firm stated that they had managed to either close or announce 42 hedge fund deals during the 2015 year. This was a big step up from the previous year, 2014 saw 32 hedge fund deals. According to Madison Street Capital, the momentum that is being built will mean an even bigger year in 2016. Several news sources covered this announcement and the report that came with it.

HedgeWeek was one of the sources that covered the report. The summary included a quote from the Senior Managing Director of Madison Street Capital. He states that the hedge fund industry, which is fragmented at the moment, will slowly become more consolidated and many more partnerships will be built that bring together product offering and distribution. He stated that alternative deal mechanisms are being developed that fit both the buyer and seller better. There are still traditional mergers and acquisitions, but there are also more PE stakes, seed or incubator deals, PE bolt-ons and revenue-share stakes. provided a similar summary of the firm’s report. The summary also stated that even though there was disappointing performance in the hedge fund industry, the assets in the hedge fund industry are higher than ever. The summary states that the reason for the poor performance is the strategies that were used.

Founded in 2005, Madison Street Capital is a very successful investment banking firm that mainly specializes in the middle market. They also specialize in personalizing a plan for each individual client and their unique situation. The firm has offices in North America, Asia and Africa and they are a global leader in mergers and acquisitions. They also have proven valuation services and advising for corporate governance and independence issues globally.

The firm provides a wide ranged of services, which include connection to a network of financial sponsors that lend to both domestic and international middle market opportunities. The firm’s network includes hedge funds, specialty finance companies, global and domestic commercial banks and more. In addition, the firm concentrates on capital raising projects. They will act as arrangers of equity for capital requirements, arrangers for mezzanine or senior debt and as financial advisors.

Madison Street Capital’s clients include companies and individuals both in the United States and internationally. They are from a variety of sectors including aviation, retail, business services, renewable energy, construction, real estate, consumer goods and services, media, financial services, manufacturing, food and beverage, textiles, healthcare, agribusiness, information technology, water, wholesale and retail trade, transportation, telecommunications, sanitation, irrigation and drainage and education. The firm individualizes their services to best help every client and their needs.

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Madison Street Capital’s Forecast for the 2016 Hedge Fund M&A

Madison Street Capital, a leading international firm in financial investments recently released its report on the hedge fund industry. The 4th edition report details merger and acquisitions (M&A) that occurred last year and the opportunities available. It also shows the Madison Street Capital overview of the hedge fund industry.

In 2015, it reports that a total of 42 hedge fund deals were completed as opposed to 32 in the previous year. Transaction volume for 2015 was up by 27% compared to 2014, this was mainly due to the rise in transactions closed in the last quarter of the year. This indicates that 2016 will have a record number of transactions in the M&A arena.

Although there was a dismal performance for most hedge funds for 2015, industry assets are at a current record high. Investors are gradually increasing allocations to alternate sectors to hedge against the liabilities of current non-performing hedge funds. For hedge fund managers with smaller portfolios, there is a struggle to acquire extra capital. This causes operation costs to skyrocket as pressure increases from investors for them to lower their fees. This has hedge fund managers seeking for alternative investments.

Karl D’Cunha, Senior Managing Director at Madison Street Capital LLC said that the hedge fund industry was very fragmented and consolidation will continue to occur. He said that hedge fund managers will continue seeking partnerships to bring products closer to the people. He noted that the industry will build on the strong 2015 it had to have an even better 2016. To cater for both buyers and sellers, an assortment of mechanisms was being used. He added that not only are the usual M&A structures being carried out, but also others such as PE stakes, revenue-share stakes, and seed deals.

About Madison Street Capital

Madison Street Capital was established in 2005 and is a market investment banking firm. It caters to the middle market businesses providing a variety of solutions. These services include business advisory, valuation, financial restructuring, merger and acquisition advisory services. The services help clients know the true value of their companies, this in turn assists in recognizing the available and future threats and opportunities.

With operations in Africa, Asia, and North America their global nature has helped them become leaders in the financial services market. They assist businesses acquire lending and use their experience to build an exit plan, with expertise in domestic and international corporate governance.

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Russia and Putin Causing Concern

For institutional and savvy investors, one of the best ways to get a great return on investment is to invest through a hedge fund. A hedge fund has the ability to invest not only in publicly traded stocks and funds, but also in more private deals that can provide higher returns on investment. For the past fifty years, one of the most successful hedge fund managers has been George Soros, who earned nearly $4 billion in 2013 as the head of Soros Funds.
Over the past fifty years, Forbes billionaire Soros has continued to provide investors with great returns while navigating through many different economic and credit cycles. In this time, he has amassed a very high net worth of around $25 billion, which makes him one of the wealthiest men in the world. Soros is also highly regarded for his economic mind and is frequently quested about what’s going on in the financial, political, and social world. This includes his take on the international war on terror and how the EU and U.S. have handled it.

One of the more concerning items that has come about on the war on terror is the reliance and expected support that Europe and the United States expects to get from Vladimir Putin and Russia. While Putin and Russia are both targeted by ISIS and other terror groups, many people fear that the U.S. and European nations will be making a mistake by forming an alliance with Russia. Thus far, there has been strong evidence that Russia and Putin’s fight on ISIS could actually be hurting the European Union.

For the past several months, Russia has been targeting terrorist cells in Syria. This has led the country to strike many regions that are thought to be filled with terrorists hiding. While they may be targeting and taking out some dangers people, they may actually be doing more harm than good. At the same time, they are also destroying villages and forcing many citizens of Syria to flee the country. In many cases, these people are fleeing to Germany and other friendly cities in Europe, which is putting a significant amount of social and economic stress on these countries.

Many are also concerned that Putin may have a self-serving plan to get his country out of financial trouble. Currently, the country is facing a default that could be coming as soon as 2017. This has only become more apparent with the decline in oil prices. Some are concerned that Putin has other motives other than beating terrorism, which are not yet clear to the rest of the world.


Incorporate Olympic Valley – Relief From the Political Incorporation

The past few years have been tough for the Squaw Valley CEO, Andy Wirth, along with the staff and the residential community. They have been faced with a drought, which has made business slow and extremely difficult. Wirth has also faced the pressure from the political incorporation that has placed a difficult situation on the Olympic Valley and Squaw Valley Resort. Luckily, they have seen some relief recently as Mother Nature has cooperated by bringing in some moisture and snow to the are and the incorporation has withdrawn their political efforts which would have increased taxes on residents and business, making it more difficult for the residents in the area and the surrounding areas. With the recent relief from the incorporation and the early snow storms that have allowed the Squaw Valley Resort to open early and increase traffic, things are finally beginning to look up. Wirth has endured a lot of damaging statements and accusations from the incorporation, but he hopes that they can all move forward and look past the issues by focusing on the best interests of the surrounding communities and their residents. He is happy that they were able to avoid the political incorporations recipe for a fiscal disaster, and hopes that they can continue to move forward in a positive manner. This information is published in the Reno Gazette Journal and you can read more here.

Andy Wirth has years of experience in the parks and recreation industry. He started his career in Steam Boat Colorado where he eventually became the chief marketing officer for the Corporation before he became the CEO for Squaw Valley. He has approximately 25 years of experience in the ski area world and has successfully overseen many positive changes and upgrades for the Squaw Valley Ski Resort. He was actually born in Nuebrucke, West Germany, and didn’t take him long to become interested in the outdoor winter activities industry. He attended Colorado State University, where his passion developed even more. He gained experience through becoming a ranger for the Rocky Mountain National Parks and fell in love with the wilderness area.

Wirth is also a huge contributor to the environmental groups and community service organizations. His focus is to improve the area in general for all ages and to preserve certain areas as well. His passion for the environment and activities in the community prove to be valuable and genuine as he hopes to continue to build and improve the communities surrounding the Squaw Valley Resort area.

Marcio Alaor Reports On The City Index Disclosures Of The Endeavor Entrepreneurs

In the month of December, the endeavour company that is a supporting and organization that supports the entrepreneurs decided to release the index that reveals the best and most entrepreneurial company in the entire Brazilian company and is now the best company ever. The BMG bank manager, Marcio Alair said that this company is set to improve communication to the country by revealing the best and most successful cities that have major entrepreneurs in the country. He further says that the index was ascertained by a study that was carried out in the 32 cities that took part in the survey that was put on board in the regions that are in the country for it to highlight the cities that are very prepared for the growth of business that are based on the tghe specific indexes that are 55 in total.

Financial experts in this field say that this kind of revelation and study is set to bring motivation to the major cities in the country as well as the cities that are left behind to come up with ways that will make their cities come to the top and bring about the element of motivation that will make the cities strive to make the ends meet and make a yearning solution for the environment. This kind of competition will realize the bring up of the best entrepreneurs that will bring on board the best conditions for marketing as well as improving the sector for business in the cities that are hit in this act.

The report by Marcio Alaor is showing that the cities that cities that were surveyed in the report to improve the conditions and the working environment and the index that was supported is inclusion of the comments as well as the comments that will be included in the survey report as well as the customary services. He says that the indexes increased in a number that is more than fifty percent since the edition was first brought about in the year 2014 by this very company that revealed the operations. He further says that the cities that were left behind should include the comments that are left below the report to increase their indexes that will be saved in the next yearend realize a very big growth that will make them come to the end of the adverbial.

Marcio Alaor shows that this index only shows us the present as well as the index of the past events that have led to the performance that each individual city had to realiuze. The inclusion of the recommendations on the survey report will make them realize better and more advances in business.

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The Human Rights Foundation Continues The Fight For The Oppressed

The issue of human rights has recently been pushed forward as Inrternet access allows us all to look at just how a specific nation treats its people, and those voicing political or social opposition. In 2005, the Human Rights Foundation was founded by Thor Halvorssen in a bid to develop a charitable organization fighting independently to secure the rights of the individual under any oppressive regime. The work of the Human Rights Foundation has also looked to the entertainment world in a bid to educate the younger people of the world; amongst those who have been criticized for appearing with dictators or alleged criminal activities are rapper Nicki Minaj and soccer icon Lionel Messi.

Thor Halvorssen may not be the archetypal human rights campaigner with his position as a Hollywood film producer, but he has worked for many different human rights charities throughout his adult life. Halvorssen has looked to develop a foundation that plays an important role in the lives of people, particularly those who are interested in popular culture. Halvorssen has personally written open letters to major entertainment figures he feels have undermined their position in society by taking a payment to perform, or appear with dictators in countries across the globe.

The interest taken in human rights by Thor Halvorssen was prompted by members of his own family facing problems with their own human rights being taken away in their native Venezuela. Perhaps the most influential event occurred with the imprisonment and torture of Halvorssen’s own father after he showed open opposition to the government of Venezuela. Since becoming a major figure in the fight for human rights, Thor Halvorssen has sought to expand the knowledge of the issue by inspiring events like the Oslo Freedom Forum.

One of the most impressive aspects of the work of the Human Rights Foundation is the constant need for political independence, which has led to donors being informed they no right to expect the charity to work on specific issues in exchange for a donation. To make sure the Human Rights Foundation remains independent a board of former political prisoners, activists, and politicians has been assembled by Thor Halvorssen from around the world to act as the board of the New York based charity.

Thor Halvorssen has a long track record of fighting against injustice, and he wants to be sure that people are going to have a voice in their homelands. There are a lot of tyrannical governments around the world that are not getting enough attention because the news cycle is so fast. Thor Halvorssen talks to the media a lot, and he makes sure that people are going to remember that these governments are out there.

Thor Halvorssen has offices of the Human Rights Foundation open around the world where they can help refugees, and they also have a lot of options for people who are going to try to escape tyranny. They want to have a place where they know that they can get help, and that is why Thor Halvorssen provides. This is very important as part of his mission, and he is even the child of international parents who have had to fight against tyranny themselves.

There is something very important about what Thor Halvorssen does because he also breaks down stereotypes about how people are being persecuted. It is very easy for him to go to the media to talk about things that are current in society, and he believes that he will get the best results from telling the people what the truth is. He has spoken to the world about candidates in American elections, and he has spoken about governments that a lot of people have forgotten. He has spoken out about North Korea, Angola and problems in South America. He wants to make sure the world has an understanding of what is going on, and he believes that the world will become a better place when the population is educated.

The crusading that Thor Halvorssen does is all a part of his Human Rights Foundation, and he wants to help as many people as he can. He is trying to reach out to world leaders, and he also wants to make sure the public is educated. His mission is to stop oppression around the world, and he will do so with his bravery in the face of many problems around the world.

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An All-Around Business Executive

When it comes to being a business professional, having a well-rounded educational background is essential to achieve the highest levels of success. In the financial services industry, the two areas most professionals need to be skilled in are law and finance. Whereas most people have a background in only one of these areas, Sam Tabar happens to be one professional who has an extensive background in both of these key areas.

Possessing a Bachelor of Arts degree from Oxford University as CrunchBase indicates, as well as a law degree from the renowned Columbia Law School, Sam prepared himself early on to have a business career that would leave others astounded. Finding success time after time, Sam has been legal counsel for many financial firms as well as a hedge fund advisor for such firms as Merrill Lynch and Bank of America. In these positions, Sam has been able to not only work with individual clients at Full Cycle Fund, but also consult with some of the world’s top executives. Having spent much of his time developing global marketing strategies for Asian nations, Sam has cultivated a number of relationships with prominent businesspeople within that region of the world. Because of this, he has held such high-ranking positions as Head of Capital Strategy, Director of Business Development, Head Legal Counsel, and other positions of influence.

Having been given these positions of responsibility, Sam has a much greater understanding of what it takes for a firm to find success in today’s extremely competitive business arena. Always one who has been able to analyze situations and develop strategic plans that involved a fair amount of calculated risk, Instagram user Sam has been able to implement many of his plans into global marketing strategies that led his firms to the top of the industry.

While viewed by many as one of the most promising financial and legal professionals of his generation, Sam has chosen to use his unique skills to help as many people as possible. Always willing to work with individual clients, Sam has made sure each and every client he worked with was able to have all their questions answered in a professional and knowledgeable manner. Treating others the way he would want to be treated, Sam has been able to build his reputation across the globe as a man who can be trusted with the highest levels of responsibility. As he continues his ascent, Sam’s accomplishments will be truly awe-inspiring. Follow Sam Tabar’s mashable for information on his career.

No Room for Oil

One thing that the United States gets from other countries is oil, even though there are pipelines in various areas where oil could be retrieved. However, it looks like the United States is running out of room to store the oil that it has on hand. There are over 500 million barrels of oil in stockpiles, which is the largest amount that has been on hand in decades. Thanks to Jon Urbana for pointing out this out on Twitter. You should follow him for more updates.

This is probably why gas prices are so low, but if there isn’t anywhere to keep the oil, then why does it matter about pricing. If the oil is going to go to waste or sold to another country because there aren’t enough places to keep the barrels, then the low gas prices don’t come into play as they will simply increase in the future if the oil is sold. Instead of stockpiling oil, one idea is to tap into the lines that are available.

Autism Rocks Solo Capital

Sanjay Shah, a hedge-fund manager in Dubai, got a phone call from a good friend, a DJ Dany Neville. He asked to stop by for a visit and later showed up with Rapper Snoop Dogg. Snoop was visiting Dubai, so tagged along. The visit by the Mobo Award-winning artist was so exhilarating to Sanjay, it inspired him to get back into music, by setting up his own charity, Autism Rocks. The charity stages gigs hosted by super stars, that raise money for autism research. Sanjay’s ultimate motivation for the charity was a source very near and dear. His youngest son, Nikhil was diagnosed with autism in 2011.

Nikhil is unable to speak or sit still for any length of time. He attends The Developing Child Centre in Umm Suqeim, Dubai. Sanjay and his wife, found out about his condition when he was two years old. They have been trying to figure out how to fix the problem ever since. Autism Rocks is their road to a solution.

The money raised by the charity goes to Autism Research Trust (ART) based at Cambridge University, that is studying the condition in an attempt to help with early diagnose and long term intervention and treatment plans. ARC. The major objective being finding support mechanisms to help autism suffers live more productive and enjoyable lives. An ART spokesman says that the ARC is working hard in its efforts to support children with autism and their families in whatever way possible.

So far, Autism Rocks Solo Capital has put on shows with Prince, Lenny Kravitz, Elvis Costello and Joss Stone, and has raised Dh 15 million for autism research. A recent development at ART was the discovery that, autism affects different parts of the brain depending on the gender of the individual. It is a small step, but a major one. As autism research makes further headways, it may one day be controllable and more manageable for suffers and their families.

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Alexei Beltyukov Makes Education Simple With SOLVY

Education is becoming increasingly difficult for students and teachers, and everyone is looking for ways to make the process of learning simpler. SOLVY is a new creation from
Alexei Beltyukov that was released at the last EdSurge Conference, and it is a revelation for people who do not like homework. Teachers know that homework helps students practice, and students do not want to sit in front of homework they do not understand for hours on end. This article explains how SOLVY changes all that for the better.

#1: What Is SOLVY?

SOLVY is an educational portal that is free to all teachers and students. Teachers and school systems may set up SOLVY portals for every class, and students will log in with their own information when they are in a specific class. The SOLVY portal contains all the homework for every class, and the class instantly becomes portable when students must work in unique places. There is no need to carry around books or paper because the homework is easily accessible via computer. Parents may leave their children to do homework without hovering over them for hours at a time.  Alexei Beltyukov had been well known for making these types of programs in his career.  Evidenced by Alexei Beltyukov’s

#2: Why Do Teachers Love SOLVY?

Teachers love SOLVY because they can grade homework in the system without accepting any paper assignments. The homework grading process has been cut down to a few short minutes, and teachers no longer need to spend their time carrying their papers around. The system will allow users to input as many homework assignments as they want, and teachers may send alerts to their students through the system. The alert system gives students no excuse to miss an assignment, and teachers may grade their papers at any time.

#3: Why Do Students Love SOLVY?

Alexei has said on Twitter that students love SOLVY because it helps them understand concepts that would have left them wondering what to do. Students and parents have spent over a century sitting around a table attempting to complete homework that seemed impossible. Students may ask questions of their teachers in the SOLVY portal, and teachers may answer the questions for the students. The assignments stay in the system so that students may complete the work the next day, and the answers are logged in the system. Frustration is no longer a part of the nightly homework ritual.

SOLVY is an education breakthrough that takes homework out of the hands of parents. Young students will learn to use a computer while using SOLVY, and older students will have instant access to their homework without worry. The interface on SOLVY allows for communication between both parties, and teachers will not spend the next class answering questions when they can spend just a few moments on SOLVY responding to student questions.  Follow Alexei Beltyukov’s website for more updates.