Martin Lustgarten Provides Reliable Investment Banking Services

Whether you’re getting into the investment field for the first time or looking for information you can use to grow your existing portfolio, it’s imperative to consult a reliable expert. When it comes to choosing a reputable expert in the field of investment banking, look no further than Martin Lustgarten.

Working with an investment advisor could help you reach your goal faster. With a trusted advisor on your side, you’ll get the personal attention you need to succeed.

Investment banks perform a variety of functions such as facilitating mergers and acquisitions, underwriting, or brokerage services for institutions. These institutions play a very important role in the investment field and act on behalf of, or for public and private investors, corporations, and governments. Some of these banks also render professional services in helping their clients with essential know-how on various issues.

Investment banks are usually divided into two categories: the buy side and the sell side. A large number of investment banks offer services in both sell side and buy side categories. The sell side typically involves placing new bond issues, selling shares of newly issued Initial Public Offerings(IPOs), helping clients facilitate transactions, or engaging in market making services. The buy side, in contrast, deals with hedge funds, mutual funds, pension funds, and the investing public to provide the assistance they need to maximize their returns on investment.

Over the years, Martin Lustgarten has helped countless clients raise funds for various business projects. Martin’s innovative financing and investment advice has benefited many investors immensely, and earned him a lot of respect and admiration. His firm, Martin Lustgarten Investment Banking Firm, is widely recognized as a top rated investment advisory firm.

As an experienced investment banker, Martin Lustgarten has rendered services to a large number of corporations, entrepreneurs, and organizations around the world. Martin has a great reputation as a leader in the investment banking field. His advisory and capital-raising strategies and services are recognized as among the best in the industry. When you choose Martin Lustgarten as your advisor, or to provide you with investment banking services, you’ll be working alongside one of the best professionals in the field.


Healthy and Delicious Organic Puffs Created by Livio Bisterzo’s Green Park


Hippeas, an organic chickpea snack, was recently introduced to the market.

livio bisterzo


With an aim to satisfy both tasty and health needs of customers, Hippeas delivers a snack that gives back. Gluten free, kosher, vegan, with 4 grams of protein and 130 calories per pack.

According to founder Livio Bisterzo, the snacks are setting the benchmark in the better for you salty snack category.  Hippeas snacks are one of the latest products to officially join the Starbucks Assortment of grab-and-go Snacks. They can be purchased in over 7500 Starbuck locations within the United States.


How Hippeas Were Developed


According to Bisterzo, the chickpea as the starting hero ingredient was the beginning of the journey towards acheiveing the right taste, shape, bite as well as texture. Another main factor that was trying to achieve “familiarity”  while delivering BFY product attributes. Additionally, the team of experts working under Bisterzo direction focused on creating products that customers would be happy and proud of picking from a grocery store shelf. This brand is culturally relevant, resonate and address many millennial consumer trends.


About Livio Bisterzo


Livio Bisterzo is the CEO and founder of Green Park Brands, the business behind the success of this new snack. For over 10 years, Livio Bisterzo has been working in the natural food industry prior to co-founding the company in 2015.


Recent Global Events Inspire Increase in New York Real Estate Market

The New York City real estate market is seeing a increase in investors thanks to the recent events across the world. This increase in activity was discussed, and explained, in a recent article published on the Real Estate Weekly website. The article was titled, “NYC Market Benefiting from Overseas Uncertainty.”

The article discussed how world markets are shifting due to the recent political activities that have occurred in Europe, as well as the continuing situations in the Middle East. It went on to describe, in great detail, how these events have turned investors to the United States for lower risk investments. These lower risk investments specifically included NYC properties, like those on Town Real Estate’s website.

There are many reasons why foreign investors like NYC properties according to the article. One of the major reasons is that NYC has the largest employment market in the country. This encourages businesses and individuals to seek out New York as a potential place to live and work. Another reason NYC properties are a great low risk investment is due to the low interest rates that investors can get on fixed rate mortgages. This is true for residential and commercial properties alike.

The city has many competent real estate agents to help any investor find the right property for their investment needs. However, one of the top performing agencies in the city is TOWN Residential. The agency employees dozens of experienced agents and has offices throughout the city.

One main reason why TOWN Residential is a popular choice among investors is because of their expertise. Each agent has his, or her, own special niche in the real estate industry. These niches include new construction, resales, and even commercial properties. Having offices located throughout the city also helps the agency to be knowledgeable of the individual neighborhoods located throughout the city.

The New York real estate market is one of the leading low risk investment options available to investors. This is evident by the multitude of real estate transactions that take place every year. The appeal for NYC properties has greatly increased since Britain announced its’ desire to exit the European Union.

Jersey Shore’s Snooki Partying About Motherhood

The MTV reality television series Jersey Shore was all about the tanning, partying and Jersey accented cast while they hung out on the Jersey shore. Some of the more popular of the cast were Snooki, Jwoww, Ronnie and the hyper fit The Situation. It was one of the most popular reality shows during it’s time and it put the Jersey shore on the map for any reality show fans. Snooki was somewhat the most iconic of the cast with her small stature, tall hair bump, tight dresses and fun personality.

In recent news Snooki -whose real name is Nicole Polizzi- came out with a song and music video this summer. Surprisingly it is not a song based on partying or her Jersey Shore drama. Instead Snooki is singing and celebrating her experiences with motherhood on her track and music video Yung Mommy. It is not an overly serious song. It’s a bit of a parody of pop songs and it has some humorous commentary about motherhood. Snooki additionally does shout outs to her two little kids and her husband in the song. Oddly the song could probably be played in a club or at a baby shower if most of the baby shower guests are party mommies who want to dance a bit. Moms in Jersey would probably love playing this for their baby shower or while hanging out with their mom friends. Snooki doesn’t have the best voice, but the song is a mix of rap and singing that is combined with a funky beat that is awesome.

If you want to listen to or see Snooki’s song and music video Yung Mommy, you can hear it on her popular YouTube channel “Nicole ‘Snooki’ Polizzi”. The other former Jersey Shore cast member JWoww makes appearances on Snooki’s YouTube channel too since she is also a ‘Yung Mommy’. Snooki talks about her life, kids and DIY projects that she works on via her YouTube channel.

Have Healthier Skin With Shea Butter

Natural Shea butter is often off-white or ivory-colored and is the fat extracted from the nut of the Shea tree in Africa. It has long been used for many purposes, including healing of skin conditions such as skin breakdown, abrasions and even minor burns. It is used to moisturize dry skin and prevent cracking along with being used as a base for lotions, soaps and lip balms. It can even be used as a food source. Shea butter has been used by many women to help reduce the appearance of their stretch marks and blemishes while providing soft skin in the process. Shea butter is definitely something all women will want to have on hand at all times.

EuGenia Shea is a company that is owned by a mother-daughter team who have known the benefits of Shea butter for a long time and wanted to share with the rest of the world. EuGenia is the mother of the duo and started a small business when she learned about the benefits of Shea butter through the midwife who delivered her as a baby that everyone called Grandma Sunshine. Grandma Sunshine used this product in her practice for many years and EuGenia decided to branch out and produce it so that everyone would have access to it. Now, EuGenia Shea has grown and employs farmers in Ghana, including many women, with giving them fair wages and also giving back to the country through a portion of their sales in the form of an education fund.

When you purchase Shea butter from EuGenia Shea you not only get a product that is pure, but you also are helping women in another country. You are able to choose from a variety of color and scents of Shea butter and there is something everyone would truly love. Whether given as a gift or kept for yourself EuGenia Shea is sure to be pleasing to everyone who purchases their Shea butter.

Michael Zomber’s Commitment To Improving The Lives Of The People

Historians play a crucial role in preserving information about the past. Michael Zomber’s passion for protecting history has seen him collect various antiques. He is a family man who resides in Philadelphia. Michael has a bachelor’s degree in English literature and psychology.

According to CrunchBase, he also holds a master’s degree in English Literature from the esteemed University of California. Michael Zomber work ranges from armory collection to writing of articles on the famous Samurai tales. He has written and produced a full-length documentary film, which has received much attention from around the globe. His skills in story telling have seen him win a number of prestigious awards in different platforms.

With the help of his wife, Andrea, Michael has been able to assist many organizations such as The Randolph Bourne Institute in enhancing their initiatives. Through his literature work, the voices of the antiwar movement have been heard and are being used to promote peace across the word. Notably, a conglomerate of libertarian from all over the world convenes to foster peace based on Zomber’s work.

Michael Zomber gives voice to all individuals that have been silenced by their governments, especially on speaking about human rights abuses in their country. In partnership with Disabled American Veterans, he has ensured that individuals have a better living condition despite being isolated by their government. His literary works has seen the disabled get palate surgery with the children accessing quality healthcare. In addition, the children are provided with food and can go to school. This way, they have a brighter future ahead of them. Zomber has collaborated with different high-ranking politicians in promoting social, economic, and environmental justice around the globe. Through this partnership, a vibrant democracy has been achieved, thus giving people decent living conditions.

About Michael Zomber’s Work

Mr. Zomber endeavors to preserve and protect history through his works. The Shogun Iemitsu is one of his published works. It is in this literary work that the environmental and social economics factors of life are told. His major objective has been to work with individuals whose desire for safeguarding the past is deep. Michael Zomber wears many hats, as he is an author, dealer, filmmaker, collector and philanthropist. He has produced different television series and full-length screenplay for Shogun Iemitsu. In the past, the historian has possessed guns that were once under the ownership of powerful people. These armors are reserved for future generations.

Seattle Genetics Is Out To Improve The Quality Of Life For Cancer Patients, One Treatment At A Time

Managing cancer can be difficult for both patients and families. Many patients rely on long term medication for treatment and assistance with managing everyday life. Innovative caner treatment solutions provider Seattle Genetics is conducting an advanced clinical trial for their new cancer treatment ADCETRIS. Company CEO Clay Siegall anticipates the trial will have the most significant impact on Seattle Genetics. ADCETRIS will be used to treat patients who are battling Hodgkin lymphoma. Patients in the United States and Canada spent nearly $250 million on the drug in 2015. Currently, Seattle Genetics offers 13 different cancer treatment options, including ADCETRIS.

Seattle Genetics’ ambitious plan for 12 more drugs, 100 more employees

Seattle Genetics is a biotechnology company that focuses on providing antibody-based cancer treatment therapy options. They are considered world leaders in cancer treatment and delivering innovative and less invasive treatment options to patients and their families. Seattle Genetics focuses heavily on antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs) in efforts to develop treatments that will directly attack cancer cells. The use of these type of drugs also reduces the risk of experiencing harmful side effects that chemotherapy may produce.

Seattle Genetics was founded and incorporated on 1997 thanks to Clay Siegall, and his since collaborated with Takeda Oncology Company to help promote ADCETRIS and make it available to the public. Currently, they are working on a new ACD based treatment that will rely on a pyrrolobenzodiazepine dimer or PBD, to completely kill the cancerous cells. With their team of over 650 dedicated and experienced professionals working tirelessly to promote healthier cancer treatment options, Seattle Genetics is headed to the top of the list in worlds most innovative cancer treatment providers.

White Shark Media Overhauls Its Customer Service To Set New Service Benchmarks

In the last few decades, major companies around the world have given a new meaning to customer service by customizing services tailored to meet the demands of individual customers. Just like their traditional counterparts, online companies are also setting new standards of service.

For instance, a prominent digital marketing agency, White Shark Media, has adapted new standards of customer service to reflect the feedback that it got from its customers in the last few years.

In a recent press release, the management claims that the new standards are part of an ongoing process to deliver quality services after reviewing complaints made by its customers. Acknowledging that every company has its share of drawbacks, Chief Marketing Officer, Andrew Lolk, revealed how the company plans to take customer service to the next level.

According to Andrew, he got numerous complaints from new customers regarding their inability to understand the campaign management platform. Understandably, it takes sometime for new customers to get used to the platform, therefore, a dedicated SEM Strategist will help new clients understand and implement the initial projects. After the initial setup, both new and existing customers will get a chance to initiate a conference call with their SEM Strategist, every month.

These calls will be handled by GoTomeeting software. Moreover, each client gets a dedicated phone line enabling them to talk to the contact person and team supervisor anytime the client requires assistance.

According to Glassdoor, in an effort to boost its customer service, White Shark Media has also upgraded its campaign management platform. However, existing clients, who are satisfied with the old platform, are given an option to either remain on the existing platform or make a transition to the newest version. In fact, customers on the older platforms can make transition to new platform, anytime free of cost.

Other prominent value-added services includes restructuring the operational setup. The new setup includes decreasing burden on team members by allowing supervisors to oversee only 3 to 5 SEM Strategists.

Irrespective of the third-party vendor clients are using for their SEO projects, a dedicated SEO team will also offer free of cost SEO evaluation to existing clients. Using an in-house process, customers will also be able to install conversion tracking, call tracking and in some cases Google Analytics, free of cost. Read more: White Shark Media Profile and Client Reviews

Hopefully, recent improvements will help clients get additional value from White Shark Media, which is diligently trying to set new benchmarks for customer service in its industry.

How Does Laidlaw & Company Help People Like Me Invest?

I have wanted to be an investor in a big way for a long time, but I have not been able to get any investing done on my own because no one has been helpful. I finally found Laidlaw & Company, and they were able to help me get started on a real plan for investment. I talked to James Ahern and Matthew Eitner first about their company, and they were great people to talk to because they are so helpful.


I got to talk to a broker who knew what I meant when I said that I had never had any success, and they actually went through all my old investments to explain why things were not working before. They made it clear for to understand what was going on, and they showed me that I could make a lot more money if I just did something that they knew was going to work.


We also had a chance to talk about what I wanted for this money. I was just trying to make some extra money, and that helped us a lot because it meant that I could plan for extra income instead of planning for retirement or something like that. The best part of it for me is that I actually have input. I am not just stuck here wondering what to do. I have learned a lot at Laidlaw & Company in the meantime.


There are a lot of people who are going to be able to get the same help I got, and I know that it will change their lives. They need to make sure that they are going to ask questions, and they will get answers. Laidlaw & Company has been so good to me while I have been trying to invest my money.

Must-Have Devices for First-Time New Jersey Parents

It is an undisputable fact that we are living in a digital world. This means that new parents must have tech gadgets, which can go a long way in easing up parenting. New Jersey parents need these devices because they can help eliminate common challenges to first-time parenting. Below are some of the most significant devices for couples who are expecting their first child.

White Noise Machine

Low and ambient noise can help your baby to calm down before bedtime. White noise machines come in handy because they help babies to sleep peacefully and soundly. What’s more, these devices are easily available on sites such as Amazon.


Dry rooms often irritate babies’ noses and throats. This exposes them to various illnesses. A humidifier adds moisture to the air by dispensing water vapor. Most humidifiers are quite, which means they won’t keep your baby awake. Besides this, they have a built-in night bulb, which is baby-friendly.

Bottle Sterilizers

Keeping your baby’s feeding bottles sterilized greatly contributes to his or her health. Washing the bottles in sinks or dishwashers may not be the best way of sterilizing them. Bottle sterilizers kill all germs. These gadgets allow parents to clean bottles in microwaves. Steam is used in place of water. This method is advantageous over traditional ways of cleaning feeding bottles since it takes less time. Besides this, all germs are killed, thus ensuring the wellbeing of the young ones. Bottle sterilizers can clean up to six bottles at the same time. Some brands similarly come with their own specialized bottles.

Baby Monitors

Baby monitors have significantly evolved in recent times. This has mainly been attributed to the advancement of video streaming platforms. Baby monitors can be linked to almost four cameras from a base station. This enables you to track how your young one is fairing on, more so when you are at work. Monitors have rechargeable batteries that can last up to six hours when in use.

Motion-Detecting Night Light

As kids grow older, there is need for them to be moved to adjacent sleeping rooms. Investing in a motion-detecting light can help kids during their night trips to the washroom. The device should be placed in hallways leading the washrooms to provide kids with ample light at night. This negates the need for you to wake up and switch the light on for them. This article was originally posted on the Business Insider.