Attorney Geoffrey Cone Responds to Foreign Trusts’ Feature Last Week

A simple look at the way the media has covered the foreign trusts in New Zealand makes it seem like a thriller entailing wealthy people, complex deals and exotic deals. The truth however, is more mundane to matters related to tax. New Zealand cannot be described to as a tax haven and will not feature amongst the known tax heavens. Tax havens have various distinct characteristics like imposing none or just nominal taxes, lacking in transparency and there being procedures and laws that prohibit exchanging of information with various other governments. New Zealand does not qualify on any of these grounds at all.

New Zealand was among the very first countries that were placed on the white list of OECD model agreement for the exchange of information related to tax matters. New Zealand has shown its leadership mantle on the tax transparency requirements placed on sharing of information with other governments. Resident trustees in New Zealand of any foreign trust are expected by the IRD to make a submission of the Foreign Trust Disclosure Form (IR607). They are also expected to keep other records and financial related records for purposes of New Zealand tax. The records are supposed to be in English and done in New Zealand, failure to which stiff and heavy penalties will result. The world standard money laundering legislation enactment brought about all these powers back in 2011. (Read More)

About Cone Marshall

Cone Marshall is a law office that operates in conjunction with various international families and advisors. The firm assists by establishing New Zealand companies, partnerships, trusts and offering international wealth planning opinion. This firm offers its services to family advisors, private banks, attorneys, private banks and other places outside New Zealand that require planning on behalf of their clients. Cone Marshall limited provides advice based on New Zealand trust, tax, succession, structuring and administrative services.

Karen Marshall is one of the advocates working at the Cone Marshall firm. She graduated from New Zealand’s University of Otago with an LLB. She had stayed in London for a period of about 10 years prior to joining the firm. In London, she was based in a large law firm based in the city and was attached to the firm’s Commercial Litigation department. She joined Cone Marshall back in November 2005 and became a Principal from April 2006. Karen has in her career advised two legislative trustee corporations on trustee’s powers and liability to get into compromises and offer security to third parties. This is in reference particularly to borrowing for investment purposes.

Best Skin Lightening Products with Makari

Makari de Suisse is an institution that is transforming the cosmetic industry. The skincare products from this multicultural company offer diverse benefits to the users. At the end of the day, the client gets the best. The name of the enterprise, Makari is derived from a Swahili word that means beautiful

The beauty company was founded over ten years ago, and it has helped many people get their beautiful skin. The products are made in Switzerland, and they are distributed in different parts of the globe. The company holds a high reputation for manufacturing quality and reliable products that mainly focus on helping the consumers get radiant, lighter skin. People who have tried the products from this company say that they achieved the best and desired results.

The success an individual gets and the self -confidence they portray is directly affected by how the person feels and how they look. Individuals who have beautiful flawless skin have proved that they are able to carry themselves with all the confidence. Those who have skin problems experience low self -esteem, and they do not perform well in their daily activities. Makari was sounded to try to unlock the beauty the client has and also help in boosting self -confidence.

Most of the products from the company will improve and reduce dark spots naturally, without using the hydroquinone ingredient. The products also help to fade the ugly acne scars on a client skin. This is done effectively without the use of harsh and harmful ingredients. If you have any signs of aging, the products will help you fight the signs of aging. The products contain natural ingredients for flawless and ageless skin. The clinically proven products use advanced and natural formulas to lighten the skin and give it the look you have always been looking for.

If you have damaged skin, get the Makari lotion and enjoy several benefits. The company also manufactures Makari Tonic which is designed to deeply and gently clean the skin. The Tonic clears all black spots, and it also controls the natural sebum activity. The product is clinically proved and has no adverse side effects on an individual.

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What Does it Take to Be a Model with Brown Modelling Agency?

Those who have contemplated joining modeling industry have often been hit hard by this question. However, becoming a model is simple as long a person has the commitment and meets certain criteria. For instance, one should be at least five-feet tall to be a good model. On the other hand, being too tall does not make sense in modeling.

Apart from height, the size of the body also matters in modeling. Some people are too fat to fit into the modeling clothes. Others are too skinny and tall to an extent where the clothes they model with do not look flattering anymore. The required size of the body may differ from one agency to the other depending on what they are modeling for. Whether it is commercial, print or billboards, an agency will make a decision on the size. The size requirement has given a modeling a bad name for a long time now. However, most agencies have begun to consider plus size models.

One of the modeling outlets that give equal opportunities to models is Brown Modelling Agency. The company established itself as a leading agency in Austin in 2010 under the leadership of Justin Brown. Since its inception, the company has brought together different caliber of models. It has incubated and nurtured them into professional models who frequent front pages of powerful magazines and big companies. Models from Brown Agency usually feature in the campaigns of big brands such as Louis Vuitton, Dell, Toyota and Loreal. The company also brags of models who grace the highways in Austin, Dallas and other parts of Texas.

The agency was started by Justin Brown, a brilliant individual who has vision and courage to try new ventures in different environments. Justin developed modeling interests in college culminating to full career years later. He began as a trainer who prepared models to act like pros. He initially formed Wilhelmina Brown, which later merged with Heyman Talent South to form Justin Brown Agency.

Brown Modelling Agency prides itself for offering high-quality modeling services in Texas. The company holds with high esteem its special group of talented models who know how to smile and make a pose in front of the camera. According to Justin Brown, the agency only selects promising models and nurtures them before releasing them to the professional world. This way, his company continues to be a dominant player in Austin’s modeling industry.

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Your Narrative Story Is the First Step in Reputation Management

In “Take Charge of Your Brand Reputation Management,” author Allan Hall points out the importance of creating your brand narrative. He points out that the first reason to do this is that it allows your employees to be your best brand ambassadors. Secondly, he says that having a clear brand narrative helps develop an authoritative voice quickly propelling you to becoming a trusted thought-provoking leader within your industry. He concludes that reputation management cannot truly take place until this narrative is developed.

If we assume that Allan is correct, then the next question is how to develop this narrative. A company story has three important elements. It tells where you have been, where you are now and where you are going in the future.
You can think of your company narrative as a job interview. On paper, your company and your closest competitor may look almost identical. Yet as revealed by, as the customer or shareholder explores your narrative, they suddenly realize why your company is the right choice for them. The narrative puts the human connection with your brand. After all, that is the way that people think of brands as humans.
Once you have develop this, or while you are developing it, is the best time to contact a reputation management firm because they can help bring your story to the public’s attention. If you do not claim your own narrative, then do not be surprised when your competitor tries to write it for you.
It is then the job of the reputation management firm to put your narrative before the public. When you build a positive reputation, then you do not need crisis management because your customers will spread your message to their friends.


Tarallucci e Vino In NYC

Recently, a list of restaurants has been published on as part of their city guide. Two restaurants should be known for being among the best: Charlie Bird and The Spotted Pig. Both feature a great atmosphere – the distinguishing mark between Charlie Bird and The Spotted Pig is that Charlie Bird is more of an Italian restaurant while The Spotted Pig is a New York Restaurant with some of the best french fries and brunch. It’s one of the more popular restaurants in the city, especially with the eclectic West End crowd that it attracts. Charlie Bird has plenty of great pasta dishes which you can try for both lunch and dinner – such as Tagliatelle, or Farro Salad.

Taralluci e Vino is a private event space in NYC. Because it’s a private space, the chefs on staff will have the opportunity to create traditionally-inspired Italian fare at the request of the patrons. This approach is designed to be perfect for any occasion that you might be interested in. The idea is that this space is easily transformed for the needs of any type of event – Birthday Party, Business Meeting, Wedding Reception, or anything else you can conceive. This is the perfect opportunity for you to get together with other people that you know and have a great time.

Tagliatelle e Vino has also attracted attention to itself as a direct result of restaurant week in NYC. Tagliatelle e Vino offers the also offers the opportunity to make reservations during the summer, especially during peak seasons such as summer restaurant week. They also hosted plenty of viewing events for people looking to watch the Copa America or the Euro 2016 during the summer. Thus, they offer a great opportunity to experience the fine dining atmosphere and eat some great food.

Whatever your needs are, Taralucci e Vino is one of the best places to eat or host an event in NYC. It’s got plenty of room for your events, no matter how large or small they are. They even sell picnic boxes if you would like to have your own outdoor picnic with their food. These picnic baskets are delicious and healthy – salami, honey, nuts, focaccia, cheese, fruit, and dessert. People love the delicious focaccia bread which is used to make the sandwiches that comes with the picnic basket. They even host cocktails which means that you’re able to experience some of the best that NYC has to offer.

Makari: Making Skin More Beautiful

Since the beginning of beauty, women have been plagued with skin blemishes. Acne scars, dark spots, and signs of aging have stopped women from achieving radiant and gorgeous skin, until now. Makari is a company that has revolutionized the skin industry with their skin lightening creams, making it possible for all men and women to have the skin they want. With dark-skinned men and women in mind, Makari has become the world’s leading company that caters to the darker demographic, a population that the rest of the beauty industry has largely ignored. Makari’s cornerstone product is their skin whitening cream, which reduces the appearance of scars, dark spots, uneven skin tones, and blemishes of all kinds. With just a little bit of consistent use and time, women and men will begin to see their skin tone even out and become lighter and more radiant.

But that is not all Makari has to offer the world. They have a range of skin and hair care products that soak customers in sensuous luxuriousness. Their product line includes toning creams, day moisturizers, night moisturizers, body milk, soaps, shampoos and even cosmetics! Currently Makari produces a line of 60 different products to meet all the needs of their customers. Keeping their target demographic in mind, the company has built their empire on the principals of health and natural ingredients.

Makari’s aim is to offer people an alternative product that revitalizes their skin instead of damaging it with harsh sulfates. Makari’s products are all manufactured in Switzerland, utilizing the botanical life of the natural environment and leaving out harmful compounds like Hydroquinone. Compounds such as this are used in many products for dark-skinned people in the beauty industry, but Makari has seen to it that their products are safe to use and effective. Makari is truly making its mark on the world of beauty by their ethical practices and superior products. Every person deserves to have beautiful and radiant skin.

George Soros Invests $500 Million for Migrants, Refugees

When it comes to famed businessman and political activist George Soros spending $500 million as an “investment” for migrant and refugee resources, those who know the billionaire say they are not surprised. In fact, Soros is a longtime supporter of various liberal political causes in the US as chairman of the “Open Society Foundations.” According to his philanthropic organization website, the goal is to “work to build vibrant and tolerant democracies” with governments being fully accountable to the citizenry.

Soros explains why he’s investing $500 million

George Soros was featured in a recent Sept. 20 Wall Street Journal story that explained the billionaire’s angst at “tens of millions of people on the move” due to terror in their home countries. At the same time, George Soros is concerned about migrants living lives of “idle despair” because they are not having their basic needs met. Thus, the humanitarian has earmarked $500 million to boost various refugee and migrant aid groups that are attempting to solve this massive worldwide problem.

“I will invest in startups, established companies, social-impact initiative and businesses founded by migrants and refugees themselves,” stated George Soros in a recent press release. “Although my main concern is to help migrants and refugees arriving in Europe, I will be looking for good investment ideas that will benefit migrants all over the world.”

Why Soros helps people in trouble?

To understand why billionaire George Soros is pledging $500 million in startups and other investments to help some of the world’s poorest people on Biography, one must research this Hungarian-American businessman’s past to know that he was raised in poverty; while later becoming one of the richest people in the world. During a recent TV interview, Soros said he decided at a young age to help the really needy people of the world because “if I don’t, who will?” Soros also views himself as a political activist with various liberal political causes linked to helping refugees and migrants because “they are most in need of help right now.”

Investing in refugees and migrant aid programs

Soros also stated in a recent press release that he will seek a variety of investments that covers multiple sectors as one way and means to “provide solutions to the particular problems that dislocated people face.” He noted that private businesses have previously invested “billions of dollars” to help develop services for migrants and refugees in need. At the same time, the billionaire is bullish when it comes to serving the needs of migrants when it comes to quality of life issues here in America.

Investing in mankind

Soros and his team have been working with the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees and other groups established to guide this new $500 million investment in aiding refugees and migrants. The humanitarian explained how this funding will help people in need when it comes to legal, government, financial and various health services. Soros says he is especially concerned about the great “human misery” and political instability now being caused in countries facing massive influx of refugees. He wants an “adequate physical and social infrastructure” for all migrants and refugees at

Overall, Soros is all about leading other private-sector investors who want to also take concrete actions to help the growing number of migrants and refugees living in harm’s way.

The Importance of What Restaurants Offer

There is a lot of importance in restaurants. For one thing, their importance goes beyond the food. There is also the experience and atmosphere they offer. However, one of the features that restaurants tend to offer are great private rooms. This allows people to meet with each other and enjoy great food while being in an environment that is almost like being at home. There are plenty of restaurants that have great private rooms. However, there are quite a few that stand out from among the rest because of the cleanliness and the set up of the room.

One restaurant with a great private room is the Gramercy Tavern. This restaurant has been in business for more than 20 years. One of the features of the restaurant is that they offer plenty of good seasonal items. They also have a guest room that is great for private events and parties. Another restaurant that is great for private rooms is Charlie Bird. They have some of the best Italian-American dishes. They also offer some great music for people to enjoy while they are enjoying their meals and events. They play music from some of the great legends from earlier eras of music.

One restaurant that has a great private event space is Tarallucci e Vino. This restaurant has a great environment for people to enjoy. Private events will be given a much more memorable feel with the private rooms that this restaurant has to offer. The families could also take the time to enjoy their special occasion that they had planned out with this restaurant. Tarallucci e Vino has made sure that anyone that has reserved the private room is not going to be interrupted or bothered. They will also make sure that everyone in the room is taken care of.

The main draw of Tarallucci is the menu that they have to offer. The food comes from ancient Italian family recipes that have been sent down through generations. While these Italian meals are very tasty, they are also very healthy with the ingredients that they put in. For one thing, the food is prepared with olive oil. They also use ingredients such as basil, garlic and other foods that have a lot of antioxidants that are going to improve the health of the individual. As a result, people who eat not only get to experience great taste, they will also experience greater health.

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George Soros Makes a Considerable Financial Pledge to Support Refugees and Migrants

George Soros is one of the top billionaires in the world who has displayed a considerable level of benevolent spirit. Just recently, the popular billionaire and philanthropist showed his support to migrants and refugees by pledging a sum of $500 million to migrants or refugees’ formed startups. The pledge also targets programs, companies and businesses that are aimed at catering to the needs of refugees and migrants.

Soros cited that he would work closely with international organizations and bodies that support refugees in a bid to come up with better ways of investing the pledged funds on

Nevertheless, Soros hinted that businesses in the technology sector would be part of the beneficiaries. Through this initiative, Soros hopes to trigger the development of services and goods that will benefit both migrant and host groups or communities as well as inspiring other investors to pursue a similar course.

Digital technology is intended to be a key beneficiary due to the results on studies conducted by the UN High Commissioner for Refugees and Accenture. The results detailed that internet access and mobile phones are as equally important as other basic needs of refuges when it came to matters of security and safety. Through technology, the refugees can easily access health, financial as well legal services. Further, Soros indicated in the Wall Street Journal that his primary concern was helping refuges and migrants to arrive safely in Europe. However, he intends to identify lucrative investment ideas to benefit the migrants.

Who is George Soros

George Soros is a popular billionaire as well as an avid financial and investment expert who is never afraid of airing out his views and opinions on political as well as economic matters. Apart from his accomplished business track record, Soros is preceded by his reputation as a philanthropic individual. As such, Soros has generously donated a significant amount of his wealth to humanitarian initiatives and courses through his Open Society Foundation. The Open Foundation serves as a network of projects, partners and foundations that operates in over a hundred nations globally. Soros strives to advocate for the open society concept whereby the government is accountable for its actions, rights are respected and no individual holds the monopoly on the truth.

Although Soros currently enjoys a massive amount of wealth, he is a Hungarian native who fled his country due to the Nazi invasion. He obtained his knowledge from the London School of Economics in England before shifting to the United States. Before venturing into his business ventures in the United States, he served as a stock analyst and trader in New York. Over the years, Soros has supported numerous organizations including the International Crisis Group, the Institute for New Economic Thinking, Global Witness and the European Council on Foreign Relations. Source:

How Is Seattle Genetics Making Its Mark On The Medical Industry?

Seattle Genetics is making its mark on the medical industry in two very different ways. They have chosen to be sure that they can offer cancer drugs to everyone who needs them, and they are based on the research that was done by Clay Siegall with antibodies. He created a company that is helping cure as many patients as it can, but he is also offering his assistance to other companies that want to be able to help patients.

Siegall has been named to the board of directors at Mirna Therapeutics, and he is trying to help them be just as successful as his company is. He believes that there is a lot of cooperation that can go on to help a lot of different patients, and he also believes that he can do things for the industry that will change the way people are cured. It is makes sure that all the companies in the industry are using their best information to make changes to the world.

Seattle Genetics is a large company that has two main drugs, but they also want to release nearly a doze more over the next few years. They can help other companies get much better at what they do, and they want to make sure that they can give doctors the confidence that they need to be great at what they do.

Clay Siegall wants to offer people a chance to learn a lot about their own care through his company, and he also believes that other companies can use his expertise. he has built a company that has its own stock symbol, and he also knows that people will be able to make changes to the way they are getting treatment. Siegall‘s work in the medical industry is helping treat cancer and expand treatment at the same time.

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