Soros Spends Heavily To Help Democrats

George Soros, the financial titan once known as the “man who broke the Bank of England,” has opened his checkbook again to support Democratic presidential candidate and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, as well as Democratic Senate candidates on the ballot this year.

The news marks an about face from the billionaire Soros who, while supporting President Barack Obama and other Democratic and liberal causes, had refrained from massive donations in recent years. Instead, George Soros has focused his energies on more quiet efforts, like international development and the Democracy Alliance, a coalition of grassroots liberal groups.

Soros made his first large scale political investment when he spent $27 million in a futile effort to defeat President George W. Bush in his 2004 re-election campaign. That year, with the Iraq War raising his ire, Soros directed massive giving through the 527 organization America Coming Together.

However, at the end of the campaign, American Coming Together fell well short of ousting Bush and saw Republicans retake the Senate and gain seats in the House. According to Soros associates quoted in Politico, Soros found it “odious” that private individuals in the United States were allowed to spend that much money to support political candidates.

In recent years, however, the massive political contributions made by billionaire conservative brothers Charles and David Koch have made Soros’ 2004 effort seem quaint in comparison.

However, it apparently wasn’t the idea of countering the Koch Brothers that drove Soros to turn on the financial spigot. Instead, Soros has a deep fear of Republican nominee and New York businessman Donald J. Trump and a much warmer relationship with Clinton.

According to emails contained on Clinton’s private server revealed, Soros told prominent liberals like Center for American Progress chief Neera Tanden that he personally liked Clinton and found her to be a detail-oriented, intelligent leader.

Soros has put his money where his mouth is: By the end of June, he had donated $7 million to Priorities USA Action, the lead super PAC supporting Clinton on That represents a drop in the bucket compared to Soros’ estimated $25 billion net worth, but a major cash infusion for a group buying television ads in battleground states.

He is also working with election lawyer Marc Elias, a partner in Washington’s prominent Perkins Coie firm, on a major project to challenge laws that are perceived as disenfranchising poor and minority voters.

In addition, Soros is supporting state parties, American Bridge 21st Century – a Democratic research outfit – and several groups aimed at motivating slices of the electorate, like Hispanic immigrants, to turnout.

Showing that Soros is not just focused on the presidential race, he has also contributed $1.5 million each to the Senate Majority PAC, a super PAC that works in tandem with Senate Democratic leadership on Senate races, and Planned Parenthood Votes, which supports pro-choice candidates for House and Senate.

Splitting Costs after Divorce

Divorced parents will seldom split the bill on the big things in life. There is a big imbalance when it comes to things like after school activities, training, college and weddings. This can be seen even with people like Michael Phelps that have risen to Olympic champion fame. He was raised by a single mother, and the mother – seen at every Olympic swim medal event that Phelps participated in – is obviously the one that footed the bill for the dreams of her son.


According to New Jersey’s own Bari Zell Weinberger, family law expert and founder of the New Jersey Weinberger Law Group, the court will be the one that takes things into consideration when these type of issues arise. Weinberger has stated that the income of each parent is taken into consideration. There is also a matter of the demonstrated talent of the child in question. It is usually also easier to determine something if the child was already participating in the sport before the marriage ended. There should be some things that are clearly defined in the divorce proceedings if one parent is looking for help from the other.


In so many cases it all falls on the shoulders of the parent that have full custody. This is often the way that it happens if there is no clear court decision or written documentation that spells out the person that is in responsible. That is why parents that have multiple children should really make sure that they get something in writing when they are getting a divorce. It can become a very expensive thing to make the attempt to take care of the activities of multiple children that are trying to compete in various events outside of school.


It is never a good decision for any one parent to take all of these expense on. There will always be some resentment when this is done. It is better to have some costs that are split down the middle. This gives both parents some decisions making power regarding the activities that their children can participate in. There are a lot of children that make it to the top in the activities that they participate in, and the support of two parents is ideal.

Thousands Of Visitors Start Their Annual Visit To The Central New Jersey Farm

Every Fall, thousands of families from New Jersey and the tri-state area of Metropolitan New York flock to the annual ritual of fruit picking in Central New Jersey. As waves of visitors continue to visit various farms in New Jersey, the Evergreen Farm in Hamilton Township remains the focus of attraction for nearly every Asian-American of Korean and Chinese origins. Busloads of guests and groups visit Evergreen farm to pluck the giant yellow-colored Korean Pear. According to visitors who come to Evergreen just to taste the pear, it is one of the juiciest produce in America. Perhaps, there is nothing like it anywhere in the United States.


According to the farm owner, Chong Il Kim, he moved to New York City doing menial jobs until he decided that he also wanted to grow his native Korean pear in the United States. Accordingly, he bought a 10-acre tract of land to grow pears, but the harvest continued to fail. The first failure did not dampen his spirits because he knew that he would be able to cultivate Korean pears under perfect conditions. Luckily, his research proved accurate as he started cultivating Korean pears in Hamilton Township, where the soil is perfect for growing these large juicy peers. He also claims that it may be impossible to grow these pears anywhere in the vicinity because these native Korean variety demands specific environment. In the Supermarket, pears from the Evergreen farms sell for $6 a pound; however, visitors can eat as many as they like and buy it at a half price to the supermarket.


Besides the pear, Evergreen farm also grows a variety of other produce including Korean grapes, chestnuts, dates and Fuji apples. In fact, the farm is also popular for its purple-colored Korean grapes, which are just as juicy as the pear. Heather Menzel, a visitor at the farm suggested that these are some of the best grapes in the world. She uses it to make delicious grape fruits for her family and her guests. As suggested, Menzel is not alone in appreciating the fresh produce of the farm. To acknowledge visitors, the Latino workforce prepare Mexican style barbecued chicken for picnicking customers, on Sunday. For ethnic food fans, there is nothing better than visiting the farm on Sunday and enjoy both the barbecue and fresh fruits.

Embrace Whole Round Transformation With The Midas Legacy

The Midas Legacy is elevating entrepreneurs and investors to the success they have sought to achieve for many years. The company offers practical tips and information that is both enlightening and relevant for immediate decision making. Besides offering financial advisory services, the company also helps people to achieve overall health and well being. This is made possible through advice issued by Mark Edwards, who is an expert in natural health knowledge. His experience with natural cures and the fact that he knows several hidden secrets by corporations places him at a vital position in the company.

Success-oriented financial management lessons
Everyone would like to achieve a certain goal in life, but some hindrances delay or completely shatter the achievements. The Midas Legacy is aware about this and has, with the help of experienced professionals like Mark Edwards, come up with plans that will help individuals walk through their journey to success. The guide helps one to understand the challenges that are bound to come in while implementing a certain project and how to navigate around them.

Among professionals who work with the company in this section include Sean Bower, who has published hundreds of articles on financial management. He also boasts of a long experience working as an analyst in the commodities market, so his presence in the company signals success. Jim Samson is also part of the team that offers financial advice with an experience in the real estate and financial markets stretches through several decades.

Retirement planning and wealth management
Many people want to retire early and still have passive income to sustain their lives. This has appeared challenging many times, but The Midas Legacy has been helpful in assisting individuals to plan well for their retirement. The advice offered in this section touches on preparing for retirement and wealth management.

Wealth management is a highly sought after service for the simple fact that it’s not always accurate to assume how life will be in coming years. The Midas Legacy factors in circumstances like uncertainties when analyzing the future potential of assets so as to create an elaborate plan that can help one to increase the value of wealth. No one would like to retire yet start struggling to take care of bills. You will receive tips that will help you to venture into something that will be offering income as you relax and enjoy life with family and friends.

Find out more about the company and what they can do to increase your wealth

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Urban Land Institute Plans Implemented in Atlantic City

Just recently a team of development experts, entrepreneurs and officials met at the famous Atlantic City Convention Center in order to display a transformative moment on for the new South Inlet in the city. The event was organized by a non-profit making organization that is based in Washington DC, known as Urban Land Institute. The group specializes in real estate policies and land use.

When the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority was introduced to the region, the non -profit making organization came into the Atlantic City for around six days in early 2014 for a particular study. Omar Boraie wanted to understand why there was a persistently blighted area and at the same tie propose a new redevelopment plan for the city.

After ten months of the study done by ULI, some of the recommendations like the demolition of the View Apartment building that is found at the intersection of the Oriental Avenue and Hampshire Avenue or the renaming of the South inlet to Lighthouse District have not yet been implemented according to Omar Boraie.

Wasseem Boraie is known to many as the Vice President of the Boraie Development. He recently announced that the residents should expect to see the progress of work in the coming spring. Wasseem spoke during the institution’s large planned apartment complex that is scheduled to have two hundred and fifty units.

Omar Boraie believes that this project is going to involve a large group of people, especially the universities, the public and the agencies in the region. He says that he is excited about the new plans, and he knows that the city will be a better place to live.

Herman Saatkamp is the president of the Richard Stockton College. Not long ago, he managed to complete the purchase of the school’s Showboat Atlantic City. The president recently announced that some of the condos and hotel rooms in the property would be back on the market by summer. He also said that about ten classes would be given to the Stockton student. In a recent report of Omar Boraie, Saatkamp stated that he expected more than four hundred students to live in the new constructions, and more than one thousands of them to take their studies from there.

Saatkamp said that the individuals in the Atlantic City were working hard to try and move forward, making a positive impact. He says that there are so many activities for everyone to do and that there are a thousand things that can be accomplished if there is unity.

Tips to deal with child emotional agility

It is not always easy to watch your child when they are unhappy. It doesn’t matter why the child is sad, could be the popping of a balloon or loss of a pet but the main point is to brighten their face again as soon as possible. That is what most parents target to do. But does the immediate relief of the emotional agility help the child in the long run?

Below are three practical procedures a parent, a guardian or even a teacher can practice.

Feel their pain as well

As a parent, you need to fit in her emotional world and that way, you will avoid just pushing away the feeling with mere words. Such expressions like, do not be sad, “you should not be as angry, or it will go away soon, means you don’t understand how the child feels.

Recognize their emotion without concealing

You should be able to differentiate between stressful situations and disappointment or anger in your child’s behavior. It will help you to empathize with the child’s feelings rather than using display rules like most parents do to try to push the negative emotions away. Display rules are expressions such as; boys don’t cry! Or you are a big girl now! You are just telling your child that being emotional is wrong. But in the real sense, you are wrong yourself.

Watch the feeling go.

Help your child to understand that the feeling won’t last forever and it’s okay to be emotionally affected by some life experiences. Tell them you encountered such situations and how you overcame them (it doesn’t have to be real encounter). By this, you will be helping your child to notice that there is no bigger sadness that cannot be dealt with and thus it will come to pass. Assist your child in this phase in such a way that they will be able to handle similar situations in a better way in future. Also, make them know that with a similar experience they might not feel the same way they felt in their previous encounter.

“How kids steer their emotional world is very crucial to lifetime success,” psychologist Susan David said. Thus it is very sensitive how you handle your emotionally troubled child. You can also in your life be anxious, agitated, frustrated or even excited about anything, thus the need to recognize such, in others.

Seattle Genetics & It’s Pharmaceutical Drug Pipeline

With all of the advancements in cancer research and drugs, Seattle Genetics stands at the forefront of a very competitive market. The company is looking to widen it’s pipeline of drugs to fight this deadly epidemic while using it’s most commercialized drug, “Adcetris” in many more treatment scenarios. Company (CEO) Clay Siegall stated that the drug is commonly used for fighting Lymphoma and is currently being tested in as many as 70 trials. The final results for all of the trials is expected to make the biggest impact of Seattle Genetics this year. Adcetris is the company’s most successful commercial drug and in the past year has racked up around $226 Million in sales. The company has big things in store and already has 12 other drugs in development in present time.

Company (CEO) and President Clay Siegall has led the way in the fight against cancer and has positioned Seattle Genetics at the apex of the industry. Dr. Siegall has a resume of excellence and has been the proud recipient to a number of industry awards. The company’s(ADC Technology) has generated well over $325 Millionand there are currently more than 20 (ADC’s) in development at present time. Dr. Siegall has been in the industry for many years and has worked with GlaxoSmithKlien, Genentech, and Pfizer.

Clay Siegall and Seattle Genetics has revolutionized the fight against cancer and are continuing to push the company further in the near future. Dr. Siegel currently owns 15 patents and is the author of 70 publications to date. The George Washington University Graduate has guided Seattle Genetics with his strong passion for helping those in need. Seattle Genetics has two drugs for bladder cancer and one for breast cancer that has a large amount of data and that data will be released this year. Clay Siegel and Seattle genetics are the very definition of “the fight against cancer.”


A Central New Jersey Town Faces Critical Moments In Its History

Famous for its past, a small town in Central New Jersey is struggling to define how it wants to present itself in the future.Flemington is located only 60 miles East of Manhattan, and it has a population of only 4,500 residents. Despite the small size, residents are proud of their history as many of the historic buildings on the main avenue have illustrious past. Without a doubt, the most famous among these buildings is the Union Hotel. Unlike most other hotels, the historic building is not famous for its past guests; instead, it is famous for its “Trial of the Century”.

Nearly 86 years earlier, just after the Great Recession, the Trial of the Century took place at this hotel. The Lindbergh baby kidnapping and murder case was also dubbed as the greatest story ever told after the Resurrection. The extensive coverage of the case was reported worldwide as Western Union installed 132 telegraph wires. Prominent judges and reporters from across the country stayed inside the 50-room hotel for days. Despite the fact that the government tried to keep public away from the site, everyone wanted to get inside the hotel. Adjoining streets were crowded by members of public and press who did not want to miss even a single second of the unfolding Saga. According to historians, the hotel and the town were nothing less than a big amusement park.

However, the current mayor and his supporters want to demolish the site for modern commercial complex in the area. According to the mayor, the hotel and adjoining historic landmarks remained vacant throughout these years, which made it nearly impossible for the town to make an economic recovery after the recession of 2008. To increase economic momentum, the mayor has plans for new buildings including a school and a hospital that will reshape the fortunes of residents.

On the other end of the spectrum are long-time residents and historians who are trying their best to preserve the building. They claim that historic buildings such as Union Hotel are still strong enough to undergo renovations. Instead of pulling down the great landmark, the city government should work on rehabilitation, which can house commercial shops, hospitals and schools inside the historic landmarks. As of now, the future of historic landmarks is in doubt.

Why Sam Tabar is the Best COO Candidate for FullCycle Energy Fund


Sam Tabar is a successful capital strategist. He began his career as soon as he graduated from Columbia Law School, when he formed Sam Tabar Advisory to provide legal advice. At the beginning of his career, Sam was an associate at Skadden, Arps, Meagher, and Flom. While he worked at Skadden, Sam used to counsel clients on hedge funds. He offers advice on how to manage the money, and how to plan for the repayment. Sam didn’t stay at Skadden for long, in fact, he resigned and joined PMA Investment Advisors in the year 2004. His performance in the company earned him a promotion to become the managing director and also the Co-head of Business Development.


Sam worked at PMA Investment Advisors for almost ten years. Later He joined Bank of America Merrill Lynch, as shown here by Bloomberg. While at Bank of America, Sam worked as the Director as well the Capital Strategist for the Asia-Pacific Region. Later in the year 2013, Sam Tabar went back to the legal field and joined Schulte Roth & Zabel LLP. Here, Sam worked as a senior associate where he catered for hedge funds, fund formation, regulatory, structure and compliance issues. Sam didn’t stay at Schulte Roth & Zabel LLP for long. In fact, he quitted on August 2014.


Effects of global warming are seen daily, oceans have turned into ‘plastic Soup’ with garages disposed of in oceans making them inhabitable to marine life. More and more aquatic animals are dying daily with plastic remains in their stomachs. The condition of living in the world are getting tougher daily. Temperatures are getting higher every day and seasons have also changed. To reduce all these and to make the world a better place, Full Cycle Energy Fund was established. The fund aims at helping business, which uses utilizes waste products, which are harmful to the environment by funding them.


Following his reputation on making great strategies and experience in the field, Sam Tabar was appointed as the Chief Operating Officer of Full Cycle Energy Fund, reported here by PR Newswire.


Sam has adequate experience in the field, and he is expected to help in the development of the fund and reach more companies working to make profits as well as reduce the rate of global warming.  Sam has also recently become a contributor for the Huffington Post.  Definitely check out his sharp analysis of financial markets, to really see what he brings to the table.


Goettl Air Conditioning Offers Tips about AC Maintenance

Leading air conditioning firm Goettl Air Conditioning has been dedicated to the provision of high quality products and services to its clients. The company’s owner, Ken Goodrich has been leading efforts to make AC services accessible to Las Vegas residents. This past summer, Mr. Goodrich offered tips about AC maintenance.

The Tips

It is important to check filters to ensure that they are not blocked. Clogged filters often interfere with the flow of air through the system. It also hampers the flow of cooled air out of the system. This strains an AC unit, thus increasing the chances of breakdown. It is also important to close draperies. Keeping blinds and drapes closed at all times keeps out direct sun. AC owners also need to be careful with their devices. This involves minimizing the use of appliances that produce heat such as dishwashers, dryers, and ovens. During the day, it is advisable to use the microwave to cook.

Using a programmable thermostat is equally advisable. This device allows you to increase the temperature set-point, more so when an AC owner is away from home. Keeping ceiling fans on makes the room cooler, something that contributes to the longevity of an AC unit. Besides this, regular maintenance practices go a long way in keeping a unit running with peak efficiency. According to the Energy Star program, an air conditioning system needs to undergo servicing sessions per year. The first one needs to be carried out in spring in preparation for the upcoming cooling season. The second session should be undertaken in the fall in preparation for the cold season.

About Goettl Air Conditioning

Goettl is one of the most recognizable names in the heating and AC installation industry. It was originally established by Adam and Gust Goettl in 1939. Since then, it has built a heritage of excellence and professionalism. The early success that the company experienced has helped propel it through seven prosperous decades, which have been characterized by massive technological advancements. Despite this, Goettl’s dedication to the provision of exceptional customer service has remained unquestionable.

Goettl exclusively offers its services and products to residents of Arizona and Nevada. Its experienced management team has enabled the company to secure multi-million contracts, which have helped sustain its operations. It offers its proficient services to individuals and commercial entities. Its technicians undergo training every year so that they are apprised with trends in the market. The company is similarly involved in numerous charity initiative across Nevada.