The Refugee Crisis Brings Out The Best In The Public And Avaaz

The European Union has been weighed down beneath the ongoing refugee crisis that has seen huge numbers of individuals fleeing war torn areas of the Middle East flood across the borders of Europe in a bid to find a better life. Avaaz is a humanitarian and political activism group that has been playing a major role in the reaction of Europe to the ongoing issues seen with refugees, including providing rescue missions that are proving lifesavers for those who are taking dangerous journeys using overcrowded ships entering regions of Greece and Italy.

As the way the public reacts to a major humanitarian issue is part of the work of Avaaz the group is most proud of it is currently looking for ways to make sure the private citizens of Greece who have opened their hearts and homes to refugees are honored for their impressive actions; an Online petition organized by an Avaaz member called on the Nobel Peace Prize committee to award the prize to the volunteers in Greece who have placed their own lives at risk to help those fleeing problems in other parts of the world. Eventually the petition and call for official recognition for the people of Greece was presented to the Nobel Prize Committee by Archbishop Desmond Tutu and a group of academics backing the cause.

The global reach of Avaaz has become a major bonus for the group who can now make an impact on the work of communities in areas such as Australia and beyond from its base in New York. An example of the power of Avaaz was seen when the Australian Prime Minister refused to allow Syrian and Iraqi refugees into the country before Avaaz backed a national campaign that led to around 12,000 refugees arriving in Australia from the nations originally banned by Prime Minister Tony Abbott.

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Anthony Petrello Is a Powerful CEO

Nabors Industries Limited is controlled by Anthony Petrello. He is the President and CEO of this multi-billion dollar company that specializes in oil and gas drilling and exploration. He has been with the company since 1991. Under his leadership, the company has risen to incredible heights of profitability. Nabors was not doing very well in 1991 when Anthony resigned from his job at a New York City law firm to take the position of President of the company. Nabors was founded in 1968. It had very steady growth throughout the 1970s. However, the company fell on hard times in the 1980s. They languished for about a decade until Anthony Petrollo took the helm.


Anthony eventually was promoted to CEO. This is when his leadership abilities were allowed to shine. He made decisions that reduced expenditures in the company’s oil drilling division. This helped raise the level of profitability by almost 30 percent in one year. It was decisions like this that made Anthony one of the country’s most respected CEOs. The stock of Nabors continued to rise with each passing year thanks in large part to the leadership of Anthony and the team of people he assembled.


Petrello majored in math at Yale. He earned both a B.S. and an M.S. in this subject. He then went to Harvard where he earned a law degree. This superb academic institutions taught Anthony a great deal about leadership. He has put the skills he learned in college to great use throughout his entire career.

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What is Nine9? What do They do?

Nine9 is the ultimate online solution if you are looking for a way to achieve growth as an actor, singer, or any kind of entertainer. Nine9 is the ultimate greatest site for those looking to get in the right direction for their career. They will help get you prepared and ready for anything the entertainment world provides you. Opportunities that can help you improve your acting are all provided by Nine9 to ensure you learn and gain the insight you need so you can accomplish more in your career.

Nine9 does a whole lot than you expect to. For example, you can be placed on their website throughout their entire marketplace roster to help you accomplish more and be seen by casting directors. Getting the chance to grow and be seen as an actor and have your headshots noticed by all the right people can change everything for you. Nine9 can give you what you need so you can accomplish more as an actor. Nine9 has some very talented people who work for their team, and this can allow for you to gain more as an actor. Their talent specialists can help coach you from eery corner of your craft so you can land the right roles and be prepared for anything that you are ready for. Nine9 is the ultimate site because of the fact that they also give you updates on all auditions and other great jobs that you can come across in your area and resume its.

Online submission is becoming a bigger thing int his generation of acting. Not every talented actor lives in Los Angeles, and with the help of Nine9 and their online business, you gain the opportunity to land wonderful opportunities throughout Nine9 and different acting industries. Nine9 has a list of actors who have gotten their start successfully and read full article.

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The Crippling Problem of Drug Abuse: The Leading Cause of Accidental Death

In an Executive Order issued 29 March, the President established a commission on combating drug addiction and the opioid crisis; and in the ceremony he described the nature is of this medical emergency:


“Drug abuse has become a crippling problem throughout the United States. Drug overdoses are now the leading cause of accidental death in the United States and opioid-overdose deaths had nearly quadrupled since 1999. This is a terrible epidemic and I think it’s probably almost ‘un-talked about’ compared to the severity that we are witnessing.”


The President also noted that he would be counting on Gov. Christie to lead the assault, reminding his audience in the room and being televised by the press that probably best moment of Gov. Chris Christie’s presidential campaign came during a town hall meeting in Belmont, New Hampshire, when he shared the ways in which he had himself experienced the effects of addiction, relating the story of his friend from Law School who struggled with an addiction to painkillers and sadly had eventually overdosed in 2014:


“And when I sat there as the governor of New Jersey at his funeral and looked across the pew at his three children sobbing because their dad is gone — there but for the grace of God go I.”


He also described his Mother’s experience with the addicting effects of nicotine; and both stories relating to Christie’s personal knowledge of addiction went viral.


Ironically, the stigma that is associated with addiction can be a great barrier to an individual’s being able and willing to reach out for the help they need. They may be unable to admit that they are powerless over the addiction and can no longer control their own behavior.


In a remarkable statement, Christie had noted that he is “pro-life for the whole life,” which is often something the Democratic opposition has critical of regarding Republican policies relating to the control of women over their own bodies.


Since his friend’s funeral Christie has nurtured an specific interest in the opioid epidemic, devoting nearly 40 of his 50-minute address in the New Jersey State-of-the-State address this year to the subject of addiction and treatment options, and the promise of a future for those caught up in this terrible trap.


As Governor, he had the option to expand Medicare for his constituents and they have greatly benefitted from the treatment options that are now available to them in New Jersey.

Brazil’s Sanitation Partnership

Brazil has become an important financial hub and has some very talented people managing many of its growing companies. Some of these companies work with the government of Brazil as well as other countries around the world. One of these business leaders is Felipe Montoro Jens, who specializes in the finance and infrastructure industries.


Felipe Montoro Jens has been in leadership positions in many well know Brazilian and international organizations. He has developed a reputation as a strong leader with many talents, and is well respected for his business skills. He is particularly known for being a specialist in overseeing major infrastructure projects.


The Brazilian government is working to improve the sanitation services throughout the country. The government is conceding to allow private companies to help with these complicated projects. Edison Carlos, who is the president of Trata Brasil, which is an organization that focuses on sanitation issues in Brazil is interested in a new initiative. The new concept is to coordinate both state and private companies and organizations to work together to improve water management and sewer networks in the country.


As an infrastructure expert, Felipe Montoro Jens believes that he current situation in Brazil requires strong oversight to assure there is a financial benefit to the public institutions involved in these projects. The goal is finding the right balance of government organizations and private companies to provide the best services to the citizens of the country at the best price possible.


Edison Carlos likes the concept of forming these partnerships to improve the lives of the people of Brazil, but he wants to make sure there are inspections by the government institutions to assure the private companies involved are fulfilling there contracts as required. Edison wants to make sure there are clear objectives in rewarding contracts to these private companies.


The Real Scandal Behind The Lime Crime Brand

As, the dull neutral colors became a thing of the past, more women began to crave bold rich colors that would transcend the normal cosmetic options. Lime Crime is formed with a first of its kind base with an unconventional way of comprising a color scheme. They are based with a super-foil texture that goes on moist and dries to a perfect finish for your eyelids and lips. LC has one of the largest eyeshadow and lipstick collections in the industry. Best of all, their cosmetics are readily available and can easily be shipped to your door.


LC has expanded their color options to a wonderful new line of lipstick hues and a popular hair dye. Their 2.5 million Instagram customers have been raving over their new Scandal line that offers a intricate purple-violet hue lipstick that compliments any mood, hairstyle, or outfit. They offer the same LEAP Bunny approved, hypoallergenic cosmetics that their customers are use too. You can rest assured that you will have the same cosmetics that are still safe for all skin types. You’re encouraged to win over that blind date or take the perfect selfie with completely 100% waterproof cosmetics by Lime Crime.


Their hair dye products are being branded under the Unicorn name and provide ammonia, bleach free contents. You can get the same vibrant colors that will leave you feeling unapologetic your choice. LC provides hair dye for a temporary or permanent hair dye solution for young professionals and trendsetters. Choose from over thirteen colors and a full 700 ml jar that offers one touch up or two retouches. You can also utilize their YouTube channel to discover new ways to mix and match Lime Crime products. The founder and creator of LC, marketing analyst and technology expert, Doe Deere, empowers girls and guys around the world to be who they are without the threat of worrying about their naysayers. She also encourages others to find out what their good at and diligently perfect their craft to be successful because that is the leading drive behind her thriving cosmetics.

Avacados All 4 Seasons !

Avocados all year around, and at a cheaper price? Yes please! According to an article seen here at this may soon become a reality. Currently California grows a staggering 90 percent of the avocados grown here in the U.S. but that still leaves us needing to import up to 85 percent of the 4 billion avocados we consume every single year (doubling the amount consumed in 2005). These numbers really put the pressure on the nearly 4 thousand avocado farmers in California.

Mary Lu Arpaia, researcher from UC Riverside has spent the last 20 years trying to develop a strand of avocado that can within stand both California’s summer and winter months. Not only would this allow for us guacamole lovers to enjoy our favorite topping all year around but it may not have to break the bank. Additionally it is being said that this new improved fruit will retain the most desirable traits of avocado and leave behind some of the less desirable traits; such as early browning known to be caused by polyphenol oxidase, the enzyme responsible for the guacamole’s demise.

GEM avocados just maybe be the diamond in the rough giving the popular ‘Hass’ avocados a run for its money. The University of Riverside has entered agreement with Westfalia Fruit Estates to further their avocado agricultural growth. GEM avocado trees are more favorable for growing as their annual yield is consistent. The GEM trees also grow lower to the ground and the fruit tends to grow towards the inner part of the tree allowing for it to be more protected from the elements. GEM avocados can be identified by its’ round shape as compared to its tear drop shaped predecessor. Additionally the GEM begins with a green skin and turning almost black when it’s ready to be eaten.

Weather you enjoy your creamy fruit ( yes I’m still talking about the avocado) as a topping on your food, an ingredient in a sauce or enjoy eating it straight out of its shell, I think we can all agree that we will be thanking Mary when we can get our fruit year around at an affordable price.

E-governe Changes the Way How the Brazilian Industrial and Social Sectors Worked

E-governe, an e-governance initiative by the collaboration of Consult, Sisteplan, and Minauro with the support of Instituto Curitiba de Informática (ICI), Brazil to improve the efficiency and effective governance in the industrial and social sectors of the country. Interestingly, ICI itself is an organization maintained by the government of Curitiba, and it is founded in 1998. The e-governe system is improving the services to the public and increases overall satisfaction to the government services. It has collaborated with a number of municipalities in the country and governmental departments on their mission to execute their tasks more efficiently and to drive transparency in their operations.

E-governe implements systems that are modular, modern, and assures integration between different public administration bodies. The systems developed by the initiative is ensuring best process and best technology which prevails the executives and government officials to obtain the highest level of knowledge and effective control over various projects. E-governe is focused on giving the state-of-the-art solutions in technology, support, safety, and data center. The technology systems offered by the initiative ensures intuitive, simplified, and agile navigation with right design and technology combination. Considering the transition of mobile technology in the recent years, these are made available on mobile devices and can be accessed from internet browsers.

While coming to support, E-governe has a dedicated team to ensure operational and technological support to all its services where the initiative provides offerings in public management on In the case of security, the systems offered by E-governe has special security modules which permit total command over the system per user, and they can get access encryption algorithm to the history of operations. The data center services of the initiative provide storage, processing, hosting, and monitoring services in its own environment. The different sections of the initiative work for functional and effective solutions from each of its components. The systems are capable of reducing the inefficient bureaucracy and mismanagement.

Additionally, E-governe offers solutions in health, education, better tax collection, supervision, financial, materials, trading floor, contracts, constructions, vehicles, patrimony, attendance, human resources, e-govern protocol, documents, and e-govern indicators at Each of these systems is vastly improving the performance of public systems and ensure better management, better data, and improved administration. Also, the systems are highly useful in strategic planning, finding critical parameters, and data analysis. Each of these systems provides specific results with respect to the stream it collaborates. For instance, e-governe education integrates entire municipal education into a single network, and that makes the education more agile, efficient, and safe. Also, the system from the initiative ensures better management and proper monitoring of various educational activities and process through the unique and centralized system.

Many large municipalities have implemented the E-governe system, and that includes Osasco, Teresina, and most of the areas of Sao Paulo. While few municipalities nod for limited sectors and services, a majority go for the comprehensive plans and systems that range from education to healthcare. Due to the wide range of benefits, more municipalities and governmental departments are wooing for the implementation of the E-governe system to make sure a radical change in its operations.

Total Joint Replacement by Gregory Finch

Orthopedic surgery is a branch of medicine that capitalizes on the musculoskeletal system. The musculoskeletal system is responsible for aiding movement of the muscles. It is made of bones, cartilage, and ligaments. Orthopedic surgeons understand the entire musculoskeletal system. Even though the surgery involves the actual operation of skeletal muscles and tissues to fix the damaged joints, some scenarios do not call for surgery. Some cases of orthopedic surgery heal after a series of therapeutic massages. There are four main types of orthopedic surgeries and here are two:


Spine Surgery


With spine surgery, the causative agent is a constant back ache. Patients seek spine surgery to fix this pain. Spine surgery heals the back by lessening the pain. With less pain comes a higher ability to move muscles and joints. This results in more physical activities and better health. The most common type of spine surgery is called spinal fusion. In the procedure, the spinal bones also known as the vertebrae are joined. This procedure limits motion between the affected bones.


 ACL Reconstruction


ACL means Anterior Cruciate Ligamen. This surgery stabilizes the ligament of the knee. The procedure involves the reconstruction of the ligament after an eruption. The eruption usually occurs while participating in sports. Sometimes it happens when the knee is twisted in the wrong way. This procedure involves the removal of the damaged ligament. It is followed by the replacement of the tissue through a new ACL. The ligament is then attached to the bone through screws and fastening devices.


Greg’s Profile


Greg Finch is an orthopedic surgeon subspecialty. Greg Finch is trained in all classes of spinal surgery. He possesses a particular interest in minimally insidious spinal surgery. Greg Finch also capitalizes in adult deformity as well as cervical spine surgery. Additionally, he is skilled in disc replacement. The alumnus of the University of Auckland majored in medicine and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in surgery. Greg Finch commits to improving people’s lives through reconstructive surgery.




No Strings Attached to Funding as Ubuntu Offers Quality Education to the Less Fortunate

Speaking in high-end forums and having an excellent ability to resource for funds is a skill that Jacob Leif discovered was not helping his efforts of achieving his goals for his nonprofit organization. While he was able to collect a lot of money, most of it came with restricted use and many donors wanted to interfere with its usage. Leif started the Ubuntu Education Fund with the aim of helping needy children and their families in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. Unfortunately, this was not going to be achieved with the kind of donations he was getting. He began to refuse any donations that came with strings attached after he discovered that he was not making any progress as far as helping needy children get an education was concerned. This meant that he had to contend with less cash in donations, but it was more fulfilling as he had more time to concentrate on avenues that would help him assist the children as he always intended.


From experience, Jacob began to collaborate with high net worth individuals that understood the essence of giving a donation without any restrictions to how the money was to be used. In this manner, he has been able to reach out to more children and families even with less funding. The Ubuntu model is built in such a way that the focus is on every child’s family with the aim of offering an education, improving health and overall boosting the economic standing of the family. This is the way Jacob and partners believe they will be able to assist in the alleviation of poverty in the area while helping these families gain stability.


It is not an easy task to find donors that want to give genuinely without interfering with the operations of the nonprofit. Some donors want to have their money used for specific purposes while others want to be involved hands-on with the organizations’ running. This can be a challenge unless those coming on board have specific relevant skills that can be used to benefit the organization.


Andrew Rolfe is one talent that Ubuntu is lucky to have. Andrew chairs the board of directors for the foundation and is keen about funding without restrictions. For Ubuntu, Andrew Rolfe is one of the major steady donors with over 100,000 dollars to his name since 2011. Andrew Rolfe has an MA from St. Edmund Hall in Oxford, which makes him a success in this field.