Parenting After Divorce: The Bird Nesting Method

In a recently published New York Times article, writer Beth Behrendt discussed the benefits of a relatively new parenting option for divorced families called the bird nesting method. Behrendt and her ex husband have successfully used the nesting method for the past three years to coparent their three children. In the nesting method, the divorced parents each purchase or rent a separate living space from the family’s previously established home. They then choose alternate days or weeks to come and live in the family home with the children while the alternate spouse returns to the separately assigned living space. In this arrangement, children are thought to feel less jostled and displaced by a divorce because they remain in their home with their own belongings.

Behrendt described the living situation as one that appealed to both she and her ex-husband because they desired to place the needs of their boys before their own needs. During a recent speaking event in New Jersey where Behrendt gave a talk about the nesting method, she described her reaction when she first read about the arrangement in a book about simplified divorces. Behrendt stated that she breathed a sigh of relief at the idea that her boys could maintain as much of their original lives as possible throughout the divorce.

Behrends stated that she is frequently asked about her peculiar nesting arrangement by other well meaning parents in PTA groups or school conferences. She advised for parents considering the method to answer a few questions regarding the method. The parents should ask if they can work together to maintain their previously established home, if they can both reasonably find a home to live in during the times when they are not occupying the home, and if they can come to an agreement about the circumstance. If the answer to any of these questions is no, the nesting method may not be suitable. Those open to the nesting method, however, may find it a reasonable solution to their divorce.

New York Times Investigates Results of Saying “No” to Children

In a recent opinion editorial published by the New York Times, a New Jersey author, Scott Sonenshein, discussed some positive effectives of saying, “no,” to a child. Despite the frequent attempts to vilify negative affirmations from parents to children, several new studies show what common sense already tells most parents. To build character in children, they must be refused on a regular and consistent basis.

Soneshein points out in his article that most parents, throughout the history of the world, have understood children as a group of individuals who are growing and learning. Because of the immature nature of a child, it is important to correct behavior on a consistent basis if the child is to develop into a responsible, productive member of society. Saying no to a child does not have to be a negative experience. By teaching children that all humans are eventually given negative answers in life, parents enforce the idea that challenges can be overcome and that negative answers can actually be positive and beneficial. If a toddler asks for cake for every meal of the day, for instance, the parents answer should explain why this is a poor choice that will ultimately lead to illness in the child. In this case, a negative answer is the loving answer and a positive one would be considered neglectful.

Soneshein also sites a study where children are asked to construct a new object from the ones they are given. In this study, younger children were shown to be more resilient than older ones and more adaptable to negative answers. Soneshein relayed the message that parents should not always be in the habit of purchasing every item children ask for. Not only does this create spoiled and entitled children, but it limits a child’s ability to become resourceful when they lack something they believe they need. We have all heard the stories about how our grandparents didn’t have fancy toys so they got creative with dirt and a box. Much like this example, children learn extremely resourcefulness when they are given negative answers.

Investment Management Through The Eyes Of Matthew Autterson

Investment management is managing various securities such as shares or bonds to meet specific goals. The investor can be an institution including insurance companies, corporations, pension funds, educational establishments, private investors or charities. This is accomplished with investment contracts, mutual funds, exchange traded funds or real estate.

Quite often, the term asset management refers to the investment management of a group of investments. The more generic term of fund management usually refers to institutional investments or investment management for investors in the private sector. Portfolio management or money management is a term used by investment managers specializing in discretionary or advisory management for private and often wealthy investors.

Provisioning services for investment management includes financial statement analysis, stock and asset selection, ongoing investment monitoring and plan implementation. A large portion of the world’s biggest companies are in some way investment managers. An investment advisor is a firm providing services for investment management and an individual responsible for making the decisions regarding the funds.

A Boston Consulting Group study showed fees for professionally managed assets reached a high of $62.4 trillion in 2012. These statistics had previously been flat lined since 2007. The industry is highly concentrated with approximately 70,000 funds. Reports from fund managers show more than half of their inflows is placed in just three funds.

Matthew Autterson is an investment management professional. He is based out of Denver, Colorado. Matthew Autterson attended Michigan State University from 1975 until 1979. He believes neither bad news or good news move the market. It moves instead from surprises and he feels people need to be prepared.

Matthew Autterson feels in order to be a good investor you do not need to pick stocks or eschew all risk. He says in order to retire young you need to track your expenses and have a viable plan. Matthew Autterson also says you must cover the basics including deciding if you want to work part time after you retire, being certain of your health care coverage, checking on the value of your investments and deciding when your spouse will retire.

Mindfulness in Parents May Cause a More Peaceful Birth Experience, According to New Jersey Physician

New research from New Jersey’s Center for Pregnancy Research has recently revealed that mindfulness among parents may lead to a peaceful and less painful birthing experience. The study was recently mentioned in an article from the New York Times and consisted of a trial of 30 pregnant mothers were monitored before, during, and after their deliveries in an effort to control the anxiety that they felt. The results of the study make researchers hopeful that non-chemical methods of pain relief during childbirth can be on the horizon for expectant moms.

At the beginning of the trial, new parents were asked about their fears regarding childbirth. Most of the new mothers, not surprisingly, stated that they feared the pain of childbirth in a very real way, having not ever experienced it before. Researchers then attempted to educate the expectant mothers in mindfulness to prepare them for childbirth. In the mindfulness education classes, certified midwives would attempt to teach mothers to remain alert and focused on the present moment during labor. Midwives stated, during the course, that the key to mindfulness was that new mothers must learn not to focus on events before or after the most current contraction. They were taught that they could overcome their fears about the labor by implementing a moment by moment thought process.

Following their education in the ways of labor and delivery mindfulness, the confidence levels of the new parents were measured according to a survey. By the end of the research experience, mothers were much more confident in their ability to have a peaceful and controlled labor and delivery. According to one midwife, mindfulness creates opportunities for the expectant mothers to discover new levels of inner strength and resources. The mindfulness studies were shown to significantly impact the pain of childbirth for the mothers who attended the classes. More than half of the mothers believe they had a controlled and peaceful birth because of the preparation they received prior to delivery.

It’s Time for Central New Jersey Parents to Disconnect From Technology

It seems that adults are always complaining that young people are way to involved in their mobile devices, but it is time for us to take a look in the mirror. With a recent survey conducted with parents throughout Central New Jersey uncovering that up to seven non-work hours a day are spent in front of a computer screen, many are crying out that enough is enough. It seems that the days of families spending quality time with once another are slowly passing us by.

It is no secret that children need their parents. Not only are adults to be a proper role model, they are to help young people develop into the type of productive members of society that we desperately need. It is little wonder that children and teenagers today are spending so much time in front of their own tablets and smart phones. If that is the only activity that they see their parents doing on a regular basis, then that is what they will do as well. Parenting is a full time job. Many in Central New Jersey are concerned that we have lost site of this reality.

Alternatives do Exist

There are some habits that you can begin to enforce that will help in this area. Begin enforcing no technology zones or times within your daily schedule. This can include daily meals together, game nights, and any other structured activity where the entire family is gathered around. Simply insist that phones and tablets are not welcome, and that goes for adults as well. If you think that you need your mobile device in the event of an emergency, just remember that there was a day not long very ago when such technology was not invented yet. People got by just fine, and so will you.

When parents begin to show their kids that time is valuable, families are strengthened. It is this type of bond that people in Central New Jersey are hoping to return to once again. Begin by doing your part today and setting a positive example.

Changes for Renown Health

Serving as northern Nevada’s healthcare leader, Renown Health has been making an impact for many years. Recently Renown Health announced that it will be opening a clinic in South Reno this spring. This amazing new facility will provide primary care services and will include a laboratory along with other services in the near future.

The director of Renown Medical Group, Dr. McCormack, recently gave some insight into the new facility. He explained that one of the main purposes of the area is to provide a comfortable and inviting area for those getting health care service. “When patients come in, we wanted it to look like their living room,” Dr. McCormack said. The area will eventually be used for other things including a conference room in the future.

This more than 10,000-square-foot Reno health care clinic covers three vacant stores. Reno’s staff will begin with eleven employees. The project is being contracted by Shaheen Beauchamp Builders LLC. Demolition has already begun and the project should be finished in February.

Renown is Reno’s only locally owned, not-for-profit health system. The company is is one of the Top 100 health networks in the country. Renown offers a variety of top notch services including a network of Reno hospitals,lab services, primary care doctors and a plethora of medical specialties. Renown has also been recognized as one of the Top 100 health networks in the state of Nevada.

Renown’s roots date back all the way to 1862. For nearly one hundred and fifty years Renown has serviced the Northern Nevada area. Ownership was transferred to them from Washoe County back in 1984. Today, Renown Health along with Renown Regional Medical function as private, non-profit organization. Renown is making a major difference in their community. With years of work and an amazing track record of success, they are sure to continue making an impact for many years to come.

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Accomplished Internal Medicine Specialist – Dr. Imran Haque

Dr Imran Haque is a medical practitioner, who practices in the Ramseur and Asheboro localities as well as the surrounding regions. Imran is a highly qualified and experienced internist that has been practicing for more than one decade. Doctor Imran is an alumnus of the Internal Medicine Roanoke-Salem Program at the University of Virginia. He is a certified and licensed practitioner in the Northern Carolina jurisdiction. Dr Imran Haque offers various forms of specialized treatment. But he also serves as primary care physician for patients that would opt to have him as their primary care physician. As a primary care physician or family doctor offers diagnosis for a wide variety of conditions and he provides referrals to specialists in the relevant fields. Apart from performing diagnosis and treatment, he is also able to provide ultrasound and laboratory services from his Ramseur and Asheboro offices. Read on to get a glimpse of some of the specialized services that Dr Imran offers to the Ramseur and Asheboro residents.



Diabetes and Weight Management


Dr Imran Haque offers diabetes management services to all patients that suffer from the condition. He has served both Ramseur and Asheboro areas for over 15 years and he has helped many in managing the condition effectively. In his Asheboro and Ramseur offices, Dr Imran also assists patients in managing their weight through the use various approaches such as diet and exercise among others.


Botox and Dermal Fillers Specialist


Botox is an ideal solution when eliminating wrinkles and facial lines. Dr Imran Haque offers Botox-related services to all clients seeking anti-ageing solutions. The services are perfect in eliminating frown lines and crow’s feet lines, which commonly occur among aging adults. In addition to Botox, the doctor also offers dermal filler services, which are a non-invasive solution for various cosmetic issues. For instance, the fillers can restore lost volume or plump the lips to bring about the required looks.


Laser Hair Removal and Venus Body Contouring Specialist


Dr. Imran Haque’s laser hair removal services offer an option to clients that would like to eliminate unsightly hair if they do not prefer waxing, tweezing, or shaving. The process uses laser beams, which act at the hair follicle site to eliminate hair and hamper its growth. The doctor also offers the cosmetic service known as Venus body contouring. The doctor uses the Venus freeze device that is used to tighten the skin, eliminate wrinkles, and reduce circumferential fat and cellulite.


360 Resurfacing and Physical Examination Specialist


Dr Imran Haque also offers routine physical examinations and 360 resurfacing services to his clients in the Ramseur and Asheboro, North Carolina regions. He is highly qualified as an internist and he performs regular check-ups and diagnostic tests perfectly.



The doctor can serve patients with a wide array of insurance coverage programs. His clinic accepts most popular plans such as Medicare, Multi-Plan, Cigna, BlueCross BlueShield, Aetna, Medicaid, Choice Care, Health Net, and Gateway Health.

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New Jersey Parents In Need of Single Parenting Advice

A drastic increase in the amount of single-parent families in New Jersey has created a new demand for single-parent resources and literature. The New York times recently reported that the number of single parent homes has doubled in the last decade and that New Jersey now holds a single parent population that is expected to surpass the number two-parent house holds within the next twenty years. With this change in the way that families operating, the New Jersey Parent Alliance released an informative packet that serves to help single parent families to balance family time with work obligations.

Time Management
Time management skills are necessary in every family, but is obligatory for single parent households. The balancing of time between work, family time, extra curricular activities, and other pastimes that the family engages in can be extraordinarily difficult for single parents. The New Jersey Parenting Association recommends that single parents work to eliminate all activities that are not essential. Multiple children, for instance, do not need to become involved in several extra curricular activities. For the single parent, it is important to set realistic expectations for every planned activity.

Dealing With Financial Constraints
Financial constraints are one of the most severe issues plaguing single parent households. Single parents must learn to make one income work for an entire family. Budgeting classes that teach individuals how to create budgets and create financial constraints to help reduce the burden on these families. Financial assistance programs may also be available to single parents who fall below average income levels for New Jersey.

Avoiding Poverty
Single parent families represent an estimated 80 percent of the impoverished community in New Jersey and in the rest of the nation. Fatherlessness causes poverty in almost every family environment. To combat the possibility of poverty, single parent families should seek to obtain educational credentials that enhance their desirability in the job market. Higher education has never been more attainable than it currently is and single parents benefit greatly from higher degrees.

Ricardo Tosto on Brazil’s Civil Law Tradition

The Brazilian legal system is commonly referred to as a civil law system, meaning that it traces its roots to the Napoleonic Code and the Canon Law of the Catholic Church, and even further back to the Roman Code of Justinian. Many scholars contrast civil law systems to common law systems, which emphasize precedent and unwritten judge-made law over codified law.However, globalization and transnational influences have blurred these traditional lines. Mixed systems such as the legal systems of Scotland and Louisiana have long blended the two traditions, and even England, the birthplace of common law, previously used civil law in its royal courts in the Middle Ages and Early Modern Period. As national and regional boundaries become more fluid, these distinctions are expected to become increasingly less relevant.

Over the course of the last 50 years, a number of factors have lessened these distinctions for Brazilian jurisprudence. One of the most important of these factors has been to the influence of the American legal tradition, especially on the Brazilian constitution and Brazilian constitutional law. The 1988 Constitution, which marked the end of military rule and the return of democracy to Brazil, was deeply influenced by American constitutionalism. This influence extends to other aspects of the law as well. One salient example is the fact that Brazil is one of the only civil law jurisdictions to use juries in extremely serious cases. Precedent and jurisprudence have also become increasingly important in the day-to-day practice of law and the administration of justice in Brazil.

Ricardo Tosto is one of Brazil’s most well-regarded jurists. In fact, during his long and prestigious career, Ricardo Tosto has spent a lifetime redefining the practice of law in the country. The founder one of Sao Paulo’s most respected firms, Ricardo Tosto & Associates, he revolutionized the practice of dispute resolution in Brazil.Ricardo Tosto earned his Bachelor of Laws degree from Mackenzie Presbyterian University, one of Sao Paulo’s top law schools. In addition to being a sought-after member of the Sao Paulo Bar, Ricardo Tosto is also well-known as a scholar. He believes that research helps make a lawyer a more effective practitioner and has penned countless articles and monographs.

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Equities First Holdings – Offering Alternative Financing Solutions to Individuals and Businesses

Equities First Holdings is one of the well-known companies in the world of alternative finance and has footprint globally with offices in the United States, United Kingdom, Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Australia. The company understands the finance needs of the small to medium sized business that are aspirational and wish to grow at a consistent rate. Availability of liquidity in the business is essential to ensure that various business activities and expansion measures can be implemented without any hassles, and it is where the non-purpose loans offered by Equities First Holdings come into the picture.

Equities First Holdings offers loans against the stocks that are traded in various global markets. It offers the small to medium sized businesses to keep their investments while getting the cash they need for the business. The company also offers non-purpose loans to the high net worth individuals. Equities First Holdings has offices in three major cities of Australia, namely in Perth, Melbourne, and Sydney. However, the company recently shifted its Melbourne office to a much better and central district of the city, which would make the office more accessible. The company hopes that moving to a bigger and better office would be of great help for the employees as well as the customers, and would also help in running efficiently and adding revenue to the company. Click here to know more.

Getting conventional loans can be hectic as the process is long and tiring, and there is endless paperwork needed. However, Equities First Holdings offers loans with flexible terms and easy processing. It makes it easier for the individuals as well as the businesses to get the loan they need with ease much quickly. Alternative financing solutions have become a reliable tool for the businesses these days as it helps with fuelling the business with liquidity as and when they need it without hassles.