A Closer look at Talos Energy:

Talos Energy is an gas and oil company that primarily focuses upon off shore drilling as well as production. In addition, Talos Energy does a great deal of work within the Gulf of Mexico region. Talos is known for their expertise skill and knowledge concerning asset optimization and learn more about Talos Energy.

Talos keeps the public well informed about any new discoveries or projects of public interest. Talos made it known that they made a historic oil discovery off the coast of Mexico this past summer. The Talos Energy web site keeps the curious well informed and read full article.

The organization is constantly expanding and they have received a number of prestigious awards. In 2015, the Houston Chronicle listed Talos Energy as of the top 100 Best Places to work on a national level. In addition, Talos was also recognized by the HC Media Group in 2016 and http://www.riverstonellc.com/#!partners/exploration-and-production/talos-energy-llc.

Talos has also enabled hydrocarbon recovery to increase with highly specialized drilling procedures and techniques. In addition, environmental compliance is continually improving to make Talos Energy one of the top oil drilling organizations within the country.


*Corporate Officers:

Timothy Duncan is currently the President as well as CEO of Talos Energy. Mr. Duncan places a great deal of emphasis on corporate governance and responsibility. Mr. Duncan has a great deal of business development experience with off shore drilling. In previous years, Duncan worked for Gryphon Exploration Company. He has experience in Reservior engineering.

Timothy Duncan graduated from Mississippi State University and currently holds an MBA from the University of Houston. Mr. Duncan is an member of the “Independent Petroleum Association of America”. Timothy Duncan is certainly a valuable asset to the organization and Talos’s lacrosse camp.

Please visit www.talosenergyllc.com. The web site is updated on a regular basis. Any and all current news and developments are normally posted publicly on the website.