A Heart Filled Facebook Post From A Parent

On September the 19, 2016 Bob Cornelius posted something on Facebook that was simply heartbreaking but an act from a loving parent. Most of us know that when kids return to school, teachers usually give them a paper to fill out so that they will get a since of who the child is. It’s a short questionnaire that ask questions like: what’s your favorite food, what did you do over the summer, do you have siblings, do you have friends, etc… After attending a back-to-school night with his on, Mr. Cornelius noticed that when asked who some of his friends are, Christopher wrote “no one” His youngest son Christopher is autistic. Mr. Cornelius took a picture of the paper and hung it on the wall. Until he read the paper he was totally unaware of the split in his sons peers. It seems that if children do not fit in a certain box that they are overlooked. Christopher’s father states that the children never mistreated the boy but just never acknowledged him either. One can only imagine how lonely the child must have felt leaving home everyday and entering a lonely school.

He posted this on Facebook and shared how this feels as a parent. This photo has gone viral. The New Jersey News was shared more than 12,000 times on Facebook. Today the boy has so many friends that it’s almost unbelievable. His father states that though this photo went viral, where were all the friends before he posted the photo. What if he never did? I think that this happening will make people more aware that people are born different but they have feelings too. I guess it just does not hurt to share your feeling about something. The boy’s father states that people are drawn to his since of humor. If people were to take the time to get to know people born different and not look at them as if they are weird, that this world could be a better place.