A Major Leap Forward for BetterWorks

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Led by both preexisting investors Kleiner Perkins and Emergence Capital, BetterWorks has recently achieved a major milestone of $27 million of secured funding. This recent event has successfully extended the Series B investment of the company up to a whopping $51 million, leading to a grand total of over $65 million in total funding that has been secured for the company. Certain seed investors can also be credited with helping the management software company achieve such a huge milestone.

The aforementioned investment will only add fuel to the fire as the company continues to grow. This is just one of the many milestones that the company has achieved in the past and is projecting to achieve for the years to come. Some of the milestones that the company can already add to its repertoire include: exceptional platform adoption increases, extending localization of products into more than 20 languages spoken across the globe, the launch of program insights, introducing the HR Advisory Council of the company, including Team Goals in the program, and started the HR-industry event series with groundbreaking results.

Josh Bersin, one of the revealed HR Advisory Council members, was quoted as saying that the biggest challenge facing business leaders today would be improving the workforce performance and productivity. He goes on to state that sustaining a competitive has a key, which is in adopting those performance practices in a continuous manner that will be integrated seamlessly into the natural flow of an employee’s work.

BetterWorks is an innovative human capital management software solution that is safely and securely based on Cloud servers. The software allows employers and employees to connect more closely as they collaborate on projects through Key Results (OKRs) and Objectives. Goals are established by employers for their employee to achieve, creating a streamlined and clean communication stream while cutting down on the possibility of miscommunications. Goals are kept in check and it just makes the overall collaborative efforts within the company run smoother.

Read more about BetterWorks – https://boards.greenhouse.io/betterworks

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