Adam Milstein: All-Diaspora and Israel -Living Jews, should step up to secure Jewish Future and Continuity

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The Jewish community has historically been subject to hostility and prejudice from many corners of the world. The survival of the Jews has been made possible by a series of historical leaders and heroes who have fought for the independence and prosperity of the Jews. From David Ben-Gurion who established Revisionist Zionism Ze’ev Jabotinsky and was also the first prime minister of Israel, to Mordechai Anielewicz who led the Warsaw Ghetto uprising to fight Nazis who wanted to eliminate the Jews.

Adam Milstein writes on The Times of Israel blog saying that in the same way, these leaders laid a firm foundation at the prospects of Jewish extinction, new Jewish leaders of the 21st century need to be groomed. Milstein is a Jewish- American who is the chairman of the Israeli – American Council (IAC), and an active pro- Israel philanthropist. According to Milstein, in the modern day, Jews are facing new challenges and anti-Semitism is slowly cropping up and garnering considerable support.

Adam Milstein asserts that Diaspora Jews, especially the ones living in America need to rise to action and support at all costs new leaders of the Jewish community.

In The Times of Israel blog, which Milstein is a regular writer and columnist, he calls upon all Jews living in America to fully engage and encourage the younger Jewish generation to stand and fight against the rising anti-Semitism. Milstein says that he is hopeful that, given enough support, a new crop of Jewish leaders will rise and ensure the future of the Jewish community.

Adam is optimistic because he interacts with the young minds on a daily basis on different platforms like the Israeli-American Council and the Tzofim and B’nei Akiva youth groups. He says the young Jewish people are motivated and they are ready to rise to the occasion and tackle the new challenges subjected to the Jewish community. Adam Milstein calls upon his fellow senior Jews to support the younger generation because it is only in them that the future of the beautiful Jewish community history will be ensured.

More about Adam Milstein

Adam Milstein is one of the most active pro-Israel and Jewish supporters and he has relentlessly served his community on various platforms. He is a native of Israel and continues to support his community in all efforts including his foundation Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation which he co-founded with his wife Gila. He is also a businessperson who has invested in the real estate business and also serves as managing partner at Hager Pacific Properties.