Adam Milstein and The Anti-semitism in U.S. Universities

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Adam Milstein is known to be one of the most accomplished business leaders today, but he’s also the Israeli-American Council writer for the Jewish News Syndicate, JNS. It is an online journal that talks about the various issues that the Jews face today, and in the latest article of Adam Milstein, he discussed there one of these biggest issues: the rise of anti-semitism that’s sweeping across the universities in the United States.

In the article he wrote, it was shown that there are now programs and protests in universities led by student organizations that call for boycotts for any activity that involves the Jewish community. There’s now even a shocking reported case of a Jewish student that was almost prevented from joining student affairs events because of the fact that her Jewish identity gave her conflicting and dual loyalties.

It was also observed by Adam Milstein that in an organization in Stanford, a young Jewish woman was attacked with a series of hostility when she ran for the Student Senate just because of her support for Israel. The AEPi or the America’s largest Jewish fraternity has also seen a series of attacks against its members, with the frat houses of the groups being vandalized with all sorts of hate speech, comparing the organization to the Nazis.

An analysis of Adam Milstein of the entire Israel and US school relations also confirms that the hate groups in the US seem to suggest that Israel has no right to exist within any type of borders. He also maintained the position that what these hate groups are doing is to single out Israel and forget the big picture, which is the series of human rights abuses that’s been happening in the Middle East.

About Adam Milstein

As an Israeli-American activist, philanthropist, real estate entrepreneur and business leader, Adam Milstein spends most of his time helping Jewish communities prosper. He also leads the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation with his wife, and his work has significantly helped a lot of people in the minority groups to get the support that are deprived from them, especially the Jewish communities.