Alec Sellem Successfully Runs Sellem Industries

CEO Founder

Building a company from scratch and transforming it into a successful business is not an easy fit, but Alec Sellem makes it seem effortless. He is the current CEO of Sellem Industries, a company that he also founded. Alec Sellem started Sellem Industries in Africa to help with the refining of gold. Before Sellem Industries was opened, there was no single gold refinery in Africa and gold was, therefore, refined outside the continent. Alec believed that building a refinery near the local mines was a promising business idea since many people would opt to use the locally available refinery to cut on transportation costs. Sellem Industries was thus started, and since then the company is radically expanding. Sellem Industries has mines in Sierra Leone and also in Senegal, where the local community has greatly benefited from the company. Job opportunities are available for the locals who are also encouraged to practice agriculture. The positive impact on the local community has greatly influenced the success of Sellem Industries.

Alec Sellem is a core part of Sellem Industries and loves working on-site to ensure operations run smoothly. Providing a safe and conducive environment for his workers is a top priority for Alec Sellem to avoid any freak accidents at work. Before pitching an idea to his team members, Alec Sellem does thorough research to avoid possible failures. By thoroughly analyzing an idea, Alec determines potential profits, errors, and risks that can be avoided. Once he considers the idea safe, Alec Sellem shares his insights with various experts who can give him valuable advice. The criticism and feedback from his peers enable Alec to better the idea before implementation. Like any other business, Alec Sellem faces challenges in his company. Alec, however, sees these obstacles as lessons to improve himself as a businessman. The ability to learn from his mistakes is what makes Alec Sellem the successful entrepreneur that he is today.

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