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Mr. Alexander F. Hern, also Called Alex, Based Strategic Acquisition Ventures, Ltd.. Mr. Hern is Co-Founder, Co-Chief Executive Officer and Co-Chairman in Tsunami VR, Inc..Mr. Hern is a Member of Board of Directors of Silicon Valley Internet Capital, in which he was an Executive Vice President along with the Co-Chairman of this Board of Directors since its beginning.For the previous ten decades, Mr. Hern was an entrepreneur specializing on incubation and seed phases of technology start-up businesses.He serves or has served on the Boards of ArcSight, CloudShield, Mobile Airwaves Inc., Triton Network Systems,, AlterEgo Networks, Inkotomi and IRDG.

He served as the Manager of New Homes Realty, Inc.. Mr. Hern is Co-founder and served as Board Member of and served on its Board from beginning through IPO and the sale of their organization to CMGI for $650 million eight months afterwards. Follow Alex Hern on Linkedin.He also co-founded and was a founding Board Member of Inktomi Corporation. He served as a Manager of Radialpoint, Inc.(previously Zero-knowledge Systems, Inc.).

Tsunami studios would be the comprehensive 3D rendering, animation, simulation and visualization solution.And the Tsunami work area provides on-demand, continuous perform acne, works with any-device, compatible with any material electronic assembly space. Visit to know more.Tsunami rewards and values innovation and performance from their employees by paying functionality and generous bonuses for outstanding performances.Skill development, training and job rotation opportunities to strengthen your career objectives.Tsunami’s industry comprises Aerospace and Defense, Industrial Equipment, Healthcare & Life Sciences, Energy, Automotive, Manufacturing And Construction.

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