Alexei Beltyukov Makes Education Simple With SOLVY

Education is becoming increasingly difficult for students and teachers, and everyone is looking for ways to make the process of learning simpler. SOLVY is a new creation from
Alexei Beltyukov that was released at the last EdSurge Conference, and it is a revelation for people who do not like homework. Teachers know that homework helps students practice, and students do not want to sit in front of homework they do not understand for hours on end. This article explains how SOLVY changes all that for the better.

#1: What Is SOLVY?

SOLVY is an educational portal that is free to all teachers and students. Teachers and school systems may set up SOLVY portals for every class, and students will log in with their own information when they are in a specific class. The SOLVY portal contains all the homework for every class, and the class instantly becomes portable when students must work in unique places. There is no need to carry around books or paper because the homework is easily accessible via computer. Parents may leave their children to do homework without hovering over them for hours at a time.  Alexei Beltyukov had been well known for making these types of programs in his career.  Evidenced by Alexei Beltyukov’s

#2: Why Do Teachers Love SOLVY?

Teachers love SOLVY because they can grade homework in the system without accepting any paper assignments. The homework grading process has been cut down to a few short minutes, and teachers no longer need to spend their time carrying their papers around. The system will allow users to input as many homework assignments as they want, and teachers may send alerts to their students through the system. The alert system gives students no excuse to miss an assignment, and teachers may grade their papers at any time.

#3: Why Do Students Love SOLVY?

Alexei has said on Twitter that students love SOLVY because it helps them understand concepts that would have left them wondering what to do. Students and parents have spent over a century sitting around a table attempting to complete homework that seemed impossible. Students may ask questions of their teachers in the SOLVY portal, and teachers may answer the questions for the students. The assignments stay in the system so that students may complete the work the next day, and the answers are logged in the system. Frustration is no longer a part of the nightly homework ritual.

SOLVY is an education breakthrough that takes homework out of the hands of parents. Young students will learn to use a computer while using SOLVY, and older students will have instant access to their homework without worry. The interface on SOLVY allows for communication between both parties, and teachers will not spend the next class answering questions when they can spend just a few moments on SOLVY responding to student questions.  Follow Alexei Beltyukov’s website for more updates.