An Inside Look At Solo Capital, Sanjay Shah And Autism Rocks

UPDATE: August 25th, 2016

Sanjay Shah has announced that an Autism Rocks Festival will take place to support the charity, and to raise awareness and donations for autism research. Details and dates for the festival are linked below.

Solo Capital was founded by Sanjay Shah and is a company focused on financial services and management located in the United Kingdom with offices in both London and Dubai. Though Sanjay Shah Denmark is now retired, he focuses mostly on his Autism Rocks projects. Even still, the company continues its success by following the business structure laidd down by Sanjay.

Sanjay Shah started out doing accounting work before starting up his own company, but found he didn’t like sitting around all day long behind a desk. During the economic crisis that took place during 2008, Shah found himself without a job, which inspired him to rent a small office himself. This was the beginning of Shah’s success, as this was the birth place of his company Solo Capital, which has become a large success since it was first started up in 2011. The company was started and has its headquarters in London.

Sanjay came to the United Kingdom from Kenya with his parents, and before getting involved in business and finances, Sanjay started out in the world of medicine, but found the field wasn’t for him. With office locations around Dubai and London, Shah found great success with Solo Capital and has since been able to retire at the age of 43. Even still, Shah works on different philanthropic projects, including Autism Rocks. This is an organization he started to spread awareness on the disease because his son was diagnosed with autism at the age of 4.

After his son was diagnosed, Shah realized that the amount of awareness was the lowest it has ever been. He also didn’t like the treatment people with autism were getting from what he saw. Autism Rocks, which acts as a live charity performing concerts, was founded in 2014 and has since raised more than $600,000 through organized concerts. Shah was able to get some major music celebrities to help out with Autism Rocks and raise money for research as well, such as Prince, Michael Bublè, Lenny Kravitz, Drake and Snoop Dogg. They are able spread awareness and raise funds for autism through many private concerts.


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