Andrew Rolfe and the unique Ubuntu Education Fund

Jacob Lief is at the forefront of innovation in the world of non profits. He knows first hand the various pitfalls that you can run into when trying to run an organization that betters the world. lief, who has spoken at events all around the world, came to a huge realization. He realized that the standard fundraising model for his non profit, the Ubuntu Education Fund, wasn’t working. He said, “It was nonsense. The money was flowing in but we weren’t changing people’s lives.” So what was his response to this realization? Well, it was simple. He decided to change the way things worked.


Jacob Lief and Andrew Rolfe, a chairman on the board of the Ubuntu Fund, are at the forefront of what could be a huge change and evolution in the realm of non profits. they are working on changing how non profits approach donors and, more importantly, how those donors give their money. This process has given way to what is now known as the Ubuntu Model. The Ubuntu Model looks for high net worth individuals and it focuses on donations that come without a ton of restrictions. Donors tend to what to have their hands on where their money is going but this can be counterproductive in even the best of situations.


Andrew Rolfe and Jacob Lief know first hand that their work is important. The Ubuntu Education Fund focuses on help impoverished and vulnerable kids who live in the Eastern Cape — a province in South Africa. The Ubuntu Education Fund knows best how to spend their money to help these kids so it makes sense that Andrew Rolfe and Jacob Lief would want to have their hands more involved on how their funds are spent. Donors typically request to be on the board, have a say in where the money goes, or even bein the room when it is spent.


Obviously the Ubuntu Model is still on the up and up. However, with the success that the Ubuntu Education Fund has been experiencing of late we can anticipate that their progress is going to be astronomical.