Andrew Rolfe & Other Ubuntu Fund Leaders Joining Ranks for More Impactful Change

A recent report from the Financial Times discussed how the founder of the Ubuntu Education Fund, Jacob Lief, is focusing on donors who don’t have restrictions on how the money should be spent at the charity organization. He decided to do this when he saw how the funds were coming in, but people’s lives weren’t changed.

The Ubuntu Education Fund assists vulnerable children within Port Elizabeth’s townships that is located in South Africa’s Eastern Cape province. This organization started in 1999 as a small organization attempting to address one aspect of the educational crisis within South Africa. They have now expanded greatly to assist with health, education, and social welfare issues.

Andrew Rolfe is the chairman on the Board of Directors for the Ubuntu Fund. He has a bachelors degree from Oxford University and a M.B.A. from the Harvard Business School. Andrew Rolfe also holds such positions as CEO and president for other companies. Also, Andrew Rolfe has been the chairman of the Board of Directors for the Ubuntu Fund since March 2007.

Ubuntu Fund go through what they call the “Ubuntu model” which is to work closely with communities and families to produce customized plans for each child. Doing this will better sustain the children and families with health, education, and stability to escape from poverty. The problem has been that many donors want to flex their muscles in how the money should be spent. And as a result, there has been a lesser amount of donors who are giving them funds.

Donations are always needed for charities; however, at least this organization has room to innovate, according to Lief. Nevertheless, some experts specializing in charitable funding stated that there are ways to resolve conflicts with donors if the discussion is brought on early enough. They also said that, in some cases, more donors will be willing to donate if they are offered to participate on the board. There are ways to get additional funding; nevertheless, Jacob Lief, Andrew Rolf, and the entire board are remaining focused on bringing real change to families and their children.