Anthony Petrello Provides Leadership Inside of a Very Dynamic and Complex Industry

In order to understand, Anthony Petrello, CEO and President of Nabors Industries, Ltd., it is important to understand the business model of Nabors Industries Ltd. Nabors Industries Ltd., is a progressive international organization. It serves different world areas including that of the Middle East, the Far East, Africa and North America. It provides rigs for offshore oil platform workover. Generally-speaking, the work-over rig is equipped with that of a Diesel Engine and Transmission. It provides service from that of 8,000 feet to 30,000 feet.

Nabors Industries Ltd., provides equipment and service applicable to offshore drilling. The company provides supportive service for both on-shore and off-shore oil drilling and well-servicing operations.

The company has a charter fleet of twenty-nine marine vessels for its off-shore operations. It additionally produces top-drilling drives, directional drilling type of systems, equipment for rig instrumentation, and reporting collection and associative information; equipment for drill pipe service, and even software applications with respect to reporting.

Nabors Industries, Ltd., as of the year 2006, was owner of six-hundred ten land work-over and well-servicing type of rigs, inside of the United States; and one-hundred ninety rigs inside of Canada. It also possessed ownership of forty-eight oil platform rigs; nineteen jack up barge rigs and five barge rigs.

The company was originally established in 1968 as Anglo Energy, Ltd. It is an S&P 500 oil, natural gas and geo-thermal drilling contractor who operates on the land. As evidenced above, it also performs well servicing in the continent of North America. It provides various rigs to its client, appropriate for the required operation.

As such, it goes without saying, the type of organization Nabors Industries, Ltd., represents requires exceptional leadership: the type of leadership provided by Anthony G. Petrello. Mr. Petrello also is known as Tony amongst his peers. He has served the organization as the company’s CEO—a holding company of Nabors Exchangeco (Canada) Inc., since October 28, 2011. He has served as the organization’s President since 1992. He is currently serving as Nabors Industries, Inc. CEO. Mr. Petrelo, has served in the capacity of Nabors Industries Ltd., COO since 1991.

Anthony Petrello was with Baker & McKenzie, a well-known law firm, from 1979 to 1991. During his tenure, at Baker & McKenzie, Mr. Petrello became the firm’s Managing Partner. He held the preceding position, at the New York Office of the firm—from 1986 to 1991.

Mr. Petrello has been Chairman of the Board at Nabors Industries Ltd., since June 2012. He served as the corporation’s Deputy Chairman from 2003 to June 2012.

He has been Director of Stewart & Stevenson, a limited liability corporation, since February 28th 2011; and Nabors Industries, Ltd., since 1991. In addition he serves as a Director at Texas Children’s Hospital, Inc. He served as a Director, too, of

Mr. Petrello’s educational background is inclusive of a J.D. degree from Harvard Law School. He earned a B.S. and M.S. in Mathematics from Yale University.

Mr. Petrello’s profile suggests that he provides leadership inside of a very specialized, and complex field. He, further, has shown a history of progression, in way of achievement. He has an impressive educational background—much needed in the industry he involves himself. His historical progression, both in the field of law, and within the oil industry, shows he is a strong, and determined leader. The preceding is the type of exceptional leadership which proves as a good fit for highly complex industries; relative to Nabors Industries, Ltd. Not only does Mr. Petrello head a company that provides services on a domestic level—his leadership reach is far: wherein he engages his leadership role in the Far East, Middle East, and Africa.