Avaaz- a Global Online Platform that is Changing the World

Avaaz refers to an American based online campaigning platform that was founded in 2007 to fight the ills of the world and ultimately make it a better place. Avaaz is Persian term that means ‘voice’ or ‘song.’ The online based firm is a hybrid of an NGO and a megaphone with over 43 million subscribers scattered in different countries around the globe.

Ricken Patel is a Canadian-British who established Avaaz and is also the organization’s Executive Director. He holds a degree in PPE from Oxford University and a Masters in Public Policy from Harvard Law.

Avaaz has evolved into the biggest online activist network in the world, and even presidents from all walks of life pay attention to it. The online organization has witnessed so many successful petitions such as Saving Europe’s bees from harmful pesticides, defending the Maasai land rights in Tanzania, bringing peace to Palestine, fighting for human rights in Burma, and supporting Edward Snowden.

Avaaz does not just launch any campaign because Patel believes in it. It, however, launches a campaign which they know is beneficial to all and is feasible. At first, before it launches the campaign, it is sampled among the members as a way to gauge its response. Patel elucidates that a trial campaign is imperative as it ensures the members have the final say on the campaign. Moreover, it helps to save time as they organization does not back no-hopers.

Currently, the online platform operates in over 15 languages and has its head offices in New York. Furthermore, Avaaz is more widespread in France, India, Germany and Brazil. The primary source of its funding comes from its members. Companies are not allowed to make donations while individual associates may not give more than €5,000. According to its founder, Ricken Patel, he believes that the organization has the top most level of integrity financing.

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