Avaaz is Working for Change

Company Organization

Avaaz was founded in 2007 with the purpose of motivating and assisting people in their activism against problems that exist in the world. Avaaz is a word in the Persian language that means voice. Avaaz has the purpose of giving people all over the world a voice in making a difference.

Avaaz is an online community that works in two basic ways. On their website, Avaaz has a number of petitions concerning issues prominent in the world. People are urged to sign the online petition if they are in support of the issue that the petition is promoting. By gathering a number of signers on any given position, Avaaz hopes to change attitudes and make a positive impact on the world.

Avaaz also asks for donations from members in order to help causes that include environmental awareness, social justice and human rights. Those donating are not solicited. Members are asked to give what they feel is appropriate in order to advance the cause of justice.

In order to set the list of priorities it will concentrate its efforts on in any given year, Avaaz takes a poll of members to see what issues are important to them. Once there is an idea of what issues are important, 10,000 members are then chosen at random to see if members are motivated enough regarding the issue to take meaningful action.

Currently, Avaaz has 47 million members that are active in 194 countries. Avaaz takes political stands on a number of controversial issues. During the 2016 elections of President of the United States, Avaaz actively worked to defeat Donald Trump. The group is currently highly critical of his policies.

Right now, Avaaz is working on helping immigrant children to be reunited with their parents. Avaaz is also working on promoting clean energy sources as opposed to coal, and Avaaz is working to help eliminate wildlife poaching.

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