Award Winning CEO Troy McQuagge:Leading USHEALTH To Greater Success

Troy McQuagge, the CEO of USHEALTH, has been named CEO of the Year for 2016 by One Planet Business and Professional Excellence Awards. One Planet Awards identifies and recognizes a wide range of companies and acknowledges business and professional excellence. The awards honors are given in categories like executives, teams, corporate communications, marketing, public relations and new products and services. One Planet gives these awards to organizations, businesses and professionals from all over the planet. People are encouraged to nominate candidate for the awards.

McQuagge says although he was given the award, the entire staff at USHEALTH Group, Inc. deserves credit as well. Winning a gold medal from One Planet Awards, the premier awards program, is an honor many businesses and professionals worldwide covet because it recognizes excellence. Whether they are for-profit or non-profit, public or private organizations, large, established companies or start-ups and no matter the industry in which they work, they can be nominated for a One Planet Award. It is an acknowledgment that an organization, business or professional is one of the best in the world.

When Troy McQuagge was hired at USHEALTH in 2010, he was able to immediately turn the company around. His first step was to re-tool USHEALTH Advisors which is the distribution agency for the USHEALTH Group. Everyone within the company was so impressed that they elected McQuagge to be CEO and president of USHEALTH Group, Inc. in 2014. Since he assumed leadership of the company, the USHEALTH Group, Inc. has shown never before seen growth, success and profitability in the individual health insurance market. His ability to motivate the entire staff has played an important role in that success.

USHEALTH Group, Inc. has redoubled its commitment to addressing the problem of healthcare affordability for customers. To do so the company now offers a wide range of innovative coverage plans that can change with as the customer’s healthcare needs change over time. The Fort Worth, Texas insurance holding company specializes in providing innovative health coverage plans for the self-employed and small business owners. USHEALTH Group is now able to offer competitive, innovative insurance products by combining great customer service, highly skilled agents and a talented staff.

Troy McQuagge attended the University of Central Florida where he graduated with a BA in Legal Studies. He also earned All America honors in academics and tennis. After graduation McQuagge spent just over 111/2 years with Healthmarket’s President Agency Marketing Group. Among the reasons for his success his unique leadership ability and the wide variety of skills he possesses. Those skills include experience with health insurance, disability insurance, long-term care, financial planning, sales, management and marketing. He has also won numerous other professional and organizational awards.