Baby Boxes for Central New Jersey Parents

New Jersey is the first state in the U.S. to offer baby boxes to its residents. These boxes are part of the state’s effort to minimize the rate of infant death. They come with baby supplies and a comfortable mattress.


A report by SUID (Sudden Unexpected Infant Death) shows that deaths of most infants in New Jersey are as a result of hazardous sleeping environments. The baby box initiative is expected to help prevent infant deaths in all parts of New Jersey -including Central New Jersey.



So, how does the program work? Parents of infants under three months old are supposed to register for free baby boxes. After registering, they watch a short parenting video at and take a quiz to qualify for the boxes. Parents who pass the test will get sleeping boxes containing breast pads, diapers, wipes and other newborn essentials.



Baby Box Co. has partnered with the government of New Jersey to supply the boxes to homes of registered families. Parents also have the option to collect their baby boxes from various distribution centers.



Newborns can use the boxes for the first six months of their life. Baby boxes are said to improve the health of many infants who sleep in them. This idea originated from Finland. Finland has the lowest infant mortality rate in the world.



The parenting video is one of the most important aspects of the Baby Box program. It will help dads and moms to learn more about the sleep safety of infants and general parenting. It’s vital for all parents to understand that the sleeping environment of their babies plays a significant role in their health.



Last year, the American Academy of Pediatrics (APP) updated the sleeping guidelines of infants. They recommended that babies should sleep on a firm sleeping surface. The infant’s crib shouldn’t have bumpers, pillows, stuffed animals or blankets. You can read more about infant sleeping guidelines on



APP also recommends that babies should sleep in the same room as their parents. However, parents should avoid sharing their bed with their newborns. Infants need to sleep in protected spaces. Dr. Moon, APP’s chairperson, said that the Baby Box providers are doing the right thing in ensuring babies sleep safely.