Billy McFarland, the Mastermind behind Magnises

Billy McFarland was born in 1991. He is an American and specializes in the tech industry. He is an entrepreneur and has founded several companies such as Spling and Magnises. He is the current CEO of the two companies. Billy briefly studied computer engineering at Bucknell University in Lewisburg before he dropped out of school before the end of his first year to establish online ad platform Spling.

In August 2013, Billy founded Magnises and launched it officially on March 1, 2014. He wanted to create a black card that will be based on technology but community-oriented to upgrade the lives of the members.

His dream to connect people and industries began at the tender of 13 when he established his first firm and taught himself to code. Over the years he has earned several titles such as tech wiz, a natural entrepreneur, and mastermind.

Magnises card is not a credit card since it is not attached to a financial organization. The card is linked to bank or credit card by transferring data from the existing debit or credit card onto its strip hence allowing it to be used instead of the original card. The original card will still be functional.

According to Business Insider, Billy McFarland wanted to help people build an ideal network when he founded Magnises. The black card allows the members to attend special events, get discounts at selected clubs, and restaurants, reserve a seat at special concerts and other luxurious getaways. There is a mobile app linked to Magnises that assist members select the activity they would like to attend and get instant access to the events.

Magnises has not been long in the industry but has acquired more than 10,000 members. Members pay $250 annually for the black card. According to McFarland, he targeted people between the ages of 21 to 35 years old specializing in the tech, finance, or fashion industry.

Prospective members must apply online and be approved by the Magnises officials before they can become members. Billy wants Magnises to be a social and professional bridge for people who work in different domains. Billy ensures that Magnises partners with organizations that the members can trust.

In 2015, Magnises raised $3 million in capital. Magnises has amazing benefits. Members are plugged into their city’s best experiences including gallery openings, pop-up shows, not forgetting the members’ bi-monthly networking nights. Magnises is a fast growing platform which ensures you invest your money in a good company.