BMG Bank of Brazil

BMG Bank of Brazil has been around since 1930 and stated as a commercial bank which offered products for individuals and institutions. In 1973, BMG changes from being a bank for retail establishments to become a wholesale bank. BMG continues to be a whole sale bank through the mid 1990’s, Over the years BMG has grown to expand its products and services.

BMG has a competitive advantage over other banks due to their long and pioneering history. BMG has solid expertise in all aspects and they benefit from a number of competitive advantages to make BMG stand out in the market. Tradition, conservative risk profile, solid corporate governance practices, strong brand recognition, high adaptive capacity and the culture of pioneering and entrepreneurial. By deliberately choosing to develop strong corporate governance practices has allowed BMG to attract more investments and also contribute to the sustainability of its business.

With a full team of professional management, including Marcio Alaor, BMG adopted a high level corporate governance practices relying on a board of directors. Throughout history, BMG Bank has continuously worked with high quality credit portfolios. Thanks to a conservative credit policy, this is possible. Additionally, each credit decision is seen through a credit committee structure, which collectively is designed to meet BMG’s demand for intelligent, efficient, and responsible credit decisions.

BMG Bank is a that keeps its main focus on growing it’s loan portfolio in a sustainable way, which will ensure many attractive levels of profitability thus enabling the continuity of it’s business. And with BMG Bank’s focus on high quality portfolio and conservative credit policy, the senior credit team will ensure a very detailed and technical analysis based on intelligence within the industry. All decisions are taken in a joint forum with allows for a strict ability to control and monitor the bank. With the ability to diversify BMG’s funding and seeking long term sustainability requires BMG to invest into a fixed income platform aimed at individuals and companies working with smaller than average ticket. Consequently this gives lower liquidity risk for the bank. Funding structures as substantial as this is comprised of deposits, financial notes, external funding and securitization.

BMG utilizes an efficient corporate structure and management which has a main focus on controlling costs. The bank uses a scalable network of sales and software systems to enable interaction process which will optimizes communication with all the sales networks. Additional the bank aims to create high performance teams. High performance teams with individual talents only if they are able to create a winning team. People working for BMG Bank enjoy working and serving it’s customers. They even have a highly valued competent manner and work efficiently to overcome daily obstacles.