BMG in Brazil Remains Focused on Growth

A Clear Focus
BMG has a clear and solid focus. It strives to focus on the growth of the overall loan portfolio. This is to be accomplished in a sustainable way. This will ensure high and attractive levels of profitability. This focus will enable the continuity of the business. This will be accomplished through the means of the quality of its customer portfolio and by the means of responsible credit. Marcio Alaor is the vice president of BMG since the year 1977. He is a member of the board of directors also. He has been highly instrumental in ensuring that a clear focus has been in place. This has led BMG to become a top and trusted bank in Brazil.

Earned a Solid Reputation
BMG has earned a solid reputation and does have a long history of providing exceptional expertise in every area of its operation. Their reputation does enable them to stand apart within this market. They stand out and have competitive advantages. Their reputation does incorporate the following:
* over 80 years of performance within the financial market
* a leader in the overall Brazilian credit market
* a strong brand recognition
* the development of an entrepreneurial and pioneering culture that includes the development of its own systems and platforms
* a conservative risk profile that incorporates a very conservative and strict credit policy and is revised and updated often to ensure that it is current with market conditions
* the ability to adjust quickly and the ability to remain flexible to the market conditions that are in constant change
BMG has indeed earned a solid reputation for being trustworthy and current in every aspect. Marcio Alaor has been instrumental in ensuring a solid reputation that provides expertise and experience to every client.

Professionalize its Management
BMG has developed clear and solid corporate governance practices. This has been done for the purpose of professionalizing its management. Ensuring close relationships with investors has been essential. This enables quick and effective service for clients. These practices contribute to the sustainability of this business.

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