Boraie Rebuilds and Redesigns Urban Cities

Boraie Development LLC is a real estate developer located in New Brunswick, New Jersey that specializes in spectacular urban development. The 72 year old president of the Boraie Development Omar Boraie takes pride that his vision for New Brunswick has taken shape over the years.

When he began the business he wanted to rebuild New Brunswick similar to what he had ex as a traveling scholar on seen in Europe. He worked in Europe as a traveling scholar of chemistry When he began the business in 1972, he says it was awful. Everyone left New Brunswick after 4 p.m. and it was deserted. The first project he tackled was a block of 21 vacant and run down buildings.

Many people thought he was crazy to build high rise office building and condos in downtown New Brunswick on NYTimes. The Albany Street Plaza Tower One completed during the 1980’s and 1990’s was a 250,000 square foot office building. It provided the city with well designed office space that was badly needed.

Omar Boraie realized the city needed some quality residential units. He envisioned a high rise building complex like in New York City. He built the Spring Street Condominium Building a 25 story building that has 121 units, office space, retail shops, and a parking garage. This building was completed in 2007.

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As his business developed he saw a market for luxury developments. Many professional doctors, lawyers, teachers, nurses, policemen, firemen, and business professional wanted to work in New Brunswick and enjoy the developed downtown. Omar Boraie wanted to attract good quality tenants that was his goal since he began.

The Aspire is designed for younger trendy residents that look for convenience and style. The location of the Aspire had a wide variety of restaurants, entertainment, and night life.

Boraie Development LLC continues to develop quality office building and condos in New Brunswick, Newark and Atlantic City.