Businesses Partner with LocationSmart to Improve Connections


The internet has changed a lot about conducting business, giving companies more opportunities to extend their reach to new customers and encounter a growing list of concerns. What LocationSmart does for business is interpret data sets to help those businesses remain in demand and even grow.


LocationSmart was once known as TechnoCom Location Platform, and they’ve been in business since 1995. This California company has become the top location-as-a-service business in the US, becoming the best in IP intelligence, geolocation, and deciphering the many vulnerabilities that are geared towards exposing proprietary networks so businesses can remain competitive irrespective of industry.


A closer look at mobile device usage by telecom giant Cisco has found that everyone’s favorite way of getting online will be even more popular in the near future. According to their numbers, the average person will divide their online time between four mobile devices in the next couple of years. And with so many IP addresses contributing to data usage, LocationSmart is being sought after to contribute to global business.


Businesses may encounter problems when tracking IP addresses from users, which can corrupt their login records and compromise their network. Software like IP maskers and services like VPNs can misrepresent where users are physically located. That would render content, campaigns, and transactions that are limited by region ineffective. Geolocation is how LocationSmart can determine if users are where they claim to be, and if they aren’t a business can take steps to ban or restrict users as needed.


Instances of fraud like this compromise businesses. Many companies are stepping into content streaming and online gaming, and are finding that obscured IP addresses are affecting business. Password sharers are giving their acquaintances access to members-only content, and in some cases facilitating piracy in the process. Geolocation can determine if a case of multiple IP address is the case of a traveling subscriber or a network of people bypassing a business’ subscription model.


But there are ways LocationSmart helps business beyond security.


Geolocation is also part of smart localization. When businesses want to reach a new customer base or expand into a new region, there are considerations to be made around language, culture, and consumer trends, but there are also patterns in mobile habits and internet capabilities that can make a difference in how to design apps and sites to meet the needs of those new customers. Location Smart can determine the true data for both, and businesses can rest assured they’re present more of what those would-be customers want most.


Data has value, and any business interested in growing can benefit from the assessments LocationSmart performs as a location-as-a-service company. Aside from marketing and general security, their services can monitor logistics, direct communications, and remain competitive in a global economy that’s increasingly concerned with the influence of technology.


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