Businesswoman And Humanitarian Barbara Stokes

Housing Professional

Barbara Stokes is a well known businesswoman who holds degrees in Physics and Engineering from Mercer University. She is currently working at GSH of Alabama as the Chief Executive Officer. She has many years experience working in the business industry and has handled many accounts during her career. Her intelligence and work ethic are what makes her one of the busiest executives in business. She is very involved in every aspect of her company and works well with all levels of the business. Her dedication to the environment is what drew her to work with GSH. Learn more about Barbara Stokes at Crunchbase. The full name of the company is Green Structure Homes and they use only the most dependable products in buildings using materials that are not harmful to the environment. Barbara Stokes works alongside her husband Scott and the two of them have taken GSH to a very profitable place. Follow Barbara Stokes on

Barbara Stokes is also a humanitarian in that she cares about those people around her. If she knows of someone who is having a rough time, she will do all that she can in her power to help them. She spends a lot of time donating her time to the many worthy causes in her area and has organized quite a few fundraisers. She has appeared in many news articles about her charitable efforts. Many people feel that if it were not for the hours she has to spend at her job, she would be out working with many more needy people. Barbara Stokes feels that giving back to the community is her obligation because if not for them, she would not be where she is. She believes that without the help that she was given in the past, she would not have been able to accomplish the goals she set for herself. Barbara continues to work hard both in her career and in her community.