Have You Though About Becoming a USHealth Advisor?

When it comes to choosing a career, there are few jobs more rewarding than the healthcare field; companies like USHealth Group, are routinely looking for talented people to help market and generate revenue for their business. If you’re unfamiliar with USHealth Group, it is a managed healthcare company predicated on selling and underwriting health insurance plans, as well as supplementary products; their target demographic includes small business owners and those who are self-employed. USHealth Group is best known for their diverse product portfolio, which includes fixed indemnity medical insurance, accident and income protection solutions, dental coverage, and individual health insurance.

USHealth Group markets their products through talented agents aptly referred to as USHealth Advisors; these agents are tasked with selling the company’s insurance products. Founded in 1982, USHealth Group has been a part of many communities for over 35 years and continues to make strides, when it comes to improving their products and services. Although based in Fort Worth, TX, USHealth Group provides insurance products to a host of customers throughout the United States; as previously stated, many of the customers include small business owners and those who are self-employed.

When it comes to compensations, USHealth Advisors are rewarded generously for the work that they do. According to the company’s website ushealthgroup.com, agents earn a monthly commission, which is in addition to vested renewals; collectively, this equates to a six-figure annual income for most agents. USHealth Group is committed to helping their agents succeed, and therefore, provides a myriad of support in the form of communication, related to new company developments, incentives, and unparalleled customer service support.


If compensation is your primary focus, along with monthly commissions and vested renewals, USHealth Advisors are also given the opportunity to increase their earning potential through bonuses, which are based on generating regular business for the company.


In an effort to keep advisors current with the company’s products, USHealth Group provides various lines of communication to advisors while they are in the field, which includes excellent customer service support.

So, if you’re ready to broaden your career horizon, you’re encouraged to consider a role with USHealth Group as an advisor. Check more: https://www.indeed.com/cmp/Usha/reviews

Glen Wakeman; the great Entrepreneurial Brilliance

Glen Wakeman has been in the finance and business circles for about 20 years, and with such experience, he now stands tall as the CEO of Launchpad Holdings LLC. Launchpad Holdings is a SAAS Company of which he is the co-founder of upon its inception in 2015. Glen Wakeman attained his BS in Economics and Finance upon attending the University of Scranton. He also went to the University of Chicago where he graduated with an MBA in Finance. Glen went ahead to hold business developmental and P&L positions in GE Capital, then later went on to Doral Financial Corporation where he turned out serving as the President, CEO and also the Chairman of the Doral Bank Board. At GE, Glen went ahead to form and also preside over the Nova Four which got the Board of Directors to acknowledge him as a role model for Growth Leadership.

Glen has come to be recognized as an entrepreneur and mentor during his long and lustrous career with a track record of revolutionizing businesses with assets worth 15 billion dollars and having over 17,000 members of staff thus bringing about their success and development(BusinessWire). He has worked with M&As, start-ups, the guidance of start-ups, new market entry, exponential growth, and divestitures. Glen uses his proven approaches with five key performance areas which are governance, execution, risk management, leadership and human capital. He has also been able to share his ideologies via blogs on international issues, strategy, administration and emerging markets thanks to him being a writer and also an investor. Glen has helped a lot of C-Level executives, and as of right now, he is counseling Sitter Bees and Dreamfunded.


He is constantly blogging about global affairs, transformation of business, leadership as well as emerging markets. On his blogs, Glen also gives his audience advice on angel financing, capital raising, and strategy. Glen Wakeman mentors numerous C-Level Executives and also advice the start-ups such as Dreamfunded and Sitter Bees. He has a passion for innovation, executive development, and growth. Glen Wakeman has gained a lot of experience and recognition across the globe due to his experiences having lived in 6 different countries and during this while, been in charge of many operations in over 30 places globally.

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Some Of The Major Achievements Of JeanMarie Guenot


One organization that is on a mission of providing solutions to patients who have blood cancer is Amphivena Therapeutics. The firm does this through developing immunotherapeutics that are offered to these patients with the aim of restoring the blood cell and the body’s immunity. The company’s goal is to help in saving the cancer patients lives by reestablishing cellular balance where the blood can regenerate the dead cells such as the white blood cells. The company continues to believe that if the patient’s blood can flow properly, form well, circulates as needed and function as required, then the tumor can be destroyed by the help of the immune system.

The firm was founded in 2003 and through the years, it has been able to achieve its goals and mission. It has been able to become successful through establishing healthy relationships with other pharmaceutical companies. Through developing healthy relationships, it becomes easy to get assistance when they require or updated on the changing environment and advanced technology. Knowledge can also be shared through friendships and collaboration. The firm is currently being led by JeanMarie Guenot who we can say she is perfect for the job considering her past work experience and academic credentials.

Having nearly twenty years of experience in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry has proven to be a good thing for JeanMarie as she has the knowledge, confidence, and ambition to become successful. Having a leader who has those virtues will surely take your company far, and Amphivena acts as a proof for that. She is well experienced when it comes to matters of establishing or re-establishing a firm. Jean Marie attained her MBA from the University of Pennsylvania before heading to the University of California to receive her Ph.D. While at the University of California, she was able to study various things such as how to design drugs, physical chemistry, medicinal chemistry and molecular dynamics.

JeanMarie Guenot was once an employee at Atlas Venture Capital where she acted as the investment manager. She also worked at Hoffmann as a principal scientist before she decided to found her own start-up company SKS Ocular. All these places were responsible for molding her to be a great leader and become successful. She trusts she will continue to take Amphivena to more excellent places helping it to continue achieving its goals and objectives.

Get Your Midas Touch With The Midas Legacy

midas legacy

UPDATE 11/21/2016: Banking Scams Are a Thing of the Past thanks to The Midas Legacy’s approach to business >> read here.

The Midas Legacy is a financial commentary and advisory firm. They do not manage your money, but they do offer research services for individual investors interested in managing their finances themselves. They publish articles about ways to improve your life and your finances and offer a class to teach you how to make money on the stock market. Interesting articles explain complicated financial concepts so anyone can understand.

Physically located in Winter Garden, Florida, the minds behind The Midas Legacy are James Samson, Publisher; Sean Bower, Chief Editor; and Mark Edwards, Natural Health Expert. Mr. Samson has worked in trading, entrepreneurship, and real estate for 20 years. Mr. Bower is a business journalist who also has financial expertise and self-help interests. Mr. Edwards is interested in all things natural and speaks truths many corporations would like to keep hidden. Together, they create hip, interesting articles sure to improve your knowledge about many subjects, particularly finance.

One intriguing button on The Midas Legacy website is the “Retirement Calculator.” This is a simple calculator that you put in the figures from your real life to calculate how much you need to save, at what term of investment, to have enough money to retire. This would be good to know. Midas Premium is their “Wall Street Informer,” a monthly newsletter full of information and advice about your finances. The “Code Breaker” course teaches you how to win with stocks, including ways to predict trends.


the midas legacy
The Midas Legacy gives back to the community. They are regular contributors to the Florida Sheriff’s Association; the Give Hope Foundation, a Florida non-profit organization that provides support to central Floridian families battling childhood cancer; St. Jude’s Research Hospital, a pediatric hospital focused on children’s catastrophic diseases; the Wounded Warrior Project, a charitable organization for the benefit of wounded veterans of the military actions that followed September 11, 2001; the Salvation Army; and the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

The Golden Backdoor is what The Midas Legacy calls a “$6.39 business in a box,” a proven business blueprint for the same price as the #1 value meal at McDonald’s. This is an intriguing idea for anyone with an entrepreneurial spirit; what do you think it could be? http://themidaslegacy.com/best-business-blueprints/


The Midas Legacy and In-Depth Research Services

While The Midas Legacy is a firm that concentrates on research services, wealth management advisory is the main area of concentration for The Midas Legacy team. The Midas Legacy was launched in 2013. Investment research publishing is an enormous priority at this respected company. The Midas Legacy staff works hard to give people helpful and valuable financial news updates. The talents behind the company include a mix of gurus who have been mentioned by The Wall Street Journal, dedicated millionaires and even hedge fund managers. The Midas Legacy’s team is composed of some immensely capable traders.

The Midas Legacy’s achievements are no huge shock. The firm has significant amounts of empirical details on its side. The firm has been gathering this crucial information for many years now. That’s why The Midas Legacy’s staff understands tried and true techniques they are lucrative and reliable. People who are interested in modern investment studies and assessments often pay careful attention to The Midas Legacy. People who want to have strong understandings of the fundamentals (and beyond) of Wall Street also often pay attention to this noted firm.


midas legacy financial
This company can be a major asset for people who want professional research services that are trustworthy. If you’re a committed individual investor who would like to have strong financial management skills, The Midas Legacy can come to your aid. If you’d love to run a business someday and have the urge to do what you can to strengthen your lifestyle, The Midas Legacy can aid you as well. This company also routinely helps people who are serious about self-improvement, plain and simple. Many people who are interested in getting on the speedy retirement path turn to The Midas Legacy for their insight and assistance. The Midas Legacy, in short, can be a helpful source of information for all different kinds of people.

The Midas Legacy has a number of impressive experts on its team. These experts include publisher Jim Samson, chief editor Sean Bower and natural health expert Mark Edwards. Since Edwards is a health aficionado, he can be an asset to individuals who would like to employ nature to enhance well-being. The Midas Legacy sometimes assists people who want to get over sicknesses by relying on the plentiful benefits of nature.

People can get in contact with The Midas Legacy by email and phone.


Grow Your Wealth Opportunities with The Midas Legacy

Finance, real estate, taking care of the self, entrepreneurship, natural health, and retirement are just a few of the areas The Midas Legacy helps people achieve their life goals. The Midas Legacy is a very successful shortcuts wealth management advisory group located in Winter Garden, Florida.

Why are they successful? The Midas Legacy utilizes experts in each field, combining the knowledge and power that the client can then use to create the life and wealth they desire. Some of the best stock market investors, entrepreneurs, and top selling authors contribute ideas, advice and products, bringing their experience to The Midas Legacy member.

How do they do it? Currently The Midas Legacy offers specialized research services that anyone who wishes to find success can utilize. Proven, successful, and beneficial resources are given to members to help them gain success and good health.

Who is The Midas Legacy for? Technically, the Midas Legacy is for everyone and anyone who wishes to better their life. However, new entrepreneurs who wish to expand their business and wealth opportunities and individual investors who are looking to manage their money more efficiently will see exceptional benefits. If someone wishes to live a healthier, happier life by eliminating toxic products and returning to a more natural way of caring for one’s self, there are experts on hand to assist with that as well. There are also resources that can assist a member reach their retirement goals faster. Combining all these factors in life, and improving upon each of them, is the main focus of The Midas Legacy.

Experts such as Jim Sampson, a publisher and successful businessman, regularly contributes articles relating to real estate and retirement. Mark Edwards is a nationally recognized health expert who shares his knowledge of natural cures and common food issues through multiple articles on natural living and health.


midas legacy money


The Midas Legacy doesn’t just assist their members achieve goals, it is also known for giving back to organizations and charities so they can reach theirs. Several well known charities such as St. Jude’s Children’s Hospitals, the Salvation Army and the Wounded Warrior project are just a few. They have even reached out with donations to local law enforcement groups, such as the Florida Sheriffs Association.

The Midas Legacy makes it easy to join so everyone can take advantage of what they have to offer.

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