Is Violence the thing of the past for Quincy Circle?

How is the violence on Quincy Circle now? New Brunswick, Nj police department consider their area a safe place to live but will put in overtime work when it comes to violence in their city. Parysh Wood, at 21 years old was prosecuted for a robbery that occurred with a pizza man on November 30, 2012. It all started when the pizza man was sent to an address on Quincy Circle for a fake delivery. He was informed that not anyone ordered pizza from that address and was robbed on the way back to his car. Three male robbers approached him from the back with a gun to his head and demanded his money. Thankfully, they did not shoot the victim. Obviously, they were the ones who set up the pizza robbery. Detective Ron Seaman who was assigned to the case worked hard with the Middlesex County Prosecutor’s Office and “obtained cell phone site information around the time and area of the robbery.” (James, D. (2013). Advanced technology is what helped solved this case within four months.


On October 7, 2015, police were called out to a New Brunswick apartment complex that is considered a common crime area. Gunshots were reported from building one of the residences. One person was rushed to the hospital from a gunshot wound in that area. A continued investigation was underway to find the intruder. The apartment complex is located across the street from Rutgers University Police Departement’s headquarters, but that didn’t seem to put any limits to the violent acts that have occurred in the area. The armed suspect was described as “wearing a hoodie who fled towards Neilsen Street.” (Kratovil, C. (2015). The police returned to the crime scene the next day after discovering more evidence. Read more:




James, D. (2013). New Brunswick Man Charged in Quincy Circle Pizza Robbery.


Kratovil, C. (2015). NBPD Radio: One Injured in Shooting at New Brunswick Apartments

How Sam Boraie is Redefining New Jersey’s Property Market


Boraie Development is a prolific real estate company in New Jersey. The company offers a variety of services, which are focused on virtually all areas of the property market. The firm’s forte is its ability to work with prominent financial institutions, visionary architects, and contractors to ensure that projects are completed within schedule. The firm’s main services are real estate development, property management, and real estate sales and marketing.


Real Estate Development


For years, Boraie Development has had a strong commitment towards developing high-end projects. The firm employs its reliability, capital and dedication to ensure that each project meets the demands of clients. Its 4-decade development track record makes Boraie Development the most sought-after and experienced real estate company in New Jersey. The company uses private financing sources such as commercial banks to fund its projects. This has seen it create projects that are attractive to residents, clients and financial partners.


Property Management


This is an important component of the firm’s overall business strategy. By offering this service, Boraie Development creates value addition for its assets. The company maintains its properties with unmatched detail. It also undertakes physical improvements on a regular basis. Its property management functions entail maintenance, accounting and administration, customer service, leasing, and marketing.

Sales & Marketing


Through its subsidiary Boraie Realty, the company has facilitated real estate transactions worth 150 million dollars. The sales division works hand in hand with the property management and development divisions to create a better understanding of pertinent residential and commercial factors in the industry. This helps the firm to maintain its exclusive local sales knowledge.


Ongoing Projects

Boraie is currently undertaking impressive projects, which will undoubtedly transform New Jersey’s skyline once they are completed. The most impressive project being undertaken is Aspire, a new high-end rental tower in New Brunswick. The development is targeting the city’s burgeoning population. It is close to major transport and leisure facilities in the heart of the city. Five Visions, and New Jersey Today are other notable projects being undertaken by Boraie.


VP Sam Boraie’s Community Involvement


Sam Boraie is one of the most visionary real estate executives. For more than two decades, he has played a crucial role in the renaissance of New Brunswick’s property market. He head’s the firm’s business development division. Under his leadership, the division has become vibrant due to the numerous acquisitions that he has spearheaded. Sam continually uses his connections within and beyond the industry to market the firm’s assets. Most projects sell out due to his exceptional marketing skills.


Apart from his corporate duties, Sam is a consummate humanitarian. He serves on the advisory board of Elijah’s Promise, a New Brunswick-based nonprofit that uses food to empower lives, and alleviate hunger among vulnerable members of the society. The organization also stands up for the rights of underprivileged New Jersey residents. Sam similarly serves on State Theater’s board of trustees. This is a historical nonprofit venue, which is used for entertainment and the performing arts. Its role is to enhance people’s lives by contributing to urban development. It builds the future of communities through education and awareness.


Omar Boraie: a New Jersey Success Story: UPDATED May 2017

UPDATED: May 15th, 2017 — Omar Boraie presents check to benefit cancer research!

Boraie Development LLC has worked with many different areas of New Jersey. They have made their mark on different small towns around the state and even in the big Atlantic City. They have been successful with everything that they have done and they continue to provide their services to many different areas. As a real estate development firm, they want to make sure that they are doing the best for the people who are in different areas. This has allowed them to make sure that they are doing the right thing for their business and for the people who they serve.

The small town feel that Boraie Development has had was their original plan. They wanted to make sure that people were able to get what they needed from the development firms and this gave them the chance to make things better for themselves. There were many times when Boraie Development LLC knew that they were going to be able to do different things and they took these chances and ran with them. Because they were doing so well with what they had in small towns, Boraie Development LLC decided that they should branch out to different areas in New Jersey.

The first area that they branched out to was Atlantic City. This is an area where there is a huge amount of land to develop and a huge need for different developments. Boraie Development LLC knew that they would be successful there and they took their time in securing locations in Atlantic City. They not only helped to establish retail places in the area, as well as restaurants, but they also worked to make sure that there was enough room for casinos to be able to branch out if they wanted to do so in the future.

By providing their services to such a diverse group of locations, Omar Boraie has been able to be successful. They wanted to make sure that they were as good as they possibly could be and they offered their services to different types of locations. They did this because they knew that they were going to be able to do different things. This allowed them to be successful and gave them the chance to show off their skills. Boraie Development LLC is planning on even more success and working in other larger areas of New Jersey, like the city of Newark.


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Omar Boraie Cares About Those With Cancer


Omar Boraie cares about new cancer treatments being developed, and he has shown that through giving a large donation to Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey. His donation will help people to keep developing new strategies for dealing with cancer, and the institute is hoping to soon be able to offer some new hope to cancer patients all over. They are developing some big things, and that is always great to know when it comes to something as scary and life threatening as cancer. And it’s good to know that someone like Omar Boraie cares enough to donate over $1 million to the institute.
It was reported on NewsWire that the institute has learned a lot about cancer through the years. It has been able to develop new ways of dealing with it, and it has been able to see many people come and learn a lot about it and how best to work with it and treat it. Omar Boraie has helped to make that possible, and everyone who is able to receive some of the new treatments that will be sure to come from the institute will have him to thank. They’ll be able to get the kind of help that they need in part because of his generous donation.
Omar Boraie is a great person with a big heart, and it is a good thing that he has done in donating to the institute. More people should do the same, so that Rutgers Cancer Institute can do even bigger and better things. The cancer institute is already doing a lot, and it will be great to see all that it comes out with and presents to the world one day soon. It is already giving the highest quality cancer care, and that is a truly great thing to see.

Newark, NJ Could Experience an Economic Boom Thanks to a New Building Project


New Jersey remains a state with a very interesting and always emerging real estate market. In the northernmost regions of the state, under the shadow of nearby Manhattan, the city of Newark found development previously elusive. Now, thanks to the launch of numerous new building projects all at once, the city might experience a renewal that was previously elusive. Per NJ Biz, a number of housing projects are going to be built during the same time frame. The development of the projects means thousands of new units are going to me made available to those interested in a new place to live.

Omar Boraie of Boraie Development LLC has been noting Newark and neighboring New Brunswick are both great locations for new housing. Boraie has overseen the successful building of housing projects in New Brunswick and there is no reason the success cannot be duplicated in Newark. 

The launching of several housing projects at one time may be the reason why so many are optimistic about the future for Newark. In the past, only one construction project would be launched at a time. While one project is better than none, a solo endeavor is not going to provoke as much interest as a series of them.

When Boraie Development launched the construction of a 250-unit apartment complex in Atlantic City’s South Inlet, it was definitively shown that one project could have a very positive effect on an entire city. However, a series of similar projects is going to be even better since a greater amount of the city ends up being improved.

Boraie Development has previously had a hand in enhancing the beauty of Newark. The CityPlex12 Newark theater was greatly renovated thanks to a joint venture between Boraie and NBA superstar Shaquille O’Neal. Hopefully, the success experienced with the movie theater will be duplicated with the various new housing projects slated to begin construction.

Since more than one project is being launched, the chances for better economic redevelopment exist. A would-be small business owner might not be moved by the building of one housing unit. If several are built, the entrepreneur could be much more motivated to set up shop in Newark. After all, the more housing units there are, the more potential customers there will be.

Hopefully, the project will move quickly to completion and Newark experiences some newly infused economic vigor.