José Borghi is Confident about the Current Economic Condition

José Borghi, the founder, and co-CEO of Mullen Lowe agency, a prominent advertising firm, is confident about the current economic condition. Though there are reports confirming that the Brazilian GDP will contract this year, he believes that there are still opportunities to tackle by the advertising firms. Jose Borghi thinks that current economic condition shouldn’t be a cause to worry. He says that similar types of fluctuations are reported previously as well, and Brazilian advertising industry doesn’t want to be worried due to the recent developments.

Jose Borghi says that it is important to stay focused to get the desired results. It is always good to take an extra effort and get the solution or result during the crisis time. The marketing departments should work on creative strategies that are mitigating the effects of the economic downturn. All it needs is decisive actions to bring the result that is aimed. He further advises that marketing is not just limited to presenting and promoting the product, but it is also involved in actively taking part each stage of the product or service.

He further says that marketing department is very crucial for any company as it can give a warning about the instability of the economy or company. Also, he asks companies not to cut down the marketing budget as it may permanently bring down the brand value and reputation of the firm. He says that the marketing should be focused on long-term goals. His long years of experience in different ad agencies including his own firm has helped him to come up with action plans to address various challenges including economic crisis.

Borghi was born in PresidentePrudente and completed his graduation from PUC-Campinas in Advertising and Propaganda before starting his advertising career. He first joined the ad agency Standart Ogilvy in 1989. Later he worked with different agencies including DM9 / DDB, FCB, Talent and Léo Burnett, etc., before founding Mullen Lowe agency.


The Advertising Touch of Jose Borghi

Mullen Lowe is a creative agency. The company is a global creative boutique. Initially, the company merged with two agencies that shared the same dream and vision. The idea was to work with the most innovative marketers in the world.

Hyper Bundled

As a company, we believe the best ideas for marketing and that are developed when we smash together. This is what we refer to as hyper bundling and it fosters a good environment between disciplines hence optimizing on client satisfaction.


Mullen Lowe is glad to be able to work with clients that actually challenge them to be better. The clients are curious and readily take risks and try things that have never been done. Some of the clients that we operate with include:Netflix, Google, Ulta, Patron, Shinola Detroit, PBS, TV land, Olympus, California Avocados, Constant Contact, Jrtblue, Mass Mutual, Acura, match and Century 21.

Jose Borghi

Jose Borghi is the advertising professional behind the Mullen Lowe Agency. Interestingly, when he was a youngster, in junior high school, he was not sure of the career he would pursue in life. This indecision was dealt with when he accompanied his sister to watch a performance at a theater: Castro Neves Theater. Later, the presentation received awards and acclaim at a film festival in Cannes. This inspired Jose and awoke in him the desire to work in the advertising world.

It was in President Prudent that Jose Borghi was born. He would later go to school and graduate with a degree in advertising from PUC Campinas. He worked for successful agencies like Leo Burnett, FCB and also Talent. With Erh Ray, he started a company but later sold it to Lowe in 2006. The company was afterwards referred to as Borghi Lowe and its presidency shared by Lowe and himself.

Later, Borghi Lowe merged with another company named Mullen Lowe in Brazil. In this company he dedicates himself to innovations and creativity. In his mind, he believes that the determination to go after what one wants is the greatest attribute of creative advertising. Since at an early age he realized that nothing was going to be handed to him, he worked hard. He had to labor faithfully to get what he wanted in life.

His experience and work has seen him work with many advertisers including Delta Airlines, American Express, Asia Motors, Honda, Leaf Group, Alpargatas and Kellogg. Due to his experience and talent he is among the 20 most respected advertisers in Brazil. His agency, according to an IBOPE agency is among the largest advertising firms in Brazil.