OneLogin Partners with Envoy to Make Experiences at Workplaces Effortless

Envoy, a company based in San Francisco has introduced software that allows office visitors, using an iPad, to sign in. This has made log books so much outdated and insecure. With Envoy, visitor registration process and host notifications have all been automated for easier identity management. Many companies have adopted Envoy for increased productivity and security within the company.

Envoy’s integration with OneLogin

For the Envoy customers, it was so much of a workload to keep an updated record of individual user access across all applications to ensure secure systems. That is where OneLogin came in. Envoy partnered with OneLogin recently to implement the SCIM (System for Cross-domain Identity management) protocol for user provisioning. SCIM allows Envoy customers to provision employees’ details from the OneLogin directory into their Envoy and update changes, if any, to the user profiles.

With the current user profiles for the employees, visitors in a company can be able to browse through their hosts and find them easily. The employees can also create visitor invites and get host alerts when their visitors arrive. Mr. Wells Riley, Envoy’s head of product says by synchronizing the employees’ data from OneLogin into the Envoy directory, any changes on OneLogin automatically reflects onto the customer’s Envoy directory. This has improved the security performance in most companies as well as the visitors’ experience.

Mr. Wells also says that working with OneLogin as their partner has improved services at Envoy to create experiences at workplaces very effortless.

OneLogin supports the embrace of access management standards and the open identity in many applications. OneLogin has been on the front line in advocating the SCIM as the best choice for technology and for companies who are looking to better their visitors’ experience. Many Customers who have used the Envoy with the SCIM protocol from OneLogin are pleased with the experience.