Larkin & Lacey Frontera Fund

You may have heard of advocate groups in the state of Arizona, such as the Arizona DREAM Coalition or American Civil Liberties Union of Arizona (ACLUA) and the great steps they’ve made in procuring civil and immigration rights across the state. There exists funds to help such organizations in keeping things running, so that such causes can continue to improve lives of individuals everywhere.

The Larkin & Lacey Frontera Fund is just such an entity. Founded by Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey, two journalists who also co-founded the Phoenix New Times and Village Voice Media, the Larkin & Lacey Frontera Fund exists to promote causes that support the First Amendment in America, though many of the organizations they fund are primarily related to the state of Arizona.

The fund was created by the two founders Larkin and Lacey after they were arrested and brought into custody from their homes overnight. Their incarceration had to do with the journalists revealing information online about the state requesting all journalist notes from articles pertaining to Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio – the very same sheriff who arrested them.

To add to their case, the grand jury also issued subpoenas requesting the personal information about all of those who read the articles about the sheriff online.

Both Larkin and Lacey sued the county and won in a settlement the amount of $3.75 million, which they the proceeded to use to form the Frontera Fund, which fights primarily for migrant rights. Along with the fund, there is a Larkin and Lacey website where there are numerous articles detailing the work of all of the organizations that the Larkin & Lacey Frontera Fund helps.

There’s also some updated news that is posted regularly to the site. One of these recent articles has to do with the Arizona DREAMers fighting against the state of Arizona’s decision to condemn the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) Program.

The DACA Program allows immigrant youths to seek legal work within the states, as well as allowing them access to higher levels of education to further their quality of life. The Arizona DREAMers, or Arizona DREAM Act Coalition, gathered at the state capital on the 4th of July to protest the termination of this program. Read more: Michael Larcey | Crunchbase and Michael Larcey | Twitter

This group is the very first youth-led group of immigrants in the state and they gathered at the capital with the goal of condemning Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton and those who have signed along with him for the request of termination of this program which was sent to President Trump by the Attorney General.

Ken Paxton’s letter couldn’t have come at a more dark time for immigrant rights. President Trump recently reached a decision to rescind DAPA, or Deferred Action for Parents of Americans and Lawful Permanent Residents program, along with any possibility of extending the DACA Program in other states.

That being said, a letter from someone in the Attorney General’s position is not a good sign for those who are part of the currently existing DACA Program in Arizona.

This letter, which was signed by Paxton on June 29, 2017, is a cruel message to American immigrant youths who have worked hard in states all over the country and prominently in the state of Arizona since the program was first implemented to present day.

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