New Board Members Add Their Skills To Sanjay Shah’s Autism Rocks Charity

The neurological condition autism can cause major issues for both the individual affected and their family, particularly as those affected are usually diagnosed during childhood with this medical condition. PR Newswire explains the Autism Rocks charity founded by Solo Capital’s Sanjay Shah has made such breakthroughs in its fund raising that new members have been appointed to the board of trustees; Pete and Will Best will bring their own skills in finance and the music industry to the charity famous for organizing invitation only events by major global stars.

Sanjay Shah funds his work with Autism Rocks from the personal fortune he built as a financial expert working on the London markets for some of the world’s best known financial institutions. Shah found himself wanting to spend more time with his family towards the end of 2008 and decided his best option to achieve this goal was to form his own consultancy and investment business, which became Solo Capital.

Solo Capital has now become a major force in financial circles after it began operating in more than 30 countries to offer consulting skills for clients around the world. Sanjay Shah is the founder and owner of over 30 companies that he operates from his headquarters in London and offices in Dubai. Solo Capital is the major business of the former medical student who abandoned the journey to become a doctor when he discovered he was better suited to a career in finance.

Autism Rocks has become a major force in raising funds for autism research as the charity attempts to ensure diagnosis occurs in individuals as early as possible in their life; Autism Rocks has provided major funding for researchers at Cambridge University who are looking to find the best ways of supporting families following an autism diagnosis. Pete Best will join the board of trustees after a successful financial career he recently departed to focus on philanthropic opportunities; Pete’s brother Will has spent the majority of his career as a music promoter and journalist who will work to make the concerts of Autism Rocks as successful as possible.