Central New Jersey Moms Receive Baby Boxes to Curb Infant Mortality Rates

Parenting is a long-term investment plan for a family. For every parent, the core objective of parenting is ensuring that the child is not only safe but protected from hard. The roles of a parent border providing a healthy and safe environment for children. One of the first alarming scares of infant’s life is Sudden Infant Death Syndrome abbreviated as SIDS. With the rising rates of sudden death syndrome in infants, the New Jersey Moms are excited for the cardboard boxes program that is set to reduce the number of children who lose their lives through the unexplained condition.


Baby Boxes


New Jersey moms have on the limelight thanks to their progress in initiating a project that will cut down the numbers of SIDS across the town. The team in charge of the project is sending every new parent home not only with a new baby but also a new cardboard box. The cardboard box has a fitting mattress and is to be the sleeping compartment for the babies on the first days of delivery. The main aim of the project is to foster healthy sleeping positions and environments for babies as a newborn is prone to infections as well as diseases during the first days. The boxes also reduce sleep complications that may arise in the absence of the parents.




Instead of using a basinet, these boxes can be used. They are readily accessible to mothers of Central New Jersey who have registered online with the program. Not only are the parents awarded with the boxes but also with additional gifts like baby wipes as well as onesies. The roots of these boxes trace back to Finland years ago when the government invested in the program with the aim of reducing the baby mortality rate. Initially, the boxes were offered to low income earning families. Currently, every family with a newborn is entitled to the baby box.

The Baby Box for New Jersey Mothers

New Jersey just became a trendsetter. This is the first state to give new parents baby boxes, and it is a really big deal.


One reason that this has become a big deal is because this is a box that is big enough to serve as a bed for new infants. This is something that could prevent a lot of infant deaths. This is a great thing for parents, but it is also a wonderful thing for the company called Baby Box. This is a company that many people have never heard of before.


The Baby Box Company is able to get a ton of free exposure. Everyone that has a baby in the state of New Jersey will find out about this company. The word will spread through social media. This way friends will have the pleasure of getting to know more about Baby Box through what this company is doing for new parents.


The great thing about this company is that it is providing new parents with a wonderful way to educate parents on newborn care. There are pampers and educational materials inside of the baby box. So many parents may feel a certain sense of panic about how they are going to take care of a newborn child. The educational material that is provided in these baby boxes can provide a sense of comfort to those that are wondering how they will take care of their new child.


Alabama is the 3rd state that has implemented this Baby Box concept, but New Jersey has managed to become the first. The best thing about the Baby Box Company is that the box that is offered is sturdy. It has been tested and it can hold up to 52 pounds. With the baby box people get access to the Baby Box University, and this gives parents access to online education about infants. A new mother can get information about brain development activities and safe sleep material online.


There are other states that are now giving people access to the Baby Box through outreach programs. This is a great concept that is slowly sweeping the nation, and new mothers in New Jersey are very excited about this. The Baby Box gives mothers those basic essentials.