Canadian Craft Beer with Eli Gershkovitch

The beer that evokes feelings in the mouth and sends exhilarating chills down the spine still falls short of describing the Canadian craft beer. The extremely volatile weather in Canada, the skilled hands of craftsmen dedicated to their duty and the delicate use of old tradition mingled with creative innovation are part of the reasons why Canadian beer is outstanding. The beer expresses the local taste and hard work of the Canadian people.

The variety is superb giving an exotic range of tastes to suit every individual. Here is a sneak preview to let in on the diversity;

The Red Racer Pale Ale

Done by central city brewing, winner of the 2012 brewing awards, this kind is more to the bitter side of the taste.

Gluntenberg Belgian Double

Product of Brasseurs Sans Gluten in Montreal. Contrary to its name, the beer is packed with barley thus nowhere close to the gluten-free taste. However, it sips quite well with traditional beer fans.

Nutcracker Porter

Talk of a beer to go with the festive moods and the nutcracker porter is just the right selection. Flavored with black oak, the taste is authentic and adding to that a spicing of cinnamon settles the mind into the holiday spirit quite naturally.

Blueberry Cream Ale

Settling for the lower side of bitter and a smooth flavor of malt, this beer is a delicious treat. It is just the right thing to spice up moments because the fruit comes through quite alright.

Summer Ale

This thirst draining well-balanced brew out of the Steamworks brewery suits the summer season. It oozes with life like the summer and makes a great companion by the pool or on adventurous trails.

Craft Beer Legend – Eli Gershkovitch

The man behind the stunning success at Steamworks is its formidable CEO Eli Gorshkovitch. His pioneering spirit and daring ability to push the limits has brought the brewery to greater heights. Gershkovitch is described as a veteran in craft brewery and his work is evident in the taste of their products.

The legend that is Eli Gershkovitch runs the plant with expertise, more like flying a plane and steering it through obstacles. Eli Gershkovitch stands among the people giving wings to the fame of Canadian craft beer. Moreover, the awards in the brewery’s name can be owed to his expert leadership.

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