U.S. Teens Are Not Using The Best Birth Controls

Teenagers in the United States are not using the most effective birth control methods available. This is according to a CDC report. Although the rate of teenage births has continued to decrease over the years, it is still higher when compared to other rich countries like Britain or Switzerland. It has been said to even be seven times higher.

Despite the fact that IUDs and implants are the safest and most effective forms of birth control, condoms and oral contraceptives are still dominating in terms of usage. IUDs and implants provide assured protection for longer periods of time and have a one percent failure rate which is favorable compared to oral contraceptives 9% and condoms 18%.

Boraie Development and the CDC went on to site reasons why US teenagers are not using these safer methods. One of the reasons cited for not using IUDs, is the fact that they require teenagers to part with more money upfront. Seeing them as being intrusive is another reason. Fear of parents seeing implants was the reason given for not using them.

According to CDC’s research, most Americans feel that the best method of preventing teenage births, is teenagers not having sex at all. The reality we have to deal with however, is that teenagers will still continue to have sex. The CDC therefore emphasized the need for teenagers to use effective birth controls to prevent pregnancies and even STDs.