Lactation Expert in New Jersey Helps Mom Take Breast Feeding Day by Day

A lactation specialist in New Jersey recently released a book that takes moms on a day by day journey through breastfeeding. The lactation expert expressed her desire to help new mothers cope with their changing feelings about breastfeeding during the first 30 days of nursing. The book was well received and has helped thousands of women around the world manage the day to day task of nursing their infants for a month. In this article from the Huffington Post, lactation specialist Nancy Lee describes some of the points that were presented in this book as a way to provide new, nursing mothers with a sense of relief during their first month of breastfeeding.

Lactation specialists often advise new mothers to stick with nursing for a full month before making a decision on whether or not to continue the process. Specialists provide this advise because there are many symptoms that are associated with nursing that only last for a few weeks and then dissipate. One of these symptoms is the soreness that often accompanies first time nursing. Lactation experts realize that breastfeeding can be uncomfortable initially, but advise mothers to continue to breastfeed until the body becomes used to the task of having to feed an infant. After the body becomes accustomed to nursing, the pain or discomfort will subside and the nursing process becomes substantially more comfortable.

Another of the symptoms new nursing mothers often complain about is the extreme exhaustion they feel while nursing their newborn. Lactation specialists usually advise mothers to stick with nursing until this symptom resolves itself. After a mother has been through the burdensome process of labor, her body goes into a healing state. Because the body is healing and nursing at the same time, exhaustion often sets in during the first month of breastfeeding. As the body gains strength and the newborn begins to nurse at more regular periods of time (as opposed to the erratic nursing newborns usually engage in days after their birth) the exhaustion will ease and the mother will become more comfortable and gain energy. The book which was recently released was meant to be a reminder to mothers to endure the nursing process until it becomes routine. The rewards of enduring are incredibly beneficial to both mother and baby.