Monkey Capital’s success driven by Daniel Mark Harrison

Daniel Mark Harrison is the CEO and Chairman of Daniel Mark Harrison & Co. Ltd, a post he has held since founding the company in October 2015. In a short amount of time, Harrison has risen up the ranks in the business world as a leader in crypto-currencies and blockchain investing.

His company Monkey Capital successfully launched its own cryptocurrency, COEVAL, on the on the Waves Decentralized Exchange (DEX). The Huffington Post called this cryptocurrency “The Billion Dollar Baboon” because of the quality of the plan and the names behind the currency. Unlike other cyrptocurrencies, COEVAL has talented investors and a solid business plan behind it. Monkey Capital’s COEVAL was awarded a Platinum accreditation by Coinschedule. Coinschedule evaluates over a thousand applicants a month in cryptocurrency, and COEVAL’s Platinum accreditation was a first for the site.

Daniel Mark Harrison was educated at Oxford University in England. He next went on to earn an MBA at BI Norwegian Business School, and finally a Masters in Journalism, focusing on business, from New York University.

Before founding Monkey Capital and DMH&CO, Harrison was a successful business journalist. Harrison wrote for a variety of notable publications. Harrison worked at the Motley Fool for six years, from 2009 to 2015, where he was a columnist that had many successful recommendations. He was also the founder of TheStreet’s Hong Kong office, where he utilized his knowledge of the Asian markets to collect and sell market intelligence to investors. Daniel Mark Harrison is also the Editor In Chief of CoinSpeaker, an online publication focusing on Cryptocurrencies.

In addition to his roles in journalism, Harrison was also the co-founder of investment firm Stanley Court Ltd. and was the Head of Private Clients at St. Helen’s Capital Plc, where he was the largest individual revenue generator in the company.



The Success of Mr. SahmAdrangi and His Great Personality

Mr. SahmAdrangi is a successful businessman who serves in a stock investment company. He founded Kerrisdale Capital Management firm which raised $100 million over a short period. This was achieved through investors betting against stock dealing companies. Kerrisdale is a firm worth $10 billion thanks to businessman Mr. Adrangi who through his marvelous skills has always made sure the company performs and makes good returns.Mr. SahmAdrangi is a degree holder in Bachelor of Arts Economics from Yale University. Before establishing Kerrisdale Capital management firm, he worked in many places doing different kinds of jobs. He has served in firms such as Longacre Fund management as an Analyst, Restructuring Investment Banking group –Chanin capital partners, and Leverage Finance investment Bank-Deutsche Bank.Mr. Adrangi commenced working as an analyst in the renowned Deutsche Bank Group. He was in charge of the structuring of non-investment grade bank debt. He then moved to serve at a private investment company, a multi-million dollar debt Hedge Fund known as Longacre Management which is approximately worth $1.2 billion. Mr. Adrangi’s work was to research and analyze the credit fund and equity fund.

Mr. Adrangi also worked at the Restructuring Group at Chanin capital partners where his main work was to advise creditors and to represent bank debt holders, bondholders, and other creditors of distress. Kerrisdale Capital firm is located in New York City, and it focuses on long-term investment companies. The company buys securities and later sells them at a profitable amount of money. Kerrisdale shares ideas with large investment communities through its website. The firm is the leading proponents of the emerging activism.Mr. Adrangi through his experience in the previous jobs he attained incredible skills which have enabled him to achieve bigger dreams in his life. This is evident by his establishing a great investment company known as Kerrisdale Capital Investment Company. He has always ensured the company is self-supportive as well as the creation of good profits. His support to entire investment community creates a good image of the company to the world as well as generosity as portrayed through his personality.

Equities First Holdings – A Great Financial Wellspring for Your Business

All associations rely on a specific source in financing their day-to-day costs, regardless of whether buying office inventories or supplies. Any time you are searching for a decision to finance your business, there are different issues you need to connect with. These days, over 90 percent of new organizations are self-upheld yet toward the end of their business activities they may risking their resources. All the more along these lines, it might take more time to sufficiently spare enough cash and make your business depend on your investment funds. And that is the gap Equities First identified and by offering stock loans, startups can find it easy beginning their business operations.

To develop your business, you may not find it easy to get quick loan from any other lender. Even more, every single potential moneylender services accompany their own terms and conditions. Yet, one of the services that has been hitting the news within the commercial sector is that of Equities First Holdings. The company provides non-resource loans that come with small interest of not more than 4%. You can utilize your stock as security and get a quick financing that accompanies low interest fees. For the individuals who are not ready to clear their overdue debts, they may choose to part with their stock and keep the money and learn more about Equities First Holdings.

Financing is essential for beginning entrepreneurs or for a growing business. Without satisfactory start-up capital, you won’t have the ability to pay for your business license, purchase equipment, or hire employees. Fortunately, financing is available from different sources. You may get a loan from a bank or other conventional financing associations. Most banks will need to see a marketable strategy, a record that will depict the key parts of your business. This fuses the official summary, and inside the report, you ought to portray why you need financing. In today’s financial history, getting customary loans is getting to be noticeably harder. Equities First can assist you get the financial soothe to begin your business! and more information click here.

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Why Market America Unfranchise is Suitable for all Types of Consumers

Market America Company was founded in 1992 by James Howard Ridinger and his wife, Loren. The firm has its headquarters in Greensboro, NC. The company provides internet marketing and financial management services. The company has its distribution points at Mexico, Taiwan, among other countries. The products being offered by the company include beauty and baby products, jewelry and items for controlling weight. The company has other marketing firms which are affiliated with it. Market America sells its products to consumers at The website was owned by Bill Gates before it was acquired by the Market America Company.

One of The outstanding product available in the company is the cleaning agents. Enzyme 3X Laundry Detergent which is used for removing toughest stains is distributed by the firm. The products remove the stains gently, and it is more efficient than the normal detergents. The company also has Dishwashing Liquid which removes the toughest grease and grime. The detergent softens the skin during cleaning and prevents it from drying. Home & Shop Cloth which is used for cleaning any material surface is also one of the strongest cleaning agents being provided by the company.

Market America also markets the products which are manufactured or processed by other companies. The company has some online retailers who form the Market America Unfranchise. The retailers on the Market America Unfranchise sells the products to the consumers using the Market America’s website portal. The retailers, however, are supposed to pay a subscription fee for the use of the portal. The retailers earn 50 percent of all the products sold through the website. Market America Unfranchise also enables the retailers to gain from forming partnerships with other organizations.

Market America Unfranchise makes it possible for the company to provide diverse products to its consumers. The customers are also assured of standardized products from the Market America Unfranchise. The standardization of the products ensures that the company retains its consume

Behind Betsy DeVos: Philanthropy and Experience

The 2017 appointment of Betsy DeVos as Secretary of Education was met with praise and controversy from opposing ends of the education aisle. Well known as a leader in the school choice movement and champion in education reform, Betsy’s interest in education has been evident not only in her political actions throughout her adult life but also in her philanthropy through giving and the promotion of grassroots educational organizations over the years. As the daughter of a public school teacher, she was introduced to the concept of school choice at a young age. Throughout her college and adult life, she would begin to champion the cause not only on the front lines in public school sectors and her political work within the Michigan Republican Party but also through her philanthropy and giving through various charitable and non-profit organizations.

As former Chairman of the Philanthropy Roundtable, an organization that works to educate legislators on the need for philanthropy as well as promote philanthropy through working with donors to fulfill philanthropic needs across the nation, DeVos used her platform to encourage giving in high need areas such as K-12 education – particularly in her area of school choice and vouchers. In an interview with the Philanthropy Roundtable, Devos stated that her interest in advocating for school choice on a national scale blossomed when she served on two non-profit education charities in her state of Michigan to support legislation for vouchers and scholarships for low-income families. After the failure of school choice vouchers and scholarship legislation, she took her fight to a national level, working with additional educational nonprofits in states across the nation. Increasing both her philanthropic and political activity to increase awareness of the need for school choice advocacy.

Her philanthropy includes not only monetary donations and work through non-profit organizations such as Kids Hope USA and the Foundation for Excellence in Education, but also as an in school mentor for Grand Rapids Public Schools for 15 years. Philanthropy and giving are undeniably a family trait of the DeVos’ as her family was named as #24 on Forbes’s 2015 list of Top Givers, with Betsey and her husband contributing 11.6 million in Charity for that year alone – many of the benefactors being education and art organizations.Her giving has helped countless children in need and her philanthropic involvement has increased the awareness of school choice to those who were previously unfamiliar with the concept. And while she is still in the beginning of her career as the Secretary of Education, we hope her enthusiasm and tenacity for education and reform in the past will be indicative of her performance to come. Follow her on Twitter :

Chris Burch: The Relationship Between Technology and Fashion Industres

Chris Burch is the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of the Burch Creative Capital Company. He has been in productive investment and entrepreneurship for more than four decades. His contribution to the industry of fashion and technology has given birth to more than 50 companies in the United States. Chris is the former board member of The Continuum Group and Guggenheim Capital.


According to Chris Burch, there is no difference between the world of fashion and technology. As a matter of fact, the two worlds are related and cannot work without the other. As much as fashion exists, technology is there because of fashion. For many years, the two industries have grown seamlessly. However, there is only one remaining constant about the two industries. They grow together. For many years, technology has grown to become fashion. In the other hand, technology becomes fashionable as it grows. A fascinating part of the story is how the two industries have grown together. When we look at the present and past events, we will realize that the two industries have a history to relate. They never cease to grow together. For this reason, we will find out how they keep coming.


The 70s saw the rise of technology. During this era, the rise of the Boombox was the order of the day. As a matter of fact, this technology came with features that allowed you to walk around with your favorite stations and lines. This fashionable technology also allowed the users to record music while playing. They were featured with two decks that worked seamlessly. For this reason, we find out that technology grew in what was considered fashionable. The dawn of the 80s brought a new thing into the world of technology. They saw the development of the movies. As a matter of fact, television was one of the newest things in the world. Therefore, these videos were recorded on cassettes and played using the movie decks at home and cinema halls.


When we move closer to the 90s, we find the development of new technology associated with better maneuverability. The invention of the Walkman carried the decade. This was one of the best inventions ever since technology played a major role in music. As a matter of fact, it gained adoption on a massive scale. When ewe came to the late 90s, we saw the introduction of iPod. This action revolutionized the whole industry. These are some of the evidence that technology and fashion are ever together.

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