Gregory J. Aziz, Successful Businessman and Chief Executive Officer of National Steel Car

Gregory James Aziz serves as the Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and President of National Steel Car, a leading railroad freight car manufacturing and engineering company in the world. National Steel Car is based in Hamilton, Ontario.


About Gregory Aziz

Greg studied at Ridley College then later attended the University of Western Ontario and majored in Economics. In 1971, James Aziz joined the family’s wholesale food business, Affiliated Foods, which had a successful growth rate and became one of the leading importers of fresh foods in the world from Europe, Central, and South America. As a result, the company distributed all the fresh foods to wholesale markets across Eastern Canada and America.


Gregory J Aziz worked on a number of banking investments in New York in the late 1980s and early 1990s. In 1994, Greg Aziz managed to organize National Steel Car’s purchase from Dofasco with a primary goal of transforming the Canadian corporation into a leading railroad freight car manufacturer in North America. By 1999, the company’s manufacturing capability increased from 3,500 cars to 12,000 cars per year. During that same period, the employment rate grew from 600 to approximately 3,000. Currently, Greg James Aziz and his wife are sponsors of the most prominent agricultural fair in Canada known as the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair.


National Steel Car

Since 1912, National Steel Car has been leading the manufacturing and engineering industry in the innovation of new railroad freight cars every year. The company is the only railroad freight car company in North America that is ISO certified for the past 18 years. Since 1996, the company has received the TTX SECO Award, a high-quality award. National Steel Car ensures that the freight cars designed and manufactured exceed the needs of the customers in the railroad industry.


National Steel Car’s strongest contribution to the community is offering thousands of well-paying jobs that assist the families in Southern Ontario. Apart from that, the company sponsors other charitable events like the Hamilton Opera, Theatre Aquarius, the Salvation Army, and the United Way. Every year, National Steel Car holds a Christmas party where people also participate in food drives in a bid to support local food banks.  More Reads Here.


It is important to note that National Steel Car does not rely on past achievements. The company continues to be committed to listening to the needs of customers to ensure that they continue to be North America’s leading railcar manufacturing company. The company builds the highest quality railcars with a consistent delivery performance.


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Patty Rocklage Helps Couples and Families Reconcile

Patty Rocklage is an experienced, licensed psychotherapist from Sudbury, Massachusetts. She specializes in marriage and family therapy, and has over 20 years’ experience in the profession. She was educated at the University of South Carolina and graduated in 1981. She says some of the common reasons people grow apart is lack of communications or financial problems. She recommends that the problems be dealt with as soon as they arise.

Patty has accomplished many things during her career. Her style of dealing with clients is warm and inviting. She takes pride in being able to help couples and families work out their differences and resolve their problems. She helps her clients communicate with each other openly and honestly. She claims that a major problem for couples is because they have conflicting personalities. With a neutral third party, like Patty in the middle, they can begin to see each other’s point of view and begin to break down the barriers between them.

Patty and her husband, Dr. Scott Rocklage, made a donation last year to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Chemistry department. Her husband Scott studied there. They gave their gift to upgrade the nanochemistry and nanotechnology lab. They were given a plaque that is displayed at the school.

Patty is an active participant in community outreach and capacity building activities in her hometown of Sudbury. She is active in coaching, teaching, public speaking and team building in her community. Patty and her husband Scott are active in philanthropy in the local community and beyond. They are well-known in their hometown.

PodcastOne Founder and Broadcasting Guru: Norman Pattiz


PodcastOne announced a new podcast that will go deep into the world of angels, alien encounters, demons, monsters, and all things paranormal. The podcast titled Beyond the Darkness will air on the WWE legend; Chris Jericho’s podcast network which broadcasts under PodcastOne.


Beyond the darkness will broadcast mind blowing conversations from personal experiences and leading researchers that will review and analyze everything from the great beyond. The show will be hosted by the renowned author and radio host, David Schrader and Tim Dennis who is in radio production and also doubles as an awesome host.


The hosts, Dave and Tim, are celebrities in the paranormal broadcast world. The choice to have them host the show was profound as they already have a huge following that believes and hang on every word they say regarding paranormal activities. This already provides leverage for the show in the widely followed Jericho Network., iTunes, and the Podcast one application will air all new episodes every Monday. The WWE star expressed his excitement in incorporating the new podcast to the Jericho Network.


Norman Pattiz, the executive chairman and founder of PodcastOne, praised Chris Jericho for working hard and diversifying his network beyond wrestling. Norman identified Chris Jericho as one of the valuable gems of the PodcastOne Network.


Norman Pattiz has achieved the highest level of excellence in the broadcasting industry. He previously founded Westwood One, a company committed to production and distribution of top notch programs. During his tenure, Westwood One was known to have the widest radio coverage of entertainment, news, and sports in the industry.


Norman then founded Courtside Entertainment Group before moving on to Podcast one. From its inception, PodcastOne has featured a large number of well-known brands and personalities. Norman has a policy of strategically implementing all the ideas, and he attributes this to his success.


Norman was selected to serve as a governor on the Broadcasting Board of USA by President Clinton in the year 2000. President Bush reappointed him in 2002.


Norman Pattiz has received several awards to honor his four decades of broadcasting excellence. He was awarded the Broadcaster of the year numerous times and has also received the Distinguished Education Service Award.


In 2009, Norman was recognized for the tremendous contributions he has made in the industry by being drafted into the National Radio Hall of Fame. The Library of American Broadcasting awarded Norman Pattiz the Giants of Broadcasting Award.

Follow him @norman_pattiz

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Advance Medical Care with Richard Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides

Innovacare Health mainly deals with health care strategies in Puerto Rico Healthcare Inc and PMC Medicare Choice Inc. It is one of the tops and leading developing company in the sector of healthcare services. The organization of Innovacare is managed by over than 7500 providers and consisting of over 200,000 people staff members. Allocating exceptional health care to the customers is the vital key to the organization. These makes the organization enable generate maintainable ideal which profits new development on and being completely united with better technologies.

In this current century there is regular difficulties in health care surroundings, therefore the main objectives of InnovaCare are to modify healthcare administration so that they can deal accurately with the problems. Furthermore, InnovaCare has particular morals they adhere to. The standards include always the patients attended first, providing astonishing medical care is the aim, upright relationship among the patient and people serving them, progress medical networks and lastly supporting the organization that requires proficient management.

The company CEO and the president are Dr. Richard Shinto. He has also taken part in management staff on on other different company which is called Aveta Inc from the year 2008 to 2012. In Aveta he also worked as the CEO and president. He has also worked in California at NAMM as the Chief Medical Officer. He has worked for more than 20 years as a clinical health care thus making him more experience. He got his B.S from California University and MBA from the University of Redlands. Apart from working in the medical company he writes several books on health care medical.

InnovaCare Health has a lot of members but one of the member staff is Penelope Kokkinides she was part of the as a staff member company when it started but she then left but she is now back as the Administrative Officer of the company and also Chief Operating Officer at InnovaCare and Avets Inc as Dr Richard Shinto. She has a lot of experience of over than 20 years. She has was the administrator at Centerlight Healthcare where she managed the considered way of the care center on Yahoo. She got a degree in biological sciences from Binghamtom University and Social master’s degree from Newyork City.

InnovaCare is now linked to Health Care Payment Learning and Action Network (LAN) that was developed by HHS with the target of refining the payment techniques and attaining their dreams.

5 Questions with Stephen Murray, CEO of CCMP Capital

The recent buyout and equity growth tea of JPMorgan Partners, CCMP Capital, has closed with more than $3.4 billion capital committed at first independent fund. Therefore, there are five questions for CCMP CEO and President Stephen Murray.

1. This was the first independent effort by your tea without any diversified independent strategy or JPMorgan that included mezzanine, venture capital, and Latin America. Can you explain the process?

Murray: In the recent past, we’ve been facing questions that we are very neutral. We didn’t know what or track record was. As a matter of fact, the source of our deals was not yet clear. We also relied on the bank on numerous things. For this reason, we underwent considerable discussions. However, we found our ultimate base on strategy, capabilities, and differentiation to achieve the best.

There were many controversial forces against our development as a young company whose father is vast. In the end, the fundraising was successful compared to what we expected. Our good strategy can be shown on the success acquired in the fundraising events that took place last month. CCMP Capital also shows the track record of our proven capability. Moreover, we also did get our deals to the bank. Therefore, our company had no liability.

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2. You say the fundraising had more success than expected. However, you fell short of your target. What is the clarification?
Murray: our earlier debate was about our targets. We discussed whether to have $3.25 billion or $3.5 billion. The bank gave us most of the initial capital in operation. Our target came down because we fell short of time. While this money came out from individual investors, many things affected its yield. Therefore, we have realized that we need a new circle of relationships regarding new numbers.

3. Let me know about your team. Why and when did you take over management from CEO and President Jeffrey Walker?
Murray: I think it all happened at the beginning of the year. We advertised the position on our website. However, there was no one as qualified as I was on this matter.

4. You explained to me that CCMP Capital has an initial plan of hiring operating partners. What is the status of this issue?
Murray: this was a joint decision made by the bank and our company. When we pulled off from the bank, it was made to expire.

5. Any changes involving your banking strategy?
Murray: it is our long-term plan for a company.

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Vijay Eswaran Is One Of Asia’s Most Influential Business Leaders

Vijay Eswaran has been successful in the direct selling industry for about 18 years as the co-founder of QI Group and it’s subsidiary companies. QI Group is based in Asia with offices in Eswaran’s home country of Malaysia, Hong Kong, Thailand and Singapore. The products QI Group sells range from health and wellness solutions, jewelry and watches, cosmetics, and technology accessories. QI Group also has holdings in Asian real estate properties including vacation homes and resorts, and also is owner of Quex Courier, a logistics and warehousing division. As a multilevel marketing business, Eswaran’s company offers other people an opportunity to start their own business and earn commission-based income.

Vijay Eswaran has made his millions in the direct selling industry, but he didn’t always live wealthy. He was born in Malaysia to a family that had to travel around due to his father’s government job, and later in life he attended the London School of Economics. Eswaran had little money when he graduated the university and spent time working odd jobs as a cab driver and working in a French vineyard. He did eventually make enough money to attend graduate school at CIMA in the UK, and then Southern Illinois University where he got his MBA. He also worked for IBM and Synaptics during this time.

In the 1990s, he decided he wanted to start up his own company back in Malaysia, and soon he partnered up with the Cosway Group to launch a side business in the Philippines. In 1998, he and Joseph Bismarck began the QI Group, and soon the company began growing its business model and expanding its portfolio into not only Asia, but many other countries around the world. In 2004 and 2008, QI Group even distributed commemorative coins for the Olympic Games those years, as well as the 2002 FIFA World Cup.

Vijay Eswaran is also a philanthropist who helped start RHYTHM Foundation, a foundation that helps impoverished communities, educational institutions, and young children with disabilities. Eswaran has also spoken at universities and business forums around the world and was named to Forbes Asia’s Heroes of Philanthropy in 2011. He also authored the 2005 book In The Sphere Of Silence, a book about the importance of spirituality in business.

Keith Mann: Getting Here Has Been an Experience

UPDATE: October 18, 2016

Keith Mann supports the commitment of Uncommon Schools towards innovation and academic excellence. He has been working closely with students as they pursue their studies. Earlier this year, Mann announced 2016 scholarship for professional achievement. The Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship for Professional Achievement is an award aimed at recognizing young and innovative leaders in the business sector. The scholarship opportunity is to be implemented by the Uncommon Schools and is to be given to one graduating senior.

Identify demand and proceed to supply the required services
For more than 15 years, Keith Mann has been an active member of the executive search industry. As such, he is an experienced professional when it comes to hiring and staffing strategies as well as hedge fund compensation. Recruiting for firms that provide global financial services was among his responsibilities as the previous managing director of Dynamics Executive Search. After realizing the search community was providing inadequate services to the rapidly growing hedge fund industry, Keith Mann established the Alternative Investment Practice in 2002, albeit as part of Dynamics Executive Search.

Despite several difficulties, Keith Mann successfully expanded Alternative Investment Practice into the private equity industry in the year 2006. In 2009, he went a step further and launched Dynamics Search Partners (DSP), one of the very first premier executive search firms. The aim was to provide alternative investment companies with an exclusive dedication, a service he ensured DSP excelled at.

At present, Keith Mann serves as the CEO of Dynamics Executive Search (DSP), with the company’s day-to-day management as a primary responsibility. Developing new platforms and assistance when it comes to hiring internal strategy, investment, and marketing experts for existing teams are a few of the services he offers his clientele. Dynamics Executive Search presently works with various companies involved in the alternative investment industry the world over, especially in Europe, Asia, and the United States. As such, DSP fills more than 200 customer mandates every year.

What inspired Dynamic Search Partners?
Our previous firm, Dynamics Associates, was the primary contributing factor to Dynamics Search Partners, especially since keeping the name consistent was among our intentions. However, the original concept for DSP came from the experience garnered from years of exclusively providing services related to alternative investments. I grew up in New York, and being around a lot of executives in the same industries groomed me for this particular position. In addition to the beauty of working for oneself, there existed a demand for the services we offer and we were quite happy to supply.

What are your day-to-day activities and how do you ensure productivity?
A typical day involves a nonstop combination of quite a number of call, emails, and meetings. Ensuring productivity comes down to working relentlessly and staying focused, which is not as easy as it may sound. However, exercising before going to work enables me to make the most of my time at the office.

How do you transform your thoughts and ideas into reality?
As I said before, it all comes down to effectively supplying the necessary services after identifying demand. Most of my thoughts and concepts stem from needs, be it altering the layout of how we conduct our evaluations for viable candidates or engaging more employees to expand our scope. Everything here starts with a need. I, however, wait to act on the ideas with the highest probability of improving our current system, particularly because there is always so much going on.

Among the many trends, which one excites you the most?
In all honestly, I would say diversity. In my industry, we are always aiming to produce the best possible candidates for every other position. I confidently say that the decision makers responsible for hiring the candidates we produce look for diversity, especially in recent years.

Among your various habits, which one would you say enhances your productivity as an entrepreneur?
I would say my morning exercise, which apart from helping me to start the day right also enables me to stay focused. Performing the same job every single day for a long time is quite a challenge, and although it might sound silly, it is quite amazing how my morning exercise helps me to perform effectively and efficiently throughout the day.

What was the worst position you ever held and what are the benefits of that experience?
Although I hated it, I used to work on a foreign exchange desk as a trading assistant for a major bank. However, holding that position taught me how desperately I needed to be the boss of me.

Would you change anything given a chance to start over?
I would not change a single thing, not one. A combination of every experience thus far is what makes me as good as I am at what I do. In addition, I have the privilege of working with some exceptional individuals from whom I actually learn a lot on a daily basis.

Do you keep repeating anything and would you recommend it to every other entrepreneur?
As a matter of fact, I have never assumed my first decision is correct, which means I always ask for assistance. In just the same manner as the services we provide, I prefer collecting as much information as possible.

What business approach do you consider effective when it comes to ensuring growth? Please explain how.
I consider the incorporation of technology in everything as the most effective business approach, particularly when it comes to ensuring growth. As such, we established an online portal for both our customers and candidates and I can say with absolute confidence that its time-saving attributes make us more efficient as a team. Keeping an open mind regarding technology and its potential to make my life a lot easier remains the most beneficial business strategy I have ever adopted. This industry has come a long way, especially since there was a time hiring a developer for the creation of your visionary portal was impossible.

What do you consider your failure as an entrepreneur? Please explain how you overcame it.
I would not want to sound smug but coming up with a suitable answer to this question is hard for me. We probably made an unsuitable hiring decision a while back, which might be considered a failure. However, we corrected that particular issue swiftly. Although we recognized this employee as an outstanding individual from the word go, it turned out that this person was not a particularly great fit for us, so we made the break. I really appreciate our current team and think it is the best anyone can ask for.

How and on what did you spend the best $100 in recent times?
I recently spent $100 to take my children to a pizza making class, which they loved.

What website service and software do you use and what are their best features?
I really appreciate all of Google’s products. In addition to LinkedIn being huge in our industry, Google docs and spreadsheets are excellent for collaboration seeing as each enables several people to work simultaneously. Everything else I would recommend is considered a trade secret.

Please name one book you would recommend to our community and why
Daniel Kahneman’s book “Thinking, fast and slow” makes for a great read, especially for those who have jobs and want to succeed. It is a fascinating book and I love it.

Who influences your thoughts and would be interesting to others?
Michael Bloomberg, who apart from always leading by example has accomplished a lot in his life.

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Reifler Reigns Yet Again

Brad Reifler is a well-known and well-quoted name when it comes to investment groups and firms. The father of three investment corporations till date, Reifler currently occupies the CEO position of the Forefront Management Group, which happens to be one of the three corporations he founded. Although sporting an education from Bowdoin College and presently being one of the most celebrated names in the business, Reifler had had to toil hard to reach his present position. He initially became a trader at Refco, a company that his grandfather had founded. In 1982, however, he disengaged himself and started his own Reifler Trading Corporation that was later bought by Refco in the year 2000. This was his first independent venture and was only the brink of the iceberg.

Later, in 1995, he founded Pali Capital, a company that managed to influence the entire world, and headed it till 2008. In 2009, the Forefront Company came into existence and has been the focus of Reifler’s business since.

The Forefront firm itself is only about eight years old. However, with Reifler working at the throne, it has been able to make early breakthroughs in its business. A proof of this hit the newspapers in the late 2014 and took the entire world by storm.

According to this, the Forefront Capital had courageously put a toe out of the slavish line of business trends by introducing the unparalleled Income Trust that welcomes the non-accredited investors with open arms, and the world cannot be more thankful for it. All the trusts currently existing in the world offer investments to the accredited customers, with mammoth bank accounts and buffalo, sized wallets. This, unfortunately, leaves out a staggering population of the world that is already steeped into financial trouble and cannot afford to lose the largest portion of their savings, a disaster that did occur during the financial crises of 2008, leaving them crippled and fearful of further investments. Brad Reifler himself fell prey to this on two occasions: when two of his children had to attend university during the period of financial depression and when he tried to invest his father-in-law’s business, only to find out how cramped up the opportunities were for the middle class.

With the development of the Forefront Income Trust, the Forefront Management Group allows the middle class to start investing at a meager sum of $2500. To further hone the confidence and trust of the customers, the firm promises not to make a penny out of the investment unless the investor himself is making 8 percent of the sum investment. Such a venture has blown right across the Wall Street as something unique, new and possibly with huge prospects of success.  Check out Brad’s official website for more on his career history.

Why Chicago is Leading in Business Development and Real Estate Industry

The development of real estate firms in the world have contributed to the enhancement of economic growth. United States of America is one country that has invested a lot of resources in the real estate sector. As such, many companies have emerged offering competitive services that are geared towards satisfying the needs of the citizens. Chicago is one state in USA that has continued to grow and emerge as a leading economic hub to be emulated. It has a robust real estate and housing facilities that have continued to grow and ride on the economic limelight. However, the firms have been experiencing difficulties in the capital market due to changing economic times. The southern and western part of Chicago is still booming in the housing sector while the areas in the downtown and the northern parts tend to maintain poor housing records. This has left the city in experiencing difficulties in ensuring customer satisfaction towards service delivery.

This unclear pattern in the real estate development in Chicago has left many questions unanswered. The city is considered to be developing in different parts while other parts have continued to remain behind in the housing sector. As a result, the general housing and real estate development in the entire city has continued to deteriorate in the recent years living the housing cost to rise up significantly.

Chicago has a lot of potential when comes to entrepreneurship and business development. This has led to the emergence many business personalities who have scaled the heights to ensure Chicago continues to prosper economically. Majeed Ekbal is a notable business and entrepreneur who has invested heavily in the grocery store industry. He is the president of Expresso which is a grocery company that has improved the lives of citizens in Chicago. He is mandated with supplying the supermarkets and other chain stores with quality grocery materials for consumption. This is through sourcing for the goods from every part of the country including overseas thus ensuring customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

After graduating from American University in Washington, Majeed Ekbal developed a computer data system that has over one thousand food items that are always on high demand by citizens. This is what gave him the initiative of becoming a world class grocery supplier. His services are very cheap ranging from 5 dollars to 10 dollars depending on the distance. He also offers door to door delivery of goods at your convenience. In addition, he does office delivery on request and delivers the products to customer vehicle for easy transportation.