Gregory Aziz And The Transformation Of National Steel Car

Gregory James Aziz is National Steel Car’s chairman, president and CEO. The Hamilton, Ontario-based company is a world leader in railroad freight car manufacturing. A London, Ontario native, Aziz attended the University of Western Ontario and earned a degree in economics. In 1971 he went to work for Affiliated Foods, a wholesale food company owned by his family. By 1987, the company was a worldwide importer offering major wholesale fresh food markets throughout the U.S. and Eastern Canada fresh food from South and Central America and Europe.

From the late 1980s through early 1990s, Greg Aziz was in New York looking at investment banking opportunities. In 1994 he purchased National Steel Car. His goal was to create the top railroad freight car manufacturer in North America out of the formally great Canadian company. Gregory J. Aziz emphasized strong engineering capabilities and team building at National Steel Car. He hired 2,400 workers and by 1999 had increased annual production from 3,500 cars to 12,000. The company’s innovation, engineering and manufacturing excellence led to its railroad cars being voted the highest quality in North America 18 years in a row. Read This Page.


Gregory James Aziz is committed to the community in Hamilton, Ontario. As the company’s fortunes soared, he has given generously to the community. National Steel Car sponsors a wide variety of social and charitable organizations. They include the Hamilton Opera, Theatre Aquarius, the Salvation Army, the United Way and many other local charities. Each year thousands of past and present National Steel Car employees attend the company’s Christmas Party. The employees also participate in major food drives organized by National Steel Car for local food banks.

Greg Aziz and Irene, his wife, are Royal Agricultural Winter Fair sponsors. It’s the most prominent agricultural fair in Canada. For over 23 years Gregory James Aziz has done his best to transform National Steel Car into a company with a reputation for producing the highest quality, most innovative railroad freight car in North America. Not only has he succeeded, he has done his best to help improve the quality of life for people in Hamilton as well.


Aziz and National Steel Car’s success is a direct result of his vision, understanding of business administration, attention to detail and commitment to his staff, his company and the community. Today he’s among Ontario Canada’s most successful business executives. One that made his lofty corporate vision a reality.

Why Market America Unfranchise is Suitable for all Types of Consumers

Market America Company was founded in 1992 by James Howard Ridinger and his wife, Loren. The firm has its headquarters in Greensboro, NC. The company provides internet marketing and financial management services. The company has its distribution points at Mexico, Taiwan, among other countries. The products being offered by the company include beauty and baby products, jewelry and items for controlling weight. The company has other marketing firms which are affiliated with it. Market America sells its products to consumers at The website was owned by Bill Gates before it was acquired by the Market America Company.

One of The outstanding product available in the company is the cleaning agents. Enzyme 3X Laundry Detergent which is used for removing toughest stains is distributed by the firm. The products remove the stains gently, and it is more efficient than the normal detergents. The company also has Dishwashing Liquid which removes the toughest grease and grime. The detergent softens the skin during cleaning and prevents it from drying. Home & Shop Cloth which is used for cleaning any material surface is also one of the strongest cleaning agents being provided by the company.

Market America also markets the products which are manufactured or processed by other companies. The company has some online retailers who form the Market America Unfranchise. The retailers on the Market America Unfranchise sells the products to the consumers using the Market America’s website portal. The retailers, however, are supposed to pay a subscription fee for the use of the portal. The retailers earn 50 percent of all the products sold through the website. Market America Unfranchise also enables the retailers to gain from forming partnerships with other organizations.

Market America Unfranchise makes it possible for the company to provide diverse products to its consumers. The customers are also assured of standardized products from the Market America Unfranchise. The standardization of the products ensures that the company retains its consume

Equities First Holdings – Offering Alternative Financing Solutions to Individuals and Businesses

Equities First Holdings is one of the well-known companies in the world of alternative finance and has footprint globally with offices in the United States, United Kingdom, Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Australia. The company understands the finance needs of the small to medium sized business that are aspirational and wish to grow at a consistent rate. Availability of liquidity in the business is essential to ensure that various business activities and expansion measures can be implemented without any hassles, and it is where the non-purpose loans offered by Equities First Holdings come into the picture.

Equities First Holdings offers loans against the stocks that are traded in various global markets. It offers the small to medium sized businesses to keep their investments while getting the cash they need for the business. The company also offers non-purpose loans to the high net worth individuals. Equities First Holdings has offices in three major cities of Australia, namely in Perth, Melbourne, and Sydney. However, the company recently shifted its Melbourne office to a much better and central district of the city, which would make the office more accessible. The company hopes that moving to a bigger and better office would be of great help for the employees as well as the customers, and would also help in running efficiently and adding revenue to the company. Click here to know more.

Getting conventional loans can be hectic as the process is long and tiring, and there is endless paperwork needed. However, Equities First Holdings offers loans with flexible terms and easy processing. It makes it easier for the individuals as well as the businesses to get the loan they need with ease much quickly. Alternative financing solutions have become a reliable tool for the businesses these days as it helps with fuelling the business with liquidity as and when they need it without hassles.

Expanding Artistic Talent and Working on Big Projects with Nine9

Nine9 is the agency that people expect when they first join an agency. Many people have that dream of signing up with a talent agency and then finding a lot of opportunities to start work. However, many people are disheartened to learn that their dreams are very different from the reality of situation. However, Nine9 is the one talent agency that actually brings the reality back to the level of expectation. Many people join for different reasons, but they learn that Nine9 is very effective in bringing projects that they are suited for to them.

One example is that of a woman who just wanted to expand her talents as an artist. she has decided to join the company and has experienced a lot of success with the company. While she wasn’t immediately booked for an audition, she was still excited that she was getting tons of opportunities. Eventually, she was booked for a modeling show. It is common for people who sign up for Nine9 to already have a couple of shows that they are working on. Nine9 is always updating their clients with new opportunities. They are also contacting their clients on the opportunities that they have available for them and Nine9’s lacrosse camp.

One of the things that people are realizing is that there are a ton of changes being made to the industry. For one thing, the internet has made it so that people can find other ways to get involved in the activity of entertainment. Therefore, agencies are realizing that they are going to have to step up their game if they want to remain relevant. More people are realizing that they can get involved in video projects. Nine9 is willing to help people maintain their hope in gaining fame that will help them get the roles that they always want and more information click here.

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The Un-Agency Nine9 Helps Aspiring Talent Get Auditions

What is Nine9, and what does it do? Nine9, the UnAgency, is revamping the way talented individuals find their way into the best entertainment industry, as this YouTube video relates. Aspiring actors, models, and musicians are the kinds of talent Nine9 works with.The goal is to help the talent go viral. Nine9 gets musicians, actors, and models hooked up with auditions. Its name represents the 99% of talented individuals who aren’t in the top tier of their profession…yet. Nine9 believes the 99% who don’t have an agent should have a chance to be heard.

Singer and actress Katherine C. is the first to give her testimonial in the video. Katherine has gotten many auditions that have led to photo shoots and parts in commercials. She advises other aspiring actors and singers to be outgoing and to go to every audition they possibly can.The next voice in the video is that of Lynn Clarke-Geiner, a casting director, producer, and talent scout. She uses Nine9’s database frequently when casting one of her productions. In the next segment, you’ll see a showcase that represents men, women, and children in the kind of professional photographs that can help launch their modeling and/or acting careers.

Some tricks and tips for aspiring actors, models, and musicians follow. They tell you what to bring to a photo shoot and what will help you look your best. For example, don’t arrive to a shoot with your hair in a ponytail, which can leave an unwanted crease.Anthony Toma, the founder and CEO of Nine9, appears next in the video. He shares his vision for helping aspiring models and actors get started in the entertainment industry. Toma wanted to level the playing field for those who don’t happen to be discovered by a talent scout.

What is Nine9? What do They do?

Nine9 is the ultimate online solution if you are looking for a way to achieve growth as an actor, singer, or any kind of entertainer. Nine9 is the ultimate greatest site for those looking to get in the right direction for their career. They will help get you prepared and ready for anything the entertainment world provides you. Opportunities that can help you improve your acting are all provided by Nine9 to ensure you learn and gain the insight you need so you can accomplish more in your career.

Nine9 does a whole lot than you expect to. For example, you can be placed on their website throughout their entire marketplace roster to help you accomplish more and be seen by casting directors. Getting the chance to grow and be seen as an actor and have your headshots noticed by all the right people can change everything for you. Nine9 can give you what you need so you can accomplish more as an actor. Nine9 has some very talented people who work for their team, and this can allow for you to gain more as an actor. Their talent specialists can help coach you from eery corner of your craft so you can land the right roles and be prepared for anything that you are ready for. Nine9 is the ultimate site because of the fact that they also give you updates on all auditions and other great jobs that you can come across in your area and resume its.

Online submission is becoming a bigger thing int his generation of acting. Not every talented actor lives in Los Angeles, and with the help of Nine9 and their online business, you gain the opportunity to land wonderful opportunities throughout Nine9 and different acting industries. Nine9 has a list of actors who have gotten their start successfully and read full article.

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Equities First Innovative Solutions | A Great Preference Against the Traditional Lenders

Since the triggering of financial crisis, many banks and financial institutions tightened their lending regulations in order to keep away from further risks. And that has affected small businesses from seeking easy, affordable and urgent loans with many startups not having the needed documents. Thus, borrowing of private businesses declined by 18% from 2008 to 2011 after the traditional institutions increased interests’ rates by at least 20%. To date, investors in small private ventures have suffered due to lack of adequate cash flow which led many to close the doors of their enterprises. With lack of working capital and few clients, most startups have continued struggling. However, potential investors are finding alternative lenders great sources of borrowing loans. Equities First is one of the pillar’s in optional lending sectors furnishing its clients with stock loans with majority being not able to afford or qualify for banks loans. The firm also offers smart guidance on finance related issues whether about loans or financing of equipments. Click Here for more .

Equities First is thus covering the gap left by conventional lenders following the Great Recession. The financial emergency was initiated after the US housing market collapsed which affected many financial institutions. Various mortgages termed as sub-prime were offered to Americans with poor credit records and who could not repay their loans. The service providers likewise worked 24/7 to reap from low credit fees and standards. Later, home costs decreased radically while interests on mortgage loans shoot sharply with a large portion of borrowers not able to repay their advances. Luckily, alternative lenders are doing a credible task. At Equities First, potential investors are able to secure quick & emergency loans using stock as collateral. Loans likewise come with several other benefits as described in their site ( Equities First is a universal company and presently running various offices worldwide.

Jeffry Schneider: A Great Wonder in the Investment Market & Beyond

Founder of Ascendant Capital LLC based in Austin, Texas, Jeffrey Schneider’s superlative expertise and talent has made his company an astounding success today. As a result, his company has raised approximately $1 billion and now has over 30 employees. In just the last five years, this company has grown from two to over 30 employees. And with the capital raised, tech companies, auto dealerships, real estate and more were purchased.

Schneider’s extensive experience is in the alternative investments space. His company deals with a diversified range of education, marketing, innovative financial structuring, and sales and operational services. With a driving and talented force like Schneider, this company raises funds for emerging and established alternative asset funding sponsors. Schneider’s company work with a network of brokers, private banks, family offices, and registered investment advisors, and their private and public offerings are distributed worldwide.

Schneider also has a good eye in choosing the right people for his team. The environment of Ascendant Capital encourages, and perhaps relies upon, a sense of trust and open dialogue among the team members. They all put the fiduciary responsibility first towards the investors; thus, leading to the incredible growth. And furthermore, Schneider and his team have plans set for the future with expectations of raising as much as $50 million monthly.

His Past Accolades

Before Schneider found Ascendant Capital, he worked for investment and funding gurus that included Axiom Capital Management, Paradigm Global Advisors, Alex Brown, Merrill Lynch, and Smith Barney. He also received a degree from the University of Massachusetts in Amherst. And with these acquired experiences and education under his belt along with his natural talent, he is a principal leader in his field today, making his company something to be reckoned.

His Philosophy

Jeffry Schneider believes that alternative investments are the way to go in today’s market situation in order to reduce volatility and to diversify holdings. He stated how these investments have experienced tremendous growth in recent years in which will only accelerate for years to come. He also said that when looking at the smartest money pools, the allocation to alternative investment are at levels much greater than most of the RIA’s, and that, generally, client portfolios are under allocated to alternative investment.

His Philanthropic Efforts

Schneider is also committed to giving back to the community. He works closely with several charitable organizations, including the Gazelle Foundation, Wonders and Worries, and the Cherokee Home for Children.

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The Buying Method that Works All the Time

Let us say that you would like to buy a new car. A lot of people want a new car. There is high demand for a new car. That is why the price level is fairly high, at least equal to the average individual’s annual income. In order to get a new car at a price you can afford within reason, without going heavily into debt, you must identify what other people are eager to have on their new car. High demand with limited supply raises the price. The key as a buyer is to be flexible on the value proposition for what you are buying. Examples of what people are eagerly demanding in their new car might be, leather, heated seats, European, BMW, Mercedes, aerodynamic, turbo charger, tinted windows, coupe, convertible, silver, black, chrome tires, efficient, hybrid, and SUV.

These are all things that raise the price, because everybody is competing for these traits on their new car. To get a new car, you must flexibly alter as many of these popularly desired variables as you can bear. Cloth, normal seats, Korean, Chinese, boxy, small engine, clear windows, four door, bright blue, green, plastic tires, inefficient, internal combustion engine, and tiny. If you do all these things to your new car purchase proposition, you will find a new vehicle within reason that you can afford, such as the Nissan Versa or Mitsubishi Mirage.

The problem with most buyers is their thirst to compete with their peers. They have to have everything, or they will take nothing. This common human fault is something that the shrewd investor can heavily profit from. Those who walk the moderate path pick up lots of slightly aged apples that still taste great.

The typical investment mantra is buy low, and sell high. Buffett says never buy something you would not want 10 years from now.

Martin Lustgarten is devoted to making your life easier. He likes seeing the smiles on people’s faces when they finally get financial tricks. Martin Lustgarten wants to see you financially succeed.

If you are curious to learn more, contact Martin Lustgarten at his Linked In account. Martin is standing by to give you investment tools for your future growth.


John Goullet At Diversant

UPDATED: December 20, 2016

John recently launched a new website designed to show more of his story and what it took to achieve the level of success he’s achieved. The website is simply John goes into detail about what it’s like to be an entrepreneur and making a name for yourself in a world that is constantly lacking innovation. Check it out today for glimpse into the life of John Goullet.

Diversant is a certified venture, owned by the majority, otherwise known as a minority-owned business enterprise. It offers staffing services and it is the largest African- American firm in the US for this kind of service. In their web page, leadership and advisory board, they have mentioned some of the people who have made the company as successful as it is today. These are individuals who have given their best to the company and are committed to the ambitions of the firm.

The pages give brief highlights of these outstanding brains, responsible for driving the firm towards satisfying their customers. The company has witnessed more than double its initial growth rate in the recent years, thanks to the dedicated leadership and employees. The increased growth rate means that the firm has succeeded in providing qualified IT workforce and solutions for all their medium size and fortune 1000 firms.

The company owes its accomplishment to its advice-giving approach. The company views its consultants and clients as its business partners and has made it its priority to understand the challenges and needs of each customer as an individual. This approach has ensured that they deliver services tailored to meet the desires of each client as an individual. The company chose the name Diversant to help in promoting their belief in diversity as the best way of doing business.

John Goullet is the principal at Diversant. He is a businessman with an entrepreneurship acumen that has seen him participate in the success of numerous IT related business. Before starting IT staffing in 1994, he had worked as an IT consultant. He is the founder of Info Technologies that mainly focused on the provision of IT staff to world’s top firms. Info technologies grew so fast that after only 5 years of operations, it had grown to an excess of 3 million dollars, and ranked as number 8 among top 500 fastest growing private business in America. He formed a merger with Gene Waddy of Diversant to make Diversant LLC. At his position, he has the opportunity to develop more tactic of solving the problems in IT sector.

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