Sheldon Lavin: OSI Boss And Award Winning Business Mogul

Seldon Lavin has been in business since 1970, this is when he started his association with Otto & Sons. This was what OSI LLC was previously known. Born in 1932, this is a sure way that his business skills and expertise have been tried and tested. His business journey started in Chicago when he started […]

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Kevin Plank Speaks Out About Compensating College Athletes

A recent Topic in California has led to a new bill being introduced that would allow college athletes to be compensated adequately. Kevin Plank, who founded the company Under Armour, recently made a statement. Plank said the college athletes should be compensated throughout their college career. To help prove his point he said that professional […]

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Alejandro Betancourt Lopez Lights Up Venezuela

Leopoldo Alejandro Betancourt Lopez has contributed a substantial help to Venezuelan citizens. He has done so through the company Derwick Associates where he is the Chairman and CEO. He finished his studies at the Suffolk University of Massachusetts in the United States to have his double major in Economics in Business Administration. Using his knowledge […]

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Richard Liu is the founder of, a prominent eCommerce brand. Liu recognizes that the key to success in today’s business world is through being innovative. New concepts and technology are shaping multiple industries, with the primary goal of helping customers receive better experiences. That’s why Richard Liu is constantly brainstorming ways to provide better […]

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Nitin Khanna Has Happily Embraced His Family’s Entrepreneurial Spirit

Nitin Khanna has accumulated an impressive reputation over his professional career. This career has included his involvement in the founding of several highly successful businesses. The native of India comes from a family with a strong entrepreneurial ethic. His father was also a high ranking official within the Indian army. He was born in the […]

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Four Investment Gurus Join Lincolnshire Management under the Leadership of TJ Maloney

Mathew Nacier has returned to Lincolnshire Management as a Senior Associate. Before leaving Lincolnshire Management, Mathew worked there as an intern and was later on promoted to serve as analyst. It was in 2014 that he decided to go and look for other avenues to apply his expertise in investing. After a while, Mathew was […]

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