Tesla’s Model 3 SUV Will Be Revealed In March 2016

The Model 3 Won’t Be On Sale Until Late 2017

Tesla is on a roll. The company recently announced the Powerwall battery for home and business use. Now, Elon Musk is telling investors that the new $35,000 Model 3 SUV will be on display by March 2016. If that sounds like typical automobile hype, you’re right. It’s always best to sell a little sizzle before the steak is done. In this case the steak is the Model 3. The long awaited Tesla SUV will put the company in the popular priced auto business.

Tesla believes their new SUV with a 200-mile range will be the company’s most popular selling car. That might be, but the Model 3 will not be the only electric car on the market in 2017. Plus hydrogen-fueled cars will also be available in 2017.

Consumers will have several choices. Most knowledgeable car buyers tend to stay away from first year production cars because of the issues that plague them. But Tesla doesn’t care about those people because they are on a roll, and they believe it will continue. Drivers at Boraie Development have learned that Tesla is the first company to produce a successful all-electric car. Tesla believes their Model 3 will succeed because they make the best electric SUV.