Claire Hale Claims NJ Students Would Benefit By Standing

School is just kicking off this week across New Jersey, and many students are getting settled into the classroom, but if Kathleen Hale has her way they won’t be settled for long. This is because Hale is the founder of Chair Free Project and believes that chairs should be eliminated from the business place. Instead, she believes that adults should stand at their desks all day. Now she is shifting her focus from the business place onto the classroom.

According to Hale, it is healthier to stand all day than it is to sit at a desk. As obesity in children continues to be a problem she thinks that making them stand will help eliminate the problem while helping them focus better.

It is a bit harder to see this working in the classroom however, since kids are not exactly known for listening. While seated at desks you can at least keep them stationary, but standing it seems that kids are going to move around a lot more than they should be.

Plus, there would be at least one challenging that they are still technically at their desk, even though their body is shifted into the aisle or another’s student’s space.
At the same time, it’s to believe that students would focus better after seven hours standing, because anyone who works on their feet will attest to how tired they are by the end of the day. Perhaps the more crushing question here has to do with parenting.

Obesity seems to be an issue that is the parent’s responsibility, but programs like the
Chair Free Project seem to place all of the parenting responsibility onto the schools. Parents should be in charge of eating habits and exercise, but instead schools are assumed to pick up the slack. People have been sitting at desks for decades, and childhood obesity was never a problem. Therefore, it seems that the issue is less about desks and more about what’s going on with parenting.