The Success Academy That Gives Students Access to Better Education

Eva Moskowitz has created some really great schools for students that did not always have access to a good education system. Eva started with Success Academy in Harlem, and she made her way to other areas like the Bronx and Brooklyn to do the same thing. The great thing about Success Academy is that it benefits the kids that may have never had the opportunity to get the education that they could get if they lived in better neighborhoods. Eva took on the zoning issue and decided to give kids a better chance to improve upon their grades even if they could not improve upon their neighborhoods.

The Success Academy is a charter school that has a lot of parental involvement. This may be one of the reasons that this type of school has done so well. It has been thriving with students that have higher grades because the parents are concerned about the outcome of their children. They have been taking a very active role in helping their children. The end result has been a plethora of students that are excelling in their work and looking forward to going to going to college. Some students, before attending Success Academy, may have never assumed that they could go to college. Now that they have access to some 41 Success Academy Charter Schools in the state of New York everything is changed.

Eva Moskowitz became very excited about the concept of charter schools and she made it her mission to give students more opportunities. She grew up in New York, and she went through the school system there. Eva felt like she did not really learn anything when she was going through school. She did not want her students to be in a place where they were experiencing the same thing that she experienced in high school. Eva wants to provide an opportunity for anyone that wants a chance at higher education.

Success Academy is the school system that is helping students get prepared for the world. This has become the school system that is giving many African American students access to better education.