Glen Wakeman: A Great Mentor and Business Man

Glen Wakeman is a man that not only mastered the business world himself but is now providing an opportunity for early-stage entrepreneurs to do the same. Wakeman is CEO and co-founder of LaunchPad Holdings, LLC. Glen Wakeman strives to be the best and has a long history of success in the business world. Wakeman is well-known for his 5-step performance methodology. This article will leave you with key information on Glen Wakeman and his presence in the business world(

LaunchPad Holdings, LLC was co-founded by Wakeman in 2015. His company specializes in developing software that provides online business planning services. Wakeman founded his company to help entrepreneurs who are just getting started in their field. Wakeman is now CEO of LaunchPad Holdings, LLC which he uses to continue to mentor early-stage entrepreneurs. The concept for this company came about when he realized the lack of structure around plan building for an individual’s idea. Wakeman decided to make plan building easier by designing a simpler software platform. His platform has become very successful and is used by many entrepreneurs just starting out in their field of business.

Glen Wakeman holds an MBA in Finance and a BS in Economics. Wakeman has a long history of developing guidance for startup companies. He worked his way to the top in positions at GE Capital. Wakeman is also the founder of a company called Nova Four. Wakeman holds many titles as a business developer, President, CEO, and Board of Directors administrative. He has held residency in six different countries and operates a business in 30 regional areas a crossed the world. Glen Wakeman has a long line of career accomplishments and strives to make his leadership in global affairs invaluable.

Wakeman developed a proven 5 step performance methodology. This system mainly focuses on risk management, human capital, leadership power, execution in business, and governance. He has applied his proven methodology in aspects of his own life to become a successful business man. His methodology has been proven to help other early-stage entrepreneurs become successful in their field of business.

All in all, Glen Wakeman has made it easier for entrepreneurs to become more successful. He has provided an efficient and easy way to go about planning for your business. Go check out his 5 step methodology and the services at LaunchPad Holdings, LLC for more resources on successfully planning for your business (