Review of Troy McQuagge Career Success and His Winning of One Planet Award

Troy McQuagge is an avid investor and corporate executive. He has an expansive career in managing and marketing of health insurance. His exceptional leadership and management skills have seen him excel in a competitive environment in the health industry. Furthermore, Troy McQuagge has won several prestigious awards for his dedication and commitment to his work. Currently, Troy McQuagge is the president and the CEO of USHEALTH Group, Inc.


Troy McQuagge joined USHEALTH Group in 2010. He embarked on an ambitious plan of turning around and improving the company’s sales agency USHEALTH Advisor. Troy’s responsibility included the growth and profitability of the branch that existed in the health insurance market of “under 65” category. He built the agency into one of the largest individual health insurance sales organization.

His excellent performance at the advisor branch saw Troy McQuagge appointed the CEO and president of USHEALTH Group in 2010. As the CEO, Mr. McQuagge for the last three years has overseen the company growth and success in a very competitive insurance market. The Texas-based company has turned into one of the leading provider of health insurance for individuals who are self-employed and small business entrepreneurs.

The One Planet Award

As an exceptional CEO, Troy McQuagge was awarded the Gold Winner CEO of the Year award in 2016. The prestigious One Planet Award is a program that honors the excellence in professional and business career all over the world. The award recognizes performance excellence in all global organizations in every industry. All enterprise whether large, small, start-ups, private, public, profit and non-profit organizations are eligible for the award. The awarding regards the firm’s executives, teams, public relation, marketing, and innovations. Other categories include the provision of goods and services, as well as corporate customer relations.

Troy McQuagge attended the University of Central Florida for bachelor’s degree in arts, legal studies. Troy has also has served as the President of the agency marketing group at HealthMarket for over eleven years. Over the years Troy has involved himself in volunteering and charitable work. Some of the organizations he has supported include HopeKids Dallas, HopeKids Phoenix, Crisis Nursery Phoenix and Semper Fi Fund among others. Read more on Central Jersey Working Moms at


Don Ressler; Scaling The Heights Of Fashion E-Commerce

Two businessmen in the fashion industry have re-invented how people shop for tailored apparels. The two men are Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler. For eons, Amazon has been enjoying absolute domination in fashion e-commerce. Opportunities continue to birth themselves in this business realm. Adam and Don Ressler have worked in their company, the Techstyle Fashion Group to ensure that it conforms to the best marketing, marketing, and customer service practices. Techstyle Fashion Group which is the new name for the parent company under which several fashion entities operate is taking fashion e-commerce by storm. The businesses that are under Techstyle include Fabletics, Shoedazzle, FL2, and JustFab. All these enterprises are niche-specific, and they rely on data to drive their manufacturing and marketing strategies. Fabletics stands out among these firms because it has succeeded in establishing itself as an all-inclusive brand. With Fabletics, women don’t have to worry about their size vis-à-vis what is available on the online store.

Having carved created a space for itself in fashion e-commerce, Techstyle Fashion Group is making huge strides on its digital platforms as far as sales and subscriptions are concerned. The conglomerate is making millions through monthly subscription fees and garment sales. The American consumer market has warmed up to Fabletics and other fashion entities under Techstyle because the companies can match their marketing with the quality of their products. With more and more people preferring to experience their shopping online, Techstyle is now working round the clock to satisfy the demand for the fashion solutions it offers.

Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg can attribute their success in the corporate world to the ability to develop solutions that resonate with most consumers. Theirs was an urge to develop active-wear apparels that are bespoke and can be worn both in the gym and the workplace. So far, the two entrepreneurs have met this objective because more women are beginning to choose active-wear over formal wear.

Don and Adam are also keen on ensuring that they stand out from other fashion businesses such as Amazon by employing a sales and marketing strategy called reverse showrooming. Knowing that image is very important, the two business leader works closely with celebrities and personalities such as actress Kate Hudson and supermodel Kimora Lee Simmons. With Hollywood sensation Kate Hudson being associated with Fabletics, the brand has won the hearts of many women who log into the company’s website and mobile application to shop for the latest active-wear apparels.

By the end of 2016, pundits estimated that the revenues of Techstyle Fashion Group would hit a new high of $650 million. Such analytics show that the business model of the conglomerate is robust.

George Soros and the Push for Progress

There are few private citizens in the world that have become more influential than George Soros. George Soros is a New York resident who was born and raised in Hungary. Soros is most famous for his work with the Soros Hedge Fund, guiding his company into becoming one of the most successful investment firms on the planet. Soros himself is worth just north of $29 billion but he hasn’t let his money get in the way of how much harder he has decided to work. George Soros is, first and foremost, a progressive. He has stood the test of time as someone who is willing to fight for equality, democracy, and transparent governance all around the world. From the corners of an Apartheid-era South Africa to the battle for marriage equality in the United States of America, George Soros has been there. As a result, George Soros himself has become something of a threat to citizens on the far right of the political spectrum. Let’s try to assuage their concerns by learning who George Soros really is, not the propaganda driven boogeyman conservatives around the world would have you believe.

Any discussion revolving around George Soros must, of course, go back to his childhood. One’s childhood is largely the most formative portion of their life and George Soros is no different. As a child growing up in Hungary during the ’40s he had to look horror straight in the eyes. That horror was, of course, Adolf Hitler’s Nazi occupation of Hungary. Soros was there when the Nazi forces marched into the streets in 1944 and he was there while half of a million of his people, largely all Hungarian born Jews, would end up being slaughtered. Soros saw the dangers of an oppressive government and from that moment on he vowed to never let it become the norm.

After graduating from the London School of Economics, George Soros would head West and move to the United States of America. Soros would board a ship and set sail for New York where he would go on to establish the investment firm we already talked about. After finding success with the Soros Hedge Fund he would then begin to focus entirely on philanthropy and political activism. Soros would become more and more involved as his foundation, the Open Society Foundations, gained steam. The OSF is based largely on the works of Karl Popper’s idea of an open world, an open society, and equality for all. Soros has already donated nearly $12 billion to grassroots foundations all over the planet through this foundation. His commitment to justice, social equality, and progressive politics has made him a natural opponent to conservatives but it does not make him the boogeyman that they would have you believe him to be and more

Monkey Capital’s success driven by Daniel Mark Harrison

Daniel Mark Harrison is the CEO and Chairman of Daniel Mark Harrison & Co. Ltd, a post he has held since founding the company in October 2015. In a short amount of time, Harrison has risen up the ranks in the business world as a leader in crypto-currencies and blockchain investing.

His company Monkey Capital successfully launched its own cryptocurrency, COEVAL, on the on the Waves Decentralized Exchange (DEX). The Huffington Post called this cryptocurrency “The Billion Dollar Baboon” because of the quality of the plan and the names behind the currency. Unlike other cyrptocurrencies, COEVAL has talented investors and a solid business plan behind it. Monkey Capital’s COEVAL was awarded a Platinum accreditation by Coinschedule. Coinschedule evaluates over a thousand applicants a month in cryptocurrency, and COEVAL’s Platinum accreditation was a first for the site.

Daniel Mark Harrison was educated at Oxford University in England. He next went on to earn an MBA at BI Norwegian Business School, and finally a Masters in Journalism, focusing on business, from New York University.

Before founding Monkey Capital and DMH&CO, Harrison was a successful business journalist. Harrison wrote for a variety of notable publications. Harrison worked at the Motley Fool for six years, from 2009 to 2015, where he was a columnist that had many successful recommendations. He was also the founder of TheStreet’s Hong Kong office, where he utilized his knowledge of the Asian markets to collect and sell market intelligence to investors. Daniel Mark Harrison is also the Editor In Chief of CoinSpeaker, an online publication focusing on Cryptocurrencies.

In addition to his roles in journalism, Harrison was also the co-founder of investment firm Stanley Court Ltd. and was the Head of Private Clients at St. Helen’s Capital Plc, where he was the largest individual revenue generator in the company.



Amazing PodcastOne Features that are Set to Improve Your Listening Experience

PodcastOne, the leading podcast network distribution, is seeking to improve its listeners experience in a huge way if the recent news by its founder is anything to go by. Norman Pattiz late last month introduced the 360-degree video recording feature and other interactive social functions to this app. Ideally, PodcastOne users will benefit from this addition as it will ease their communications and interactions with the program hosts and other listeners. Here are some of the recent features that PodcastOne users can get to enjoy the from the app that is readily available on its website, Google Play store, and Apple’s App Store.


Numerous Features

The revolutionized PodcastOne app now comes with a number of amazing features that allow users to watch and listen to a wide variety of shows. Not only this, users can freely share their views on the different topics being aired out. To attract more listeners to the podcast, Norman Pattiz has also integrated a reward system into the app that allows users accumulate points and redeem them for bonus features and services.


Virtual Reality

The introduction of virtual reality feature by Norman Pattiz can arguably be termed as a stroke of genius. Through this, the podcast network has been able to produce high-quality videos both in 360-degrees format and in virtual reality. To help actualize this dream, PodcatOne partnered with Mandt VR, a California based firm reputable for creating videos in different formats including virtual reality, mixed, and augmented reality formats. So far, these two companies have been able to create more than 1,000 videos with the video footage being available almost immediately after production.


Despite running different businesses, the two companies have been able to make this partnership work by Mandt VR setting up their equipment in all PodcastOne recording studios. These equipment are further linked up with mobile equipment that enables the hosts to record their content even when they are far away from their workstations.


About Norman Pattiz

Mr. Norman Pattiz is one of the most celebrated individuals when it comes to the broadcast industry. Norman is both a profession and a business executive as he has helped create policies and companies that have led to the growth of the broadcast industry in an imaginable speed. Currently, Pattiz is the founder and CEO of PodcastOne a leading podcast provider of both content and advertisement needs ( He is also the founder of Westwood One the leading network supplier of entertainment, sport, News and talk show in America.


Andrew Scott Rocklage Invests in Business by establishing Sky Zone Trampoline

Entrepreneurship has its importance to the economy of the world. For most entrepreneurs who have been in the game, there are challenges which come with investing in the stock markets, commodities or shares. This is because the figures fluctuate from time to time. It, therefore, means that there is a need for entrepreneurs to rely on the insights of an expert before jumping into an investment deal. Since his graduation from the Suffolk University of law school, Andrew Rocklage has been nothing short of committed to business and investment deals. Andrew is not the world’s ordinary entrepreneur. Scott made a name in the business industry through acquiring many business ventures in Boston. Currently, he is the proprietor and manager of Sky Zone Trampoline, the most innovative and conventional trampoline parks in Boston.



Business Proprietor



As an independent business operator in Boston, Andrew combines creativity and talent for successful results. He has shown that he understands the ropes of business in Boston and the importance of excellent customer service to creating a business idea and finally a brand. One of the ways he has executed understanding is through screening employees before hiring. This is important because the employees are the face of the company. With good employees comes the retention of clients. Unfriendly and unprofessional employees promote bad client service. As a result, customers flee the company in search for better client service base.



Sky Zone Trampoline Park



Since the establishment of the company, customers have appreciated the top notch client service offered by his employees. The helpful nature of his workers is encouraging to clients. As a result, Sky Zone Trampoline has managed to stash a huge client base through the assistance and guidance of Rocklage. With the right skills and talent of identifying and developing potential in his employees as well as colleagues, Scott Rocklage poses as the recent wave of entrepreneurial success in the world of business.



Career Advancement



In addition to the current portfolios Andrew Rocklage holds in the business world, he has extensive valuable experience in the corporate world. He served as counsel at EPIRUS Biopharmaceuticals. His experience extends to the technology sector. This industry has massively contributed to his ability in distinguishing his character and talent as a skilled innovator. Through the experiences garnered in the corporate world, Rocklage has been able to incorporate his expertise and experience in the field of legal systems into business development and strategy implementation. This makes him a huge force to reckon with in the Boston market niche.






Scott Rocklage is the proprietor of Sky Zone Trampoline. With his interests in business and career advancement, he has graduated from law school and business school. He continues to pose new challenges to the business world. Although he still resides in Boston, his professional career and talent in creating business ideas can be felt across the sector.




Todd Lubar, A leader in Mortgage Banking : Updated 2017

Updated February 24, 2017

Todd Luabr breaks into Angel Investing:


Todd Lubar serves as the President of TDL GLOBAL VENTURES, LLC, a leading real estate company. He also acts as the Senior Vice President of the Legendary Investments. Todd Lubar’s primary goal in life is becoming a better person than he is today, which he believes enables him to add value to anyone whom he comes into contact with in life. He currently lives with his family in Bethesda Maryland.

Todd Lubar first ventured into the business world was as a loan originator in partnership with Crestar Mortgage Corporation. It was at that time that he quickly learned the representation of conventional mortgage banking. During that time, Todd developed a valuable relationship with different real estate agents, financial planners, CPA’s, and prominent insurance agents. Later in the year 1999, Todd Lubar acquired an equity position at the Legacy Financial Group, which expanded his lending competence enabling him to broker loans for external investors and credit as a straight Mortgage Bank.

Lubar later took his real estate to a different level by opening the Legendary Properties, LLC, a domestic development corporation. The company facilitated the rapid succession of buying, rehabilitating, and selling leading to huge profits. The buildings that the firm purchased ranged from single family homes to more than twenty component multi-family buildings. The project gave him the opportunity to develop a good relationship with individuals experienced in housing trades boosting the production of quality, customized, and modern houses. It also helped him in developing multiple contacts with the major banking associations establishing lines for acquiring credits of as much as twenty million dollars.

Though Todd Lubar’s primary focus in life is to developing mortgage banking, he also owns several other different firms in the Demolition sector, recycling industry, the nightclub industry, and the real estate improvement sector. For many years Todd was ranked in the top twenty-five mortgage originators from the country. Todd Lubar understands how to excel in most environments and also how to run businesses due to the vast experience he has from many industries. At the moment, Todd has entered into a different industry that focuses on helping those in need.