McKinney Texas Police Officer Resigns

Eric Casebolt, the McKinney, Texas police officer seen on video responding to a swim party and then pushing a teen girl to the ground has resigned.

There were national requests for Chief Greg Conley to fire him, but the police department announced at a press conference that he already handed in his badge.

The story has sparked debate about several issues, like was the 15-year old disobeying the officer’s commands, or was this officer simply overreacting. Plenty of people are saying its a bit of both.

Corporal Eric Casebolt can be seen on video running, tripping, and performing a drop and roll commando style, then inappropriately cursing to get the crowd to disperse. But then, Casebolt kicks it up a notch and draws his service weapon, which undeniably digged his hole and covered it up.

Amid the video(s) and his aggressive demeanor, it quickly became a racial potboiler.

Corporal Casebolt was already on administrative leave while the McKinney Police department was conducting an investigation, which had just begun.

The question Madison Street Capital staff see is that without correcting behavior by re-training officers are we simply giving another community the same problem?